June 01, 2008


Doesn't Aruba have "WORKING" radars for air and water security? According to former Aruban Police Chief Gerald Dompig, they do. (See his remarks from his interview on 48 Hours.)

It is well known that the area between Venezuela and Aruba is the stairway to drug trafficking heaven. I'm sure Aruba is being paid well for their drug trafficking conspiracy to aid and/or abet.

Jacksonville surveillance planes bust huge shipments of cocaine

Friday, May 30th, 2008

Two U.S. Custom and Border Protection surveillance planes based in Jacksonville helped authorities seize two different shipments of cocaine totaling about $80 million. The first plane was alerted to a suspicious aircraft from Venezuela flying over Aruba May 11, according to a Custom and Border Protection news release.

The surveillance plane tracked the aircraft to a remote airfield in Mexico. Local authorities seized the aircraft along with 2,640 pounds of cocaine worth about $24 million. Another plane was patrolling the Caribbean Ocean near Nicaragua May 18 when it spotted a boat loaded with barrels. The occupants of the boat fled to the Nicaragua/Honduras coast before they ran aground and ditched the drugs. The plane directed the U.S. Coast Guard to the abandoned boat, which was filled with 6,215 pounds of cocaine valued at about $56 million, the news release said.



Maximiliaan said...

So, the airspace above Aruba is "supposedly being used for drugs trafficking" (by Venezuelans) ; what's this has to do with the NH-case?
The USA is killing and screwing up hundreds of thousands of innocent people's lives everywhere in the world with its interventions for OIL (until China & India buy everything & let it behind as a "superpower", bancrupt as it is).

Anonymous said...

Chavez changed the name of his US gas stations into 'Petro Express'. The new brand name was coined by the Iranians now help to run the Venezulean oilfields with the Russian oil drilling rigs. The Russian electric submarines are using Aruba's undersea caves as hideouts to stalk the US and the Dutch navy ships. Aruba may stockpile weapons of dirty chemicals for Chavez's attack on some South American countries. In return, Aruba will gain independence and annex all the islands of Dutch Antiliies to form the United States of Greater Aruba (USGA) with the help of Chavez, Iranians and Russians. USGA will be a new and grave threat to the backdoor of USA. Today the presidential nominees met secretly in a Carrebean French island to agree on the plan for destruction of Aruba's lawlessness and brutalities. Most South American countries regard Aruba becomes the most dangerous and reckless rogue runaway Dutch colony. Aruba has to be stopped cold and dead before it's too late.

Anonymous said...

The global economy was caused by the Aruba Joran Depak murder scandal. A new EU study had discovered the world people don't trust the Dutch anymore, especially for the Dutch oil company's illegitimate dealings with the Iranians.

wingnut said...

Hello Michelle, hope all is well with you :)

Minimilliaan: if the war was about oil, as you claim, do you really think we Americans would be paying $4 per gallon of gas? Sheesh. The Kurds were mustard gassed courtesy of Sadaam Hussein. Mustard gas = WMD. There were warheads found after the start of the war that contained mustard gas, Moron!

Fact is, Aruba turns it's head repeatedly in the face of wrongdoing. They did it with Natalee, they do it with drugs. Period. And puleeze, stop with the "what about the U.S." spew. There is a more appropriate website that you can spew your garbage. It is www.whineaboutheUShere.com

Let Michelle do what Michelle does best: call attention to injustices, wherever they may be.

Peace, Michelle!

Michelle Says So said...

Thanks wingnut! Peace! :)

Maximiliaan said...

But Wingnut,

You still did not answer the question: where are those weapons of mass destruction??????? I (and I'm sure you do too) still recall Collin Powell giving his supreme Powerpoint presentation in the Security Counsel indicating all the places in Iraq where ALL those weapons were stored. And you guys are accusing Aruba of (among others) lying ?