February 19, 2008


By Richard, Aruban Boycott Member

So now we have the official news, which slipped out on what was St. Valentine’s Day in America. (Michelle’s Note: Sound familiar to when Joran was released during Hurricane Katrina in 2005…so convenient!)

Just wondering if there was some sick kind of symbolism in that … as if somehow, someone involved with this case was determined to torment the world.

So the unprompted confession of the chief suspect, one that was repeated consistently throughout months of taped conversations, not only isn't proof of what happened ... it isn't even seen as reason to justify his arrest?

Isn't it odd that the unsupported word of this same chief suspect was enough to "justify” the arrest of two guards never seen with or associated with Natalee. If we remember the photo, Jan van der Straaten stood by in person, no doubt posing for the cameras as Aruba “cracked the case.”

As I said before, were it not for Beth and Dave, those two guards would have been kept in prison (the “evidence” on THEM would have been enough) and the case would have been “closed.”
I think we can all conclude now that the only hope lies with the Persistence. What can we do? We can vent our rage, we can post on blogs … or we can take action. Such as? Well, ONE idea is to take part in the demonstrations planned in coming months against the blandishments of Aruba Tourism Authority. There’s one at Boston and one in New York very soon.

Write to JusticeforNatalee@gmail.com for more information.

Will this reverse the verdict? No.

Will this take down Joran? No.

But it WILL help spread the message … it WILL help stick it to Aruba … it WILL perhaps help persuade people not to go to Aruba. If enough of us speak up, it might even help persuade the people in Congress who “represent” us that the safety of Americans abroad is a legitimate concern … as much as the alleged misdeeds of baseball players.

Folks, now really is the time to “fish or cut bait.”

We can post on blogs for all eternity, and that will help keep the case fresh in the public eye … but we can also do something more.

Let’s get cracking. PLEASE!

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