June 12, 2008


Aruba's Crime Increases by 11 percent

Looking back on 2007, chief of police Peter de Witte is of the opinion that there is a hardening of Aruba's society and especially with youth crime.

ORANJESTAD – From the tentative figures of the Police Corps of Aruba it appears that criminality has increased with 11.3 percent last year. This has to do with mainly the sharp rise of the number of robberies, especially in homes. The police are highly satisfied with the approach of the local drug dealings and the use of narcotics; more than 200 kilo cocaine was confiscated last year, double the amount of 2006.

Points of concern are the development of the youth criminality and “the growing ease with which firearms are being used”, said chief of police Peter de Witte looking back on last year. “The shooting incident in December of last year is an example of that. It started with a fight and it ended in a shout-out, whereby one police officer was hit by two bullets and the shooter that finally died.”

The chief of police is also very concerned about the armed confrontations between several youth groups that in addition are getting more and more involved with criminal activities. “A hardening has taken place.” De Witte doesn’t want to talk about gangs. “That gives them too much status. These are groups that represent certain neighbourhoods, of which some are engaged in criminality like drug dealing and burglary.”

Besides, the police corps has no perception of the age structure of those that commit crimes; at least not until a new registration system is introduced soon. The youth criminality has been raised to priority one this year. “Youth criminality, definitely after the serious incidents of last year, is heavily qualified for the subjective safety feeling. More and more people are wondering: Do I have to go to carnival due to the problems caused by the young people.”

“The local drug dealing and use of drugs remains a big problem. It caused a lot of inconvenience in the districts and peripheral criminality, like burglary. Especially the youth is very vulnerable when they come into contact with drugs. We know that drugs is being used and sold on several schools and I an very worried about that”, said De Witte.

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Anonymous said...

That Carribean Blue jacket that the Aruba Police Chief waering really spells corruption and complacement. The Weapon of Mass Destruction is currently sitting at the southern port of Aruba. There are barrels of wasted benzene chemical waiting to be destroyed inside the old refinery's incinerators. Many foreign countries, especially Iran, are shipping the oilfield chemical poisons to Aruba via the courtesy of the Dutch Oil Comapny. If any of these toxic materials get spilled and contaminated the hotel resot beaches, the Aruba Police Chief will ignore it, and blame the American tourists for swimming in the waters. Just don't go to Aruba, Aruba is just getting so reckless and dangerous to the American people.

Anonymous said...

Good job as always Michelle

E. Sint Jago said...

How many Americans go missing everyday in the US itself, and were never found? What about the American tourists killed in the US Virgin Islands a couple of years ago? Do you want to boycott those islands too? This whole boycott thing is a typical "Americans are the best and most powerful" attitude. You can try as hard as you can, fact is that tourists will continue going to Aruba and a boycott is nonsense. Thank God most people have common sense and won't follow advises like yours. That some airlines cut back their services to Aruba has to do qith high fuel costs and we all know that. And why include the islands of the Netherlands Antilles in your boycott and blogs? Those islands have "NOTHING TO DO" with Natalee's dissapearance! Please please, get a life!!! Use your time for something productive and useful.