August 31, 2006


Are you in or out? Make up your minds now!

By Michelle, Owner of Boycott Aruba Blog

Those that support Natalee’s family and who do not promote or agree with the boycott of Aruba are NOT for the family. The family DOES want this boycott, and they want your support. Specifically Beth…I spoke with her this evening and she is on board and believes that Dave is for the boycott as well (even though he hasn’t been very vocal about it).

Boycotting Aruba is one of the last ditch efforts to force the Aruban authorities hand. They know the boycott is working and they are very worried about their tourism losses since Natalee went missing. We have to support the boycott, or this case may never be solved. We are all making history. Aruba won’t live this down for a LONG time. Especially if this isn’t solved.

Are you for the family? Or are you for seeing Joran walking around the beach with another blonde acting as if nothing has happened? Don’t you realize he’s rubbing it in our faces?

I believe that anyone who doesn’t support the boycott DOES NOT support the family. Either you are with us or against us. It’s as simple as that.

What side do you fall on?


Mary,!,Sprite,Casey said...

I, we, are all with you. Not to worry !!

Mary,!,Sprite,Casey said...

I, we, are all with you. Not to worry !!

Anonymous said...

Auntiem is with you for the long haul!

grass said...

What ever it takes to bring home Natalee! I sent my letters off the other day. Display my stickers well, I noticed yesterday when going tru a toll it got the attention of the toll collector and others as I was driving over 300 miles that day!

Anonymous said...

We are on the right side. We never give Joran any breaks from Debbie and Greta. People dont believe Joran, Greta and Debbie. They had sold their souls to the Devil.

Anonymous said...

With you!

I'm in it for the long haul -- 15 months and counting:-(


Justice for Natalee Holloway
Peace for her family and loved ones.