June 21, 2006


ARUBA – Prime Minister Nelson Oduber (MEP) does not want to get mixed up (Oduber never wants to be involved in anything, does he?) in the ‘Gestapo-discussion’ between the ministers of Justice and Immigration Matters.

Rudy Croes (MEP) of Justice and Booshi Wever (MEP) of Immigration Matters are at odds with each other, because a group of employees were put out of the DINA building last Friday. Croes called this ‘Gestapo-methods’ in a letter he wrote to Wever. Croes says that a group DINA-employees were first body searched and then told to leave the building and never come back.

In a reaction on the media-questions on this subject, Oduber said that all the DINA-employees know very well whether they have signed to work for the new organization Dimas or not. Oduber further assumes that the criterions to hire people at Dimas are correct. “There must be a good reason for not hiring somebody.”


Anonymous said...

keep e-mailing the networks to cover the coverup in Aruba. ontherecord@foxnews.com lineup@foxnews.com donny@cnbc.com Rita@msnbc.com

blackhawk said...

Nelson Oduber...The prime minister of Aruba...You conduct business like a 10 year old boy an your island and its people are suffering for it....keep up the good work...I'm very sure someone at sometime will repay you for all your wonderful work...One basic rule you must never forget [[LIFE]] is far more important than MONEY...Have a great day Mr. Oduber we are watching your every move with great interest!!

Anonymous said...

This Nelson Oduber vs Rudy Croes fight is really a dog eat dog corruption. Aruba is the mother of all the government lies exposed by Natalee's disappearance. The DINA employees and ALE police are striking because their jobs are endangered by the declining tourism. No American tourists are coming to that Aruba island because Aruba is a dirty word spreading across all the states business and schools. The pending Civil Case is killing Aruba as a whole. In the Boston to New York Greyhound Express I heard college students saying Aruba sucks. And it's not a good place to make out there. The IRS is paying some attention into the student loan scandals money laundering scheme. The Aruba Central Bank is paying the hotel rooms for students spending their summer student loan money in Aruba casinos. The corruption and evils are beyond words, and destroying our American college students. Joran has come back to Aruba working at Paulus' law office for the summer. Joran thinks the civil case is dead. He doesn't need Joe T. anymore. Joran is preparing law suits filing in Aruba and Holland against Beth and Dave and Jug, with the help of Rudy Croes.

Anonymous said...

Rudy Croes was upset because HIS friends and family were told to leave. What a creep he is.