June 21, 2006


Styx and Lionel Richie? Talk about washed up! Is that the best line-up Aruba can come up with? Obviously Richie and Styx don't care about the safety of tourists...especially Natalee Holloway and others who have been victimized while staying in Aruba.

I wonder how much Styx and Lionel are getting paid? I'm sure it's a bundle. Any washed up singer or band would rather jump at the chance to make a few bucks over taking a stand. Plus, free drugs! I wonder if Lionel Richie will bring back some good cocaine for his daughter...isn't that why she's a skeleton? Such lost souls...

STYX and Lionel Richie to Headline
Star-Studded Fifth Annual Aruba Music Festival

Aruba is gearing up to host an extraordinary lineup for this year’s Fifth Annual Aruba Music Festival, featuring rock legends, STYX (October 6) and Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter, Lionel Richie (October 7). For two days, sun seekers will not only get the opportunity to bask in the near-perfect weather, enjoy an endless roster of fun to-dos, and meet some of the friendliest people (friendliest people??? That's the biggest oxymoron in the world!) in the Caribbean, but also rock out to STYX, and groove to unforgettable sounds from Lionel Richie.

Columbus Day weekend in Aruba is the ideal tropical backdrop for these two incredible performances at the Aruba Entertainment Center, which will once again turn the island into a music lover’s paradise. The Aruba Music Festival is produced by Lee Tofanelli and Associates, Inc. of Vineland, New Jersey.

Lee Tofanelli & Assoc Inc.
616 E Landis Ave.
Vineland, NJ 08360-8007
(856) 691-3113

..Primary host hotels for the Fifth Annual Aruba Music Festival are Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino, Radisson Aruba Resort & Casino, Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino, and the Occidental Grand Aruba Resort & Casino.

American Airlines and US Airways are the official airlines of the 2006 Aruba Music Festival.

US Airways
4000 E. Sky Harbor Blvd.
Phoenix, AZ 85034
Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications
Elise Eberwein

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Anonymous said...

Official web site of Styx. www.styxworld.com/contactus.asp feel free to leave them an e-mail voicing to them how you feel about them playing aruba. I have already let them know. That they will have no more support from me.

Anonymous said...

Shame on Lionel Richie. He's from Natalee's home state of Alabama. He should know better.

Anonymous said...

I used to be huge fan of Lionel Ritchy until now. It is time to burn his cd's. He is out to make a buck unstead of following the USA in helping the Holloway and Twitty families find answers. That's a has been for you!!!

Anonymous said...

I am ROTFLMAO.....no artists other than these ............. all washed up souls would go....not matter what the money was!! These 'artists' are the best Aruba could get.....hahahaha it's what thet deserve!!!

spunkychic420 said...

i just wanted to let you know, i think that was a really rude comment you wrote about bringing the cocaine back for nichole Richie,i understand your trying to boycott aruba and i stand behind you 100% but that was a little rude to say

barven said...

Is there any answer yet from this artists regarding the festival? are they still going to show up?

Michelle Says So said...

I doubt they would or could cancel...legally speaking, I'm sure they have already signed a contract to perform.

Maybe this will open the eyes to other artists that are invited to Aruba.