February 18, 2008


Lawyer B. Moszkowicz was approached by Natalee Holloway's mother to conduct a civil procedure against Joran van der Sloot. Moszkowicz is investigating if van der Sloot had made himself guilty in an unlawfully act. Based on this he could be financially tackled.

Moszko sees two facts as unlawful act. He names the hiding of facts by van der Sloot and the shock the mother Beth has suffered when she had to listen to Joran's confession on the Peter de Vries program.

The civil procedure that Moszko is investigating, stands apart from the possible criminal prosecution by the OM in Aruba. Moszko said in the program that the chances that Joran would be convicted is small. "I think that a criminal case on this matter is ending. I am not saying that I understand this or that I am agreeing with it."

If there is a procedure it will be conducted in the Netherlands.


Anonymous said...

What can you tell us about this attorney....one of the best in the Netherlands. I am sorry to say that I am so disgusted with their legal system that Beth may be wasting her money.
She'd do better to spend it on some first class private investigators and go after those damn so called judges, and the other crooks on the island and then write another book and expose them for all they are worth..which is zero.

Michelle Says So said...

Yeah! What you said! Tell it like it is!

One's misery is another's opportunity.