February 11, 2008


Has Joran Been Disowned by His Own Family?

"We want to get on with our lives…
we have more children, you know…” – Anita Van der Sloot

**Rough translation

The parents of Joran Van der Sloot want to get on with their lives. So says his mother, Anita van der Sloot, in an interview with AD. "We try to go on as good or bad as possible. We have more children you know".

She dismisses her own son, yet still gives excuses for him.

Anita van der Sloot calls the PRDV-broadcast in which Joran stated his father, Paulus, smuggled a cell phone into his cell, as " horrible". (Horrible for whom? Paulus? Or the fact that he was caught?) She regrets participating, together with her husband and Joran, in the Pauw & Witteman-broadcast. "We shouldn’t have done that".

Anita van der Sloot looks beat. (Now she knows what it’s like to feel like Beth and Dave Holloway!) During gardening she lashes out towards the media that last week gave a lot of attention to the PRDV-broadcast.

"The media twists the facts and just one side of the story is being told. Its better to not say to much. Everything will be explained against our intentions", says Joran’s mother.

More excuses:

"Here on Aruba people know the story a lot longer and better than in Holland". A friendly Anita van der Sloot is on this sunday-afternoon convinced the people don’t blame them. In Holland the story became known later on which gives an misrepresented picture. Maybe someday she will explain it all once again. "But right now we wont be saying anything, since the media only tell one side of the story".

So not only the American media is against Joran and your family, but also your own homeland of the Netherlands? What about the Arubans who are furious? One who displays paranoia believes everyone is “out to get them” and everything is always someone else’s fault.

It seems as if Joran’s confession on the PRDV-show and the following questioning last Friday by police, didn’t seem to have affected the reputation of the family.

According to whom? The Van der Sloot family? The family that lives in lies and swims in the sea of denial?

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dennisintn said...

the knife has to cut both ways. anita was just as happy and friendly to julia and rene gielen as she could be when they were planning and filming the big MB expose where natalee, beth, jug, and the mb students were going to be accused of everything from cocaine use to insurance scams to pedophilia. now msm has shown jvds in the real world and she thinks that's terrible and unfair of them.