February 19, 2008


It's Official--Aruba is Going Down
Until Joran is Tried and Convicted

Aruba: Corrupt or incompetent?
Boycott pressure is heating up.

By Boycott Watch.org

With all the news out of Aruba regarding the Natalee Holloway case, Boycott Watch research has revealed a manic response by the US public as evident by the tourism package purchasing trends.

Recent numbers show that tourism has consistently been down in Aruba and that Aruba has been making up some of the lost US tourism from other countries. Most telling are the reports we are getting from the cruise ship industry which reports lower demand to the Caribbean in general. Aruba has also reported less cruise ship ports of call visits and cruise ship visitors have reported that stores in Aruba are relatively empty compared to past years.

Regarding the current mood in Aruba, we have reports that the Van der Sloot home has been vandalized and Joran's bicycle, his reported primary method of transportation, has been destroyed. Arubans are reportedly taking their frustration over the loss of tens of millions of tourism dollars out on the Van der Sloot family.

Meanwhile the blog "Boycott Aruba--Justice For Natalee" posted the transcript from investigator Art Wood who appeared on the Fox News Channel in an interview with Kimberly Guilfoyle, Saturday, February 16, 2008, stating that he believes "Daury" is really "Daddy". This bombshell report makes us wonder if the Aruban government is competent in the investigation for several reasons, starting with the loss of evidence early in the investigation.

Now, we are seeing reporters and other non-police investigators leading the way in uncovering evidence in the case. This is reminiscent of the Watergate scandal, where two reporters, Woodward and Bernstein, broke the entire story that was later proven to have been covered up at the highest levels of the government.

The concern of Boycott Watch is the level of effectiveness of the Aruba boycott, plus the long term affect such a boycott will have, if any. The major factor we believe people have to watch is the prosecution of Joran Van der Sloot and especially the claim by investigator Art Wood that "Daury" is really "Daddy".

If that is the case, the cover-up will have been more than just by Joran Van der Sloot and it may indicate that his father may have either taken action to thwart such an investigation or used his political influence or government office status to block the investigation, even if merely asking people for his trust, not to mention that he kept secrets from investigators, meaning obstruction of justice by a judge. That is speculation, but it would explain much of what we have seen, or better yet what we have not seen until the confession video was released.

In general, Americans are keeping away from Aruba, at least in numbers that are hurting the Aruban economy. Boycott Watch predicts Americans will continue to boycott Aruba if Joran Van der Sloot does not receive a long prison sentence.

In the mean time, the boycotters are turning up the heat. The blog "Boycott Aruba- Justice For Natalee" which is one of the leading boycott Aruba sites, is now calling for a boycott of US companies which do business in Aruba, such as McDonald's, Wendy's, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Nike, Toyota, Polo Ralph Lauren and Disney.

These are by definition secondary boycotts and in the cases of fast-food establishments, these may be franchises so a general boycott of these companies may affect businesses that have nothing to do with Aruba. The idea behind these, though, is to put pressure on the parent company.

Boycott Watch is not fond of secondary boycotts because they can have adverse affects on entities which have nothing to do with the target at hand. Since the primary boycott is an entity which is far away, meaning Aruba, the more local secondary boycotts may be the only way for some people to express their disdain with Aruba. Measuring the effects of secondary boycotts, however, can be difficult.



Anonymous said...

Aruba basically has lost everything by covering up for Joran. Queen Beatrix ordered Aruba to take down her majesty name from the Aruba airport. And effectively cut off all the kingdom fundings for the airport's future development. Aruba's tourism is basically dead and rotten. Their hotel rooms are very dirty. The food are infected and poisonous.

Boycott Aruba said...

Aruba is scum. They know they are going down. The cover-up of Natalee Holloway's death has taken this island to an all time low.

Hell yes! Boycott the bastards until they sink in the ocean.

Arubans will kill Julia, Bob and Rik said...

Aloe is the sole major import from Aruba into US Florida. Aloe could be in the form of finished products like facial cream, hand lotions or simply raw jello used for food additives. Just don't buy anything or food that has aloe material in it. That will deal a dead blow to Aruba's only viable industry. And Aruba will die much sooner. Its people will starve and will kill the three evil judges, Julia, Bob and Rik to settle the scores, and bring back the tourists to the island.

Joran is an impending curse to the world said...

The UN inspector stated that Aruba is corrupt and inpotent? Boycott pressure is heating up and is weakening the law and order of the kingdom due to massive economic loss. The Dutch hague convention based worldwide insurance companies just lost three billions dollars worth of policy holders. The reason for the rejections is that the Dutch government support Joran's lies which strongly defeats the truth disclosure ability of the Dutch insurance instruments. The Dutch hague convention insurance products are the major and most important Dutch exports covering and insuring many US international business all over the globe. Without telling, the Dutch economy can fail and collapse in any given minute, and cause civil wars within the kingdom. Joran is an impending curse to the whole of the Dutch people.

Anonymous said...

When few Dutch and American reporters landed at Aruban airpot. They saw Queen Beatrix's name on it and the lighting was not good and repulsive. They started to believe Beatrix is the evil mother of Aruba and Joran, can cause so much boycott sufferings to the people of Aruba. The Arubans compared Beatrix to Anita, and deeply hate her so much to embolden her insane son Joran to continue to lie so much to destroy the nation of Aruba.

Anonymous said...

Worse, there is a new you tube video surfacing called "Kill Aruba", simular format as "Kill Bill", the popular martial arts moive. Watch it and you will trust boycotting Aruba to death is the right thing to do.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to everyone who has supported this grass roots boycott of Aruba!!

Keep hitting them where it hurts!

Local Arubans are now, FINALLY, voicing their anger over all of this.

Hopefully their voices, along with those of Boycotters, will be heard loud and clear - and justice will be served!

Anonymous said...

Good job Michelle. No retreat. No surrender. Boycott Aruba

Anonymous said...

Many Americans can read and identify the imports from Aruba and Holland. They decide not to use the Aruba aloe sunscreen and drink the Holland beer. The Aruba boycott come naturally to lots of youngsters. They said Aruba is not cool, piece of shit!

Anonymous said...

The Dutch news media welcome the boycotting of Aruba. Noting that the Judges Stonewall Tactics employed by Aruban government is damaging to the foreign relatioships between the Kingdom of Netherlands and the United States. The new Obama Machine will crush and steamroll Aruba and Holland beyond recovery economically. The Aruban defense of Joran's lies is a very disturbing pattern. It has the potential to fracture the Queen Beatrix's throne and cause her to be seen unfit to rule, to be ousted and exiled to the Marteen Island next to the French Napolean Colony Outpost. The trickery of the three Dutch judges: Julia-Bob-Rik is very harmful to Queen Beatrix's safety, said the Dutch Parliament independent members. They said Aruba deserves the severe punishment of the boycotts from the United States. The Dutch government will not disagree.

Anonymous said...

Almost as much as seeing JVDS rotting in jail for a very long time, I'd like to see that pervert of a father with an equally long sentence.
The Arubans had better start demanding a thorough clean up of their corrupt justice system, thats if they don't ant to see their island sink even lower.

Anonymous said...

In the view of most white American women supporting the Obama movement, they are also supporting the boycott of Aruba in 2009, the latest UI poll shows. They said the irresponsible body dumping practice of the Arubans are awful, disgusting and criminal. Boycott is the new way to punish Aruba. Most American women plan and budget their family and kids vacations aboard; Aruba is not their choice and options anymore. Even if some women won a free Aruba trip, they will not go for it. The body dumping is just too murderous, it's not worth the risk. Aruba is a lawless, chaotic and most dangerous spot on the face of this earth after the world of people viewed the rulings of the evil Dutch judges and the Joran's murderous confessions.

Anonymous said...

i read under Boycott Watch, that although american "family" type vacations were not being booked on Nightmare island as ofter, that american college students were still booking for spring break.......who's paying for their trips? PARENTS!! maybe letters need to go out to all their parents via college listings, expensive maybe, but a lifesaving necessity.

Anonymous said...

hallo, we are a small island, we don't face the problems that in the united states have every day. We are a very kind, friendly and open persons. We are definetly trying our best to solve this problem, but unfortunatly we don't have any person to point at for this act, bescause we don't have enough proof. I hope that you could understand our situation, so think more before talking. An again we are a small island, this is the 1st time we are facing a international missing person. Greetings from aruba!!!