August 25, 2006


Are the Dutch and Interpol Being Used???

By Meri, Aruban Boycott Contributor

Aruba needs to close out the Holloway case because not only is the boycott working but their reputation has suffered. They are a laughing stock among intelligent people for their Jerry Springer-like behavior, their lies and cover-ups, and their total mishandling of the entire case from day one.

One way to end this is to throw up their hands and yell "HELP!!" and invite the Dutch and Interpol into their mess to absolve them of any wrong doing once and for all. If the Dutch can't find any new information (how could they since most of it has been lost or thrown away or covered-up??), then Aruba can say, "See world, we tried and now we are done so come to Aruba and have a good time."

Now, if the Aruban's had asked the FBI to come into the case and asked them to take it over and do ALL of the interviews...AGAIN and look where they need to look, finish the searches that were never completed...ANYWHERE...we might get some answers.

Don't hold your breath...that isn't going to happen.

The FBI has every reason to properly investigate this case and NO reason to try and protect the citizens of Aruba who may be involved or the police who are totally incompetent. They would go for broke and turn that place upside down. They would be looking for answers to what happened to an American girl on foreign soil and they would have a true vested interest in finding out the truth.

No offense, but I simply don't believe that ANY European entity short of the British who are the most able-bodied investigative organization in the world (proven by how they handled the recent terrorist plots) has that much interest in seeking justice for an American girl.

Just my opinion...and I hope that they DO solve this case...I am just not willing to hold my breath until that day comes.


Anonymous said...

Your absolutly right. If Aruba wanted this case solved. It would have been turned it over to the FBI. It's just another pathetic attempt by Aruba to say we have done everything we can. Tourists, Please come back to our corrupt country. It isn't gonna happen!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Very likely you are right in that this is just an opportunity to have someone else to blame... ie: See even the Netherlands and Interpol ... could not solve this case.

But... inviting them in is well after... blood turned to chocolate in Deepak's car, a belt that looked just like Joran's "choke for fun" belt is long since discarded, the teal cloth that looked just like Natalee's top was transformed into fishnet ... and a myriad of other likely gone FOREVER bits of evidence.

Yeah... they are probably very comfortable that they have sufficiently sanitized the island so it is safe to bring in help.

And it is sadly possible... this whole dog and pony show "news" is just a bid to get their hands on the FBI files. Once they're turned over... any new investigation from abroad can suddenly just be called off entirely. Another ruse?

Rammstein said...

I am sorry to disappoint anonymous number 1, the Arubans couldn't "turn over" this investigation to the FBI if they wanted too. Our laws prohibited that, an investigation into a crime committed in the jurisdiction of the Netherlands (kingdom that is) must be lead by the dutch (co-operation with foreign police is possible but only under dutch leadership).

Anonymous said...

Rammstien- How about this. Aruba asks for our help like they should have done from the beginning. And we take over the investigation. With the Aruba leading of course. But we'll do all the work. This time they can stand around doing nothing. But we can all say they are leading. Does that make you feel better

Michelle said...

Hey Ramm--

To your other comment regarding my quote, "This is war". In America, we call that a "figure of speech".

Speaking of wars, I believe you'd be speaking German if it weren't for Americans and those like my grandfather who took a bullet from a f-cking nazi to save you pieces of crap.

Auntiem said...

You know in all reality, the FBI wasn't even needed. Beth Twitty, almost singlehandly, in the first HOURS that she was on Aruba, SOLVED the case and handed the "GUILTY SUSPECT" to the Aruban so-called Police on a Silver Platter!!

Michelle said...

Right on woman!!! "I am Beth, hear me roar". (If you are young, you won't understand that quip.)

Auntiem said...

Michelle, I am NOT young, I gotcha!!!! Wasn't that Helen Reddy? Yes, Beth is a Woman, who we hear, roaring!!!!