August 22, 2006


Posted by MG: "I find it hard to believe that two entertainers who were born and raised in Alabama, and still have fairly strong ties to that state would agree to perform at this year's Aruba Musical Festival. Lionel is from Tuskegee and Shaw is from Montgomery."

Check out the traitors out for yourself--greedy bastards trying to salvage their careers...

Traitor, Lionel Richie

Traitor, Tommy Shaw-Styx

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Anonymous said...

Here's Tommy Shaw's groups web site e-mail. Feel free to e-mail him and his fellow bands members of STYX. How you feel about them supporting the Corrupt Aruban gov't.

Anonymous said...

Sooner or later something bad is going to happen to them guys in Aruba. Tommie when being used up, will be drugged by the Joran pimps and dumped out to the ocean. Aruba wouldn't want to pay that kind of money to Tommie, just look. No music, No evidence.