August 23, 2006


A Shameful Display of Paranoia and Mean-spiritedness

I am going to defend myself because obviously, there are those on the Internet who are filled with hate and malice. Since I am NOT one of those people I want to clear up a few things that have been brought to my attention.

First, I am NOT Michelle and she is NOT me. There is more than a 30 year age difference between us, she is about 8 inches taller than I am, very beautiful, lives in a different State and she is the ONLY owner of this blog site. I am in my 60's, short and far from beautiful. I wouldn't know how to run a site if my life depended on it. I would not know how to hack into someone's computer either and I recently broke my own printer by simply trying to change a cartridge. My computer savvy son helps me download things and other than that, I am totally useless in any form of technical mechanics.

I am a part of this grass roots movement to boycott Aruba and I believe in it with all of my heart and soul. I also believe that at this point in time it is the only way to help get answers about what happened to Natalee. The focus of my "series" at this time are those who are harmful to this movement that I am a part of.

This focus has at no time reached in the direction of any administrators or moderators at any other blog spot. I have not spoken to them and have no intention of doing so. I have tried to be fair to them in my conversations with others (some of whom are their friends). Comments like "Serve the meal" "Get the knife and fork" are so immature and ridiculous as to be an embarrassment to anyone who reads them.. Where the hell do you get off accusing me of hacking and suggesting that I am evil?

I stated in my last "Series" blog that I would not name my sources and that is true. That does not mean that I will not post the verifiable information and documentation that they give to me. It simply means exactly what it says...the people who gave the information to me will not be named. I repeat...I would NEVER post anything that I had not verified, checked for accuracy and vetted.

I have blogged that I believe Joran and the Kalpoe brothers to be involved in Natalee's disappearance and some have called me out (mostly from the hate sites like Refugees and Unusual Suspects) for making a statement without proper documentation. First, I based my statements in part on what ALE said publicly, "They are guilty as hell". I also based those statements on my personal opinion and the reasonable deduction that those suspects lied multiple times and were the last known people to be seen with Natalee.

Everything else that I have blogged has been information that was readily available through various sources and the media. If someone works FOR the Aruban tourist industry, is friendly with others who support the Aruban tourist industry, has a lot to lose if this boycott succeeds (as we KNOW it will), they are an enemy of this movement. That and only that is my reason for exposing people who fit this description.

I could care less what people say on other blog sites. I could care less if they disagree with my own personal opinions. Life isn't fair and I have lived long enough not to whine about it. I can't change what other people think or make them agree with me nor do I want to.

I CAN and WILL do everything in my power to see that this boycott movement is successful and THAT and ONLY THAT is the reason behind what I am in the process of doing. To those of you who feel the need to try and read my mind and put words in my mouth, you are being foolish and premature and you are proving it with every comment you make about my intentions and how I will express them.

I would NEVER harm a person intentionally and that stems from my upbringing, my belief in God and the fact that at one time I was a Nurse, Even when I do post the information that I am acquiring it WILL NOT be about anyone's family or anything that would not be in the public record. It will be simple fact presented as such and available for anyone who wishes to read it, believe it or ignore it.

My family has been severely and cruelly attacked by certain members of the anti-Holloway/Twitty sites and I have been hurt by the lies that have been told. I would NOT repeat that kind of behavior to hurt someone else in the same way.

Fact is fact and lies are lies and I assure you that I know the difference. You are doing a terrible disservice to Natalee and her family by continuing to waste your time bashing me or anyone else. You should be concentrating on helping to seek justice. If you are not, than you are useless to this cause and harmful to our goal of bringing peace to Natalee's family.

Whatever I do or say will be directed toward the above and for no other reason. Frankly, I don't give a rat's ass about the individuals who are acting out like small children on a school playground. I have no time for you, this effort has no time for you.



Anonymous said...

Hi Meri, as usual "BRAVA". If I can believe that you are my age, it stands to reason that we do have a whole lot better insight/intuition of everything that was done to cover a crime against Natalee. I applaud you every time I read your letter and you speak from my heart. I too am tired of seeing all the hateful posts at my usual board and it sickens me to think that they are allowed to stay on in order to incite anger among the rest of us. We waste more time responding to trolls,when that time could be put to better use.
Please, never give up......chris

Anonymous said...

It is indeed hopeful Meri, that there are still people left in this world who value:


It is indeed hopeful, Meri that there are still people left in this world who live by their values and who would put the needs of such a savagely brutalized family above their own needs but for to simply stand by their side and help them find the justice and truth they deserve concerning the brutal victimization of their child.

Honor, integrity and truth have a clarity that resonates clearly, Meri. You know it when you see it, and clearly these values are in you.

Keep writing, Meri!


Anonymous said...

From this post it seems your whole motivation is to "out" people who simply do not support the VOLUNTARY boycott. That is hardly news worth a build-up of three (now four) separate blog statements. It would also make your list of "culprits" incredibly long, and to be sure you're right, you'd pretty much be investigatin - the entire U.S.

If your Big News is to educate supporters that a poster from Aruba (Nic starts with an M, ends with a 6) owns and manages property ON Aruba, I have to say that is NOT news. The man LIVES on Aruba. It would be rather unreasonable to think he did nothing for a "living" there and since tourism is THE main game it seems fairly reasonable that he is very likely associated with it for the purpose of eating, drinking, and that pursuit of happiness habit most people require.

As for the responses your blogs incited, what did you expect? Surely the expectation wasn't that everyone would think it was just oh such great news, let's exchange recipes and hold candle light ceremonies while we wait to see which of "us" Meri has decided she should attack by name?

Anonymous said...

I hope you are able to expose all parties with conflicts of interest or reasons to wish the boycott to fail on all blogs claiming to support justice for Natalee and her family. We all would like to know with whom it is we are really posting side by side as sometimes it is really difficult to understand the infighting and attacks on posters within forums and blogs.

If there are ties to the suspects or AHATA and a person is posing as a supporter of the family and justice, please let us know about any doing such a thing as you can.

Anonymous said...

Grassroots ArubanBoycottBlogSpot Movement is getting the attention of the politicians seeking re-election or office in 06 and 08. Aruba is the red meat and open game or road kill. The hunting season just got off the ground. PM Oduber is pretty much the target. Oduber is identified as the sole protector of Joran pimps. Oduber is somehow will be ousted soon by the Dutch Hague under the pressure from the The American pilot don't trust the Dutch airpot security. Some IndoDutch Arubans boarded the American carrier airliner at Amsterdam, and tried to blow the aircraft over the Atlantic ocean enroute to India. There is a Joran element in it because the cellphones were modified and carried an Aruban cell tower signal which cannot be traced by the Air Marshalls. The unidentitied Joran call signal alerted the Interpol in Germany, and FBI was put on the highest defense mode. Twelve IndoDutch Arubans were captured on the aircraft before any cellphone bombs can be mixed and deployed. It was a very, very close call. Boycott Aruba. Boycott the Aruba Aloe. The Aruba Aloe gel is detected as one of the major liquid bomb gredients.

Anonymous said...

Hi Meri - honestly, your blog has caused some to be so defensive, I can't help but think that there must be something to it, and am anxious for you to share your knowledge. I am curious though, as to why you don't just publish what you know instead of publishing teasers. Quite frankly, the distraction caused by the teasers is very annoying and counterproductive. Thanks, Jessie

Anonymous said...

for some reason what I typed wasn't posted on your blog along with the others today..I am sure it wasn't on purpose as I believe you Michelle to be a fair I am trying again.Thanks

Meri I have read your post before and thought you cared about Natalee's family.
But after reading alot of crap for the past few days I think for some reason it's not about "Natalee's Family" anymore..why is it that this blog never mentions Dave & Robin..they are her father & only Beth is mentioned..and at other blogs it's Dave & Robin. and here it is ok If someone attacks Robin, Deetch did just that,but you defend him? what's up with that?
I can't imagine any of Natalee's family would want this to happen..but yet you say you are for the family ?
I thought ALL of Natalee's family matter not just Beth & Jug..not Just Dave & Robin..all these people make up Natalee's Family..not just one or the other.
I just wonder what Natalee thinks about all this fighting..threatening to expose forums..blogs. all in her Name!

GOOD GOD what is going on with you people who claim to CARE so much about Natalee and her family ???

Anonymous said...

WED, 6:50:17 -

Meri, it would seem that "anonymous" is concerned and has perhaps a guilty conscience regarding misleading bloggers as to his/her motives and intent at a blog spot this M...6 participates at, that is supposed to be dedicated to helping "find the truth" for Natalee Holloway's family.

The last I heard, it would be inherently a conflict of interest for a person to portray themselves as a "supporter" if they are found to be engaging in activity to undercut and undermine the work of trusting bloggers who are believing what they are being told concerning what the blogsite is all about and why everyone is there.

But then again, Meri it would also seem that the misrepresentation of the truth ( or in plain language - the telling of lies), along with misrepresenting oneself to others while not disclosing one's own personal agenda and personal gains from which one benefits particularly if the goals of the blog on behalf of the family are obstructed to the benefit of the "impersonator" - well, this clearly would be seen as deceptive practices, Meri and would be considered by anyone with any sense of integrity to be a corrupt practice and at the very least, dishonest and misleading of innocent and trusting people.

It seems to me that there are some just jumping out of the bushes Meri in the hopes that they won't be caught.

I wonder what they are running from?

Meri said...

First, I have done a tribute to Dave Holloway on this very site and it is somewhere in the archives I'm sure. I have NEVER singled out anyone in Natalee's family for criticism in my blogs here and don't intend too.

Frank is my friend and I support my friends just like people support Debbie.

I just became a Grandma and my husband is having some medical issues so the final part of my series will have to wait for a while. My family is my first priority so I am sorry if some people are annoyed.

It will happen because I promised that it would...but only when I have the time to write it properly. Nothing I blogged was to "Tease" was to inform.

Keep this in mind...I have NEVER pointed to a specific blog or person in anything that I wrote and I have named no names whatsoever even though some have accused me of naming names and pointing to a specific blog. I can't help it if some people feel that what I said was directed at them. Perhaps they have something to hide? I only told you that there are people on some Internet blogs who are harmful to the boycott movement and the family. That would include ALL of the family whether they care to believe that or not I also told you that my reason for blogging anything is to protect the boycott and keep it's momentum going. That's what I intend to do. Because I am careful with what I blog I will take all the time needed to be absolutely accurate and that will only happen when my family concerns are met.

For those who insist on making up things about what I actually blogged...get some glasses or learn to read.


Anonymous said...

Hi Meri, first of all, congratulations on becoming a Grandma - how wonderful for you! Second, I'm sorry about your husband and pray that all will be well. You are no different than anyone else, in that you need to take care of your family and YOURSELF first!

I didn't mean to come across as pushy, so if I conveyed that, I apologize. The thought that I may have been tricked for 15 months sickens me. Thanks, Jessie

Anonymous said...

Great job, Meri and well said.

I guess the bushes are getting a little too crowded so that must explain why some are jumping out and running for the hills.

But isn't it fascinating to watch all the ones jumping out from the bushes?

What indeed is making them so jittery and why are they behaving so defensively if there is nothing to hide?

No pressure here, Meri.
Take your time.
Your honorable reputation is well documented through your writing, Meri.

Thank you for the courage and conviction you hold for Natalee's cause for justice and for her family's battle for the truth as they continue to fight for the right to have their daughter brought home to them.

Anonymous said...

Re: my previous post
Meri I have read your post before and thought you cared about Natalee's family.
But after reading alot of crap for the past few days I think for some reason it's not about "Natalee's Family" anymore..why is it that this blog never mentions Dave & Robin..they are her father & only Beth is mentioned.

I owe you a apology.It just seemed to me you were for only Beth and If i was wrong I am sorry.
I care about ALL Natalee's family as well.That's why I was upset.

When i posted i in no way thought you were talking about just one blog/forum.There's alot out there that do the things you are saying..But there are a few who are doing a great job and Debbie is one of them..Debbie is a caring person..maybe there are people on her forum who have other agendas I do not know that.but if that's true I look forward to reading what you have to say and I am sure Debbie does also.

I would also like to add I still feel Deetch was wrong in what he posted about Robin. and I still also believe the fighting..arguing and attacking each other is wrong. This will NOT help I really hope everyone will try to get along and stop the personal attacks on each other. and If we all care about Natalee and her family we will do this.
The important thing is to find what happened to Natalee!!

also I would like to say congrats on becoming a grandmother and hope your husband gets well soon.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Meri on your new grandbaby. Please take care of YOUR family first!

I've noticed a certain blog has flipped out. Hiding something I suppose. I truly look forward to your future messages but take care of what's "yours" first!

What Frank posted seems to have upset a few people. If they would only take the time to read what he said and not take it out of context, they would understand. Many of you out there know what he means! Frank is a hero! He is very dedicated to finding Natalee.

Keep up the great work Meri!
Take care of your husband and come back when the time is right.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Meri and Frank for keeping it real!! Any chance gagirl is our old friend scubajab???

mayan_moons said...


Good thoughts & prayers for you as a new life arrives hopes your husband heals quickly. I mailed ya like you asked, contact me whenever you like. Have a relaxing weekend.

Michelle said...

Mayan Moons--

I meant for you to email ME, Michelle.


Anonymous said...

Meri, keep doing what your doing. Keep all the scum on the run.

Auntiem said...

I have just reread Pat Hurley's piece regarding Robin Holloway for the fifth or sixth time, trying to find some kind of positive reason behind his writing. I could not. He begins his flowery diatribe with how she had to step in as Natale's "new mom". What an insult to Nataee's own mother. when people get divorced, and a man remarries, he does NOT find a "new mom" for his children. They did not need a NEW mother, they had a mother, a very wonderful mother, who did in no means need replacing. By mentioning a "rough ending" to his first marriage, Hurley is making implications here that I will not even go into, Mr. Hurley, all divorces are rough, on children and both adults. Going on into this diabetic diatribe, Mr. Hurley says... "everyone is aware of Beth and Jug....."well. good to hear, Pat, thought you had forgotten the First Responders! He also mentions that due to her fierce fighting for Natalee, Robin (this "new mom" "Natalee's Angel") has angered many? Who, may I ask? Certainly not the Arubans, to the extent Natalee's MOTHER has. I can't remember her life being threatened, or her being interrogated by Mr. Dompeg! Then, the author of this, if it wasn't so sad it would be laughable piece, sums it up by saying"....who loves and supports the one who has lost the most......are we to believe that Dave has lost MORE than Beth? Surely Mr. Hurley can not mean that. Yet, after reading and rereading several times I can not come to any other conclusion, but that this IS what Mr. Hurley, most assuredly IS saying. That is the straw, the last straw that broke this camel's back, and I felt I could no longer leave my words of displeasure and disblief no longer unsaid! I would like to add one piece of advice to Mr. Hurley. When, in the future you feel the need, or are asked, to defend a peron''s characher, please do so in a manner that does not come off in a manner so offensive to others who have suffered so very much more and who are all too familiar with being BASHED!!!!

Anonymous said...

Something I have seen repeatedly at a certain blog forum that says it is there to support Natalee and her family I now see here on this thread. What it is reminds me of the way the Israelis have been treated.

All kinds of lowlifes bash and trash Natalee and her family, especially Beth, and some do it indirectly by bashing people who support the boycott of Aruba. When someone strikes back at them, they always get a big load of BS about how unkind the backlash was, and how it isn't supportive of the family to do that yada yada yada. All that is is a way to try to stop the truth that comes out as part of the backlash.

Meri, don't fall for it.

The Israelis were viciously attacked by Hezbollah sending rocket bombs into Israel and none of the lowlifes in Europe or the UN complained, but when the Israelis fought back, all these lowlifes like the French and Kofi Annan crawled out of their bunkers to criticize Israel. The apttern is the same.