August 25, 2006


Information request on attackers

ARUBA - The police is asking witnesses to come forward and help with tracking the two men down that attacked a woman in Wayaca last Monday, demanding her to give them her husband's gun, who is a police officer.

The assault took place between 14:40 and 15:00. The men broke into the house, put a knife to the woman's throat and asked her for her husband's gun. The woman said that she didn't know where her husband keeps his gun. The attackers finally left with a golden necklace, two ear-rings, and a white mobile telephone.

According to the information the police gave, the attackers were two Latin American men, slim, and were about 1.80 to 1.85 meters tall. Both were dressed in jeans and the one wore a white shirt and the other a green. One of the attackers has black shoulder length hair and the other is bold. They fled in the direction of Santa Martha, one on foot and the other on a silver coloured mountain bike.

Anybody that has more information on these two, please get in contact with the police.


Anonymous said...

So it tells the Aruban police carry guns. Then what is the fuss about the announcement of the Dutch Federal Police would be allowed to carry guns in Aruba. Do the Dutch Police have a higher heirarchy in the power structure to carry guns over the objection of the local Aruban police. Aruba's crime rate is skyrocketing since Joran was set free on the beach. So many robberies and murders and attacks on tourists happened since Cohen opened the jail door for Joran and hugged him over. Greta believes Joran is 100% innocent in her last night appearance. The Dutch police will clear Joran finally by taking over the muder case fron ALE. Greta believes the two Latin Columbian men are the real killers of Natalee. Greta will quit Fox soon and become a movie producer for Joran. All these Dutch Police and Police Attackers are slimy games set up by the Greta Taco Production Inc to promote Joran the Most Infamous Valuable Movie Star of Dutchland. Let us be aware of Greta is a traitor, she is not a friend of Beth and Natalee. Let's keep watching this Dutch Police saga in the coming week. They will point fingers fixed on Depak and Satish. Joran will be out of the radar. Boycott Greta! Boycott Aruba!

Anonymous said...

I'm all for boycotting Greta. She's proven to be gutless. The women has no heart. She is spineless.

Anonymous said...

I can happily admit that I have boycotted Gretas show a long time ago. I thought she said she was an attorney. Maybe she needs to go back for a refresher course. Now I know why shes on a news show. I think she is stuck on stupid (I mean stuck on Satish). Joran is the one. I wonder how much Joe T. had paid her for the interview and to change her mind like she did.

Boycott Greta and Aruba!!!!!

dennisintn said...

i like greta, she's done a lot for beth. in the long run, she's helpful to natalee's cause. give her a break.

if this lady's attackers are found and one of them has a "van" before his last name, she will be in the jail charged with filing false charges against 2 honest, god-fearing christian men who were doing tons of community service work at the time of the incident. julia will appear with 4 credible witnesses that say the victim had been seen drinking copiously and doing drugs and was in love with a blue-eyed dutch boy anyway. and i think there was another godzilla sighting reported that morning too.

Anonymous said...

No breaks for Greta. She doesn't deserve it. She's a major part of the problem with this case. I hear Aruba is having a Greta day. They say they couldn't have covered this case up. Without her surpressing info and not calling them on the lies. Greta Van Stratten is now worshiped for all her help. They couldn't have given Joran any better PR in the States, then she did with her fluff interview she did with him. As I see it she really doesn't deserve a break. She is part of the Holloways problems. Her lack of guts or plain stupidity has hurt the Holloways greatly. Her Posse is no better. Ted the other night. "Aruba has messed this investigation up from the beginning" HUH??? Messed it up??? Shouldn't he call it like it is? Covered it up? Time for Ms Van Stratten and her posse to find new work

Auntiem said...

Greta lost any credibility she had after her interview with Joran. He was so obviously lying, telling more of his stories, and she had the STUPIDITY to comment afterwards that she believed him! Do you know how much damage she did? Well, I can just tell you my personal experience. My brother and his wife, have not followed Natalee's case but know how actively I have, told me they had seen Greta and believed HER. How many others, like my brother, who really know nothing about Natalee's case NOW believe in the innocence of Joran? I am sure MANY. I know at work, nobody even remembers who Natalee Holloway is!! And I work with intelligent people. Unfortunately, I believe, that probably the majority of Americans DO NOT remember Natalee Holloway. And Greta, who used Beth, portraying herself as a friend, uses her Media to NOT keep Natalee's case alive, but to convince the uninformed audience that Joran is telling the truth. Yes, that is the "friend" Greta van Dutch is to Beth!!