February 18, 2008


To me this action just discredits this idiot and
makes him look like a money grubbing jerk-off.
Anything to cash in on poor Natalee…

Van der Sloot's 'friend' signs book contract

Monday 18 February 2008

Patrick van der Eem, who befriended Joran van der Slot and then secretly recorded him confessing to being with Natalee Holloway when she died, has signed a book contract with US literary agent David Vigliano.

The rights to Van der Eem's story on the disappearance of the US teenager on Aruba in 2005 will be auctioned off, the Telegraaf reports on Monday. At the weekend Dutch lawyer Bram Moszkowic told the media he has been approached by Holloway's mother to look into the possibility of bringing a civil case against Van der Sloot.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if I agree. I believe his book will include his honest opinion of Joran. He got to know the creep very well over the months. It will be just one more source of information out there for people to read and understand what a sick, disgusting creep Joran is.

Who knows what he will do with the proceeds of the book?

Anonymous said...

i don't have any problems with the idea of patrick writing a book about jvds. it sure beats a book by jvds, or by anita, or the docu/commercial lies gielen is about to do.

anything that shows jvds in the true light of day is fine with me. if he makes money off of it, that's fine with me too. by exposing jvds' true character to the world, he's done more for natalee, her parents, and the good people of aruba than all the lying julias, gielens, and politicians combined.