August 20, 2006


By Meri, Aruban Boycott Contributor

Why am I doing this? Why would I (along with others) want to expose a blog that claims it is supportive of Natalee Holloway and her family? There are reasons and I am going to explain them.

What we are dealing with is a war...there is an army of individuals both in Aruba and elsewhere that have made sure that the truth about what happened to Natalee will never come out. They have deprived Natalee's family of getting any kind of justice and they have deprived that family of being able to find and possibly lay their daughter to rest. They have condemned that family to a lifetime of purgatory and they have no plans to EVER change the status quo.

Some of them simply lie about what they know happened to Natalee and some post on message boards spreading lies about Natalee and in particular, about Beth.

Some have infiltrated various web sites and have been banned and some continue to post merrily along without anyone stopping them from doing their damage.

Every day some of these people continue to make a mockery of this case and of this family and every day they make life harder for the very people who are already suffering and will probably continue to suffer for the rest of their lives. We have no control over the people in Aruba who continue to harm Natalee's family so we boycott them.

We DO have control over what happens here on American based web sites and we can stop them. The problem is that these horrible individuals who have connections to certain Arubans are not being stopped by those who have the power to do so and that's why this forthcoming expose' is necessary and why professionals have been digging into their pasts and their activities and why they have gathered information to make it clear to everyone exactly who they are and what they are.

I was approached to help with this effort because I blog and have a voice on the Internet. It was not a difficult task to accept since I am committed to helping Beth Twitty . I made that promise a long time ago and I don't break my promises.

There will be people who consider me and the people I am working with to be traitors because we are going to "out" a well known blog for allowing these anti-Natalee forces to continue with their disgusting rhetoric. I could care less what anyone thinks of me and what labels they want to put on me and considering that my own family and I have been attacked many times since I became involved with this case, I am no longer afraid to speak out and say what I must say.

To those who may feel persecuted I say have been warned many times. You have been made aware of what is happening right in front of your faces and yet you refuse to do anything about it. I don't care what your reasons are, you have done the wrong thing under the guise of freedom of speech and that won't wash.

This is not about politics or civil rights...this is about a missing girl and there are blogs for and against supporting the truth of what happened to this girl. This is not about political correctness or giving everyone a voice.

You are either with us or against us and there is no in-between. When a site proclaims itself to be anti-Natalee I expect the posters to be vitriolic and to state their opinions which support the various suspects and the Aruban police. They have every right to do that on their anti-Natalee sites and I would never tell them to stop because they have stated their purpose clearly.

When a site is pro-Natalee I expect to see posters supporting Natalee and her family and not tolerating comments that are counter-productive to finding out the truth from the perspective of her family and those who have chosen to seek some kind of justice.

When the lines become blurred and it is difficult to tell what a site stands for I feel that it is time to act and to make those responsible and in-charge shit or get off of the pot. You are for or can't be both.

The site that we will eventually expose is a confusing mess of opinions that don't help those of us who wish to find the truth. It claims to be one thing yet at times, acts like another and it's hard to tell who is for and who is against and even harder to understand why this is allowed on a so-called PRO-Natalee site.

If you knew of a person who had a strong reason to protect tourism on Aruba and who was deeply involved in boosting that tourist trade, would you consider this individual a pro-Natalee person? If you knew of a person who passed along pornography to people and then posted inappropriate comments on a pro-Natalee blog would you consider that person an asset to the cause?

In my opinion and in the opinions of those I am working with, we believe in our hearts that these people need to be stopped and that they are damaging all of the hard work that many of us are trying to accomplish. While Michelle works tirelessly and mostly out of her own pocket to send out boycott materials another site is tolerating the above types and not doing a thing to stop them. I can't in good conscience sit back and allow this to happen and I won't.

There are good people on this particular site who have good intentions and want very much to help find the truth. They are also being blind-sided. They deserve better. Some have left the site and some stick around to continue letting their voices be heard. We are doing this for them as well as the family and for Natalee.

To those who are blind and refuse to do the right have had ample warning. There is still time for you to act and make things right. Do the right thing.......there are NO excuses that will overcome what you have allowed your site to turn into.

I received an email from an individual who happened to read on the blog in question and his comment was, "What is that site about? There's stuff there that has nothing to do with Natalee Holloway and some of it is offensive." I couldn't agree more.


Anonymous said...

Meri, your doing great work! keep it up!

The blog in question has some sincere members. I could name them but they know who they are. A while ago, that blog had some wonderful researchers only to be run off by the admin and her pets. I will defend one of the mods, B, as I feel she is not in their loop. I feel she was "caught up". Walk away dear, walk away with dignity intact!

This particular blog stopped being for Natalee a long time ago. It's all about fame and recognition. Leaking information she gets from the family to the dark side.

Natalee is an American that went missing on Aruba May 30, 2005. I would like to say "bravo" to the ones that do research and seek answers, Natalee and the "truth" is what the family wants and deserves and desperately needs. Keep searching my honest friends!

To the people of the dark side. "We're watching you" and we WILL expose you!

Justice For Natalee
Boycott Aruba
Prayers to the families,friends & true researchers.

God Bless
A Natalee's Supporter

Anonymous said...

to the above poster,...if meri is doing such a good job why remain anonymous????huh meri???

Disney One said...

I wonder what site it is because you couldn't be talking about BFN as Robin Holloway just thanked the site today and several members for their support on behalf or her and Dave. Beth has made several positive references to Scared Monkeys and BFN too so what site is it?

Anonymous said...

Hi meri,

I've read your posts for somtime. I know you care about the truth. I've read at many sites for both sides. I am just extremely confused right now. There is a post at BFN from Robin Holloway that offers thanks to a few mods and posters. A couple of them I always thought had alterior motives. I am very confused! Help!

Anonymous said...

To the 3:35:30 anonymous poster:

If she is not doing such a good job, then why do you need to hide behind your caustic comments about her - anonymously?

Come out, come out anonymous person with caustic words for Meri, come out come out wherever you are.
Why do you need to hide anonymously if you so adamantly feel she isn't doing a good job?
Is this the assault and then hide approach - like the one we saw inflicted upon Natalee and her mother and father?

What are you hiding from?

Anonymous said...

Wow! I thought I was the only sane person in this insane case.. Its so obvious that there are so many hinden agenda's and then when we find out, we are shocked.. Not I..You have my attention..


Anonymous said...

I remember going over to another site and they were saying that showing this girl that was with Joran was in bad taste and that her picture should be removed and the next thing I knew they removed her picture.. I would think if a girl is with a known psycho, then she deserves to have her picture taken with him.. I do believe that there are agenda's that we don't know because we are told to take the high road, and the ones that killed and raped Natalee used that against us.. It seems everyone is upset about Larry Garrison representing John Karr's family. He is a reporter and we need to realized that they do whats best for them and they could care less for the family.. Meri and Frank are two that are just be very honest and it seems that a lot of people can't handle the truth.


Anonymous said...

I agree! Meri & Frank are seeking the truth. There are many of us out there seeking the truth. However, there are some that only want fame and recognition. I could name them but they KNOW who they are.

Meri has my attention. I am very excited about her upcoming article! She has always been fair and balanced and states facts.

A lot of people want the truth they claim but can't handle it! Listen up people! Meri is out for the truth, you want it - you'll receive it! Be prepared!

Keep up the great job Meri!!

God Bless