February 22, 2008


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What Does Freddy Know?

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Several references have been made by suspects in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway about the knowledge of another suspect - Freddy Alexander Arambatzis. There have been references made regarding Freddy about Joran's shoes, Natalee remaining "passed out", a camera, and Freddy knowing "the truth".

Diario 12/6/2006


...the fact that Joran had already on the 30th of May told Freddy the story about the Holliday Inn and that Joran told Freddy also that “they” went into panic when Natalee remained “passed out”!

Freddy Zedan
June 12th 2005

The girl had fallen several times on the way to the beach. Joran told me that at some point she "no longer came around/no longer regained consciousness" and that they had left her on the beach.

He also told me that he had left his gym/sporting shoes on the beach. After Joran had told me this, I asked him why he had left her there. He answered me that at that moment he had not known what to do.

Freddy was brought to the van der Sloot home after he spoke with Aruban authorities in the early days of this investigation. He was grilled by Joran's parents as to what he told police regarding their son, and Natalee Holloway.

Freddy states that Joran told him they had left Natalee at the beach, while at the same time Joran was still telling authorities he and Deepak and Satish Kalpoe had left Natalee at the Holiday Inn.

Paulus van der Sloot
Suspect Statement
June 18, 2005

“I believed the story that Joran, Deepak and Satish told, until Joran changed his statement. After that Freddy came to us and told us a different story. Joran had gone with the girl to the beach. (With Freddy is meant the witness Freddy ZEDAN; comment TROMP).

Freddy had told this story shortly after he was interviewed by the police. He had called my wife and had said that he found it important to tell the truth. After that he came over to us and he first talked to my wife. After that he came back one time and and he spoke with Joran's lawyer, his parents, me and my wife were also present. My wife and myself were very crushed/saddened/injured and angry at Joran for apparently not telling us the truth. My wife and the lawyer then confronted Joran about this. According to my wife Joran reacted calmly and said that he had always told Freddy the truth.

Paulus van der Sloot
Suspect Statement
June 23, 2005

To your question whether Freddy ZEDAN came to our house out of his own accord or whether I had invited him, I can state the following. According to me Freddy phoned my wife after he had been questioned by the police. According to me he and his girlfriend came over to see my wife and he told what he had stated to the police. I was busy in the kitchen and did not hear everything Freddy was saying. Only at the end of the conversation I joined them. My wife and I were angry at Joran, because he did not tell the truth from the beginning.

My wife planned to confront Joran with Freddy's statements. That night we were going to have a meeting with Mr. A. CARLO, this was a previously planned meeting. My wife called Freddy again and asked him if he could tell his story again to Joran's lawyer. At first he didn't want to come because he had an exam (Wasn't Freddy out of school and graduated by then?? He is older than Joran, so WHAT EXAM is he speaking of?) the very next day but in the end he and his parents came over. He then told the story he knew to Joran's lawyer. I am convinced that Mr. CARLO did this with the best intentions possible

Page 154, Freddy after his June 12 statement:

(Joran) That night Freddy, per request of my mother, visited, to tell everything. Freddy's parents are coming along, because they do not find it a good idea that Freddy goes alone. Besides my father Paul and my mother Anita. My lawyer Anthony Carlo is also present at our home per request of my mother. My mother asks Freddy to tell everything again.

Freddy: I could see on Anita's face that she did not know Joran had left the girl on the beach and that he has lost his shoes.

I also told that Joran, Deepak, Satish and me had talked about it that I would buy new shoes for Joran. Anita could not believe everything I was telling. (as in amazed). Carlo asks several times why Freddy thinks that Joran left his shoes behind.

Freddy: Joran did not want to walk with his shoes on the beach and probably left them behind because of that.

Freddy tells the beach story again that I would have told him on Monday May 30.

Carlo in between asks questions all the time.

Freddy: I felt he asked me those things because he thought that me as a good friend of Joran could understand why he had done these things. I do not believe he asked those questions because he thought Joran would have told me, because he repeated every time: Why do you think that?

My father does not ask Freddy anything, but he does react on Freddy's answers to my mother.
He says: why does Joran lie, and why did he not tell us that? My mother had promised the conversation would last 10 minutes max, but after half an hour Freddy's father gets up. My parents did not agree with Joran's parents having invited me, Freddy says. After Carlo had called the head officer for permission to visit Freddy's father, he confronts me with what I had said. I immediately admitted I had lied and that Freddy was telling the truth.

Deepak Kalpoe
Suspect Statement
June 11, 2005

I also have to tell you that Joran was wearing white sneakers/sport shoes that night. If you search/investigate his home then you will see that the shoes aren't there. He had told me that he had theft them on the beach.

To your question whether I of if Joran told the story to someone else, than I can say the following. I know Joran told his story to his friend named Freddy ZEDAN. Freddy lives behind Joran. His mobile phone number is inside my mobile phone.

To your question whether Joran told me what he had told Freddy, I can say the following. Joran told me that he had told Freddy the truth and the story that was made up. I know that he trusts Freddy more because they have known each other for a long time. If you go and talk to Freddy, he will tell you the made up story and maybe also the truth.

Satish Kalpoe
Suspect Statement
June 30, 2005

On your question who can tell the truth to you, with the exception of Joran, Deepak and I, I can tell you the following:

Freddy is the person Joran confides in and he can tell you the truth.

Satish Kalpoe
Suspect Statement
June 24, 2005

On your question who Joran's best friend is:

Freddy Zedan is Joran’s best friend. Freddy knew about the invented Holiday Inn and the tale which my brother and I and Joran told and that the missing girl was dropped off at the beach at the Marriott. My brother Deepak had told me that he and Joran invented the tale but to Freddy the beach tale was told. I thought that stunk, because I was not aware Freddy was told the beach tale. (note: tale does not necessarily mean lie, could mean story).

I have met Freddy two times after it was confessed that the girl became missing...the second time was when Joran, my brother and I took the camera to Freddy’s house. We delivered the camera to Freddy, and afterwards all four of us ate Chinese in the area of Freddy’s house. Freddy also lives in Montanja. I do not remember his house number. We had bought food and we then we went to Joran’s apartment afterwards. According to me Freddy was informed then already about the missing girl. We may have spoken some about the missing girl, it is possible but I don’t remember.

You ask me if I was scared when we were talking with Freddy about the missing girl. It is possible that I don’t remember. I say that we, Deepak and I, did not know that Freddy knew the real story. The real story, which was on the beach. It do not understand why Freddy was told that, according to me he knew both stories already.

Wednesday June 22, 2005

While being transferred from police station to KIA, Deepak and Satish are secretly recorded in a 40min conversation:

D: And I also trusted Freddy like a brother.

S: Yes.

D: But he also talked shit, that's why we've been arrested.

S: What did he say?

D: He keeps information behind. You know that Van der Sloot trusts Freddy with his life. Freddy knows what has happened. Freddy knows the truth.

S: I know he knows truth

D: Freddy knows, Freddy knows.

S: I've just said, Freddy also knows about the story of what happened, ask him.

D: Freddy knows

Deepak and Satish are being questioned in Orangestad at the same time and are transported back to KIA along with Joran in a minivan. The following conversation is recorded:

Joran: You know no good that my father has nothing to do [with this}. I have read your statements, friend. You two are lying shit. (then very calmly) You know what happened with that girl. If you don't know it, then nothing happened. (then angrily) So, fuck you. What do you say, that Freddy has to be arrested?

Deepak: That Freddy has to tell the truth.

Joran: You know very well that Freddy has told the truth.

Satish: You will see, you will see.

Deepak: You could have prevented it from the beginning, this, of your father. You know it. That he wasn't arrested.

Freddy himself was detained by authorities in this case - and then subsequently released. .

Diana Emerencia - Freddy's attorney
Decatur Daily News
August 31, 2005


Freddy Alexander Zedan-Arambatzis, a friend of van der Sloot and the Kalpoes, was arrested on suspicion of having unspecified "physical contact" with a female minor, said his lawyer, Diana Emerencia.

Zedan-Arambatzis, 21, is also suspected of photographing the girl in "tempting poses" and showing the images to other people, Emerencia said. The Kalpoe brothers and van der Sloot are also suspected of involvement in the incidents, which allegedly occurred before Holloway disappeared, she said.

*Did Freddy have involvement in Natalee's disappearance?

* What "truth" does Freddy know that could shed
light on the circumstances surrounding this tragic crime?

* Why did the Kalpoe brothers need to give a camera to Freddy?

* What sort of history regarding similar crimes do Freddy and Joran share?

* Why did Paulus and Anita need to find out what Freddy told police?

* Has Freddy told Aruban authorities all he knows
about what happened to Natalee Holloway?

Natalee and her family deserve justice -
and we will not let up until they have it!

Natalee's Freebirds


Anonymous said...

The secret sex gangrape video tape made by Freddy is holding hostage of Oduber, Bob Witt and Rik Smid. Oduber can veto the Judges' decision and arrest Joran if he wants to, under the statehood instructions power granted by the Aruban law constitution. Bob and Rik are cult members obviously involved in the gangrape at the Sloot's house that god Bifron worship night, the last week of May 2005

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Freddy needs to be brought back in and questioned thoroughly!

Maybe the Dutch investigators could do this?

Why would he offer to buy Joran new shoes? Lend your shoes to a friend, he ruins them, and buys you new ones?

I wonder what was recorded on that camera that was so important they had to get it to Freddy that quickly?



Anonymous said...

Aruba offers cheap fuel to any cruise ship who would call the port on weekends for a few hours to boost the tourist numbers. Aruba count the tourists twice, those stayed aboard the ship, and those went shopping tours in downtown Oranjestad.

Anonymous said...

Aruba is in deep death trap of misery caused the the Joran confessions coverup. The few Dutch tourists and local shop owners suffer great unhappiness and emotional distress over the merchandise pricing and bargaining. The tourists want bargains but the sales persons need to keep their jobs and won't let the prices go down. The local economy is in stalemale. A high rate of violent crime, unemploymentand pollution starts to eat the city up and body dumping into the harbor.

Anonymous said...

Hans Mos' post-Joran venture morphes into an increasingly angry and personal attack on the Dutch media infotainment marketeers. Mos is viewed as a smooth talker not a law doer. His prosecutor office is a dog and pony show. Aruba becomes late night show jokes. Their tourism goes down to the Atlantic bottom. There is nothing left in Aruba.

Anonymous said...

The Dateline has shown how Satanic Taco is by saying Joran is under the influence of "narcotics", and therefore his confessions have no value. Taco is Anti-American and hateful darkness, many American viewers conclude him as "a traitor without a soul".

Anonymous said...

The queen is a compulsive liar herself very much like Joran. That is why the queen's word can't never be recorded. This coverup gets thus far and deep is an indication from the very top of the kingdom, the queen herself. The Dutch people truly believe Joran is the son of the queen out of her adultery which eventually forced her husband to commit suicide. Aruba is the queen's stronghold, and the judges work for her coverup.

Anonymous said...

Two forces, the queen and the parliament are fighting in Aruba over the coverup of Natalee's murder. So far the queen has the upper hand on the coverup with the help of ALE and the Dutch judges that she appoints. The parliament and the new prosecutor Hans Mos are the underdog. At this moment, the parliament tries to oust the queen, so this coverup of Natalee's murder can be resolved quickly. The Dutch people don't this queen anyway, they welcome the new king.

Anonymous said...

People think the coverup of Natalee's murder is an attack on the United States. By ousting the queen, then the Dutch judges on that island of Aruba can be arrested for obstruction of justice, and then the case can be resolved quickly. With the new Washingtom movement in full force in America, the Dutch people urge the parliament to do the same, to remove the old corrupted queen, and install a new king for the justice.

Anonymous said...

Soon after WWII, the Dutch freedom fighters resisted the welcome of the queen's parents from Canada due to their suspicions of involvements of the Nazi dictators. The United States stepped in, and helped the queen's family to restore their throne. At that time the royal family promised to protect every American citizen living within their kingdom. With the backing of US, the queen gained enormous power over the parliament until the Lookheed scandal broke out in Hague which compromised the US military secrets to the Russians. Then the parliament regained much more power with the help of the NATO to oust the old queen. The parliament today can do the same banishments to the current queen when the Dutch people see their American friendship are seriously damaged by the queen's coverup of Natalee's murder.

Anonymous said...

Not a soul crossed the line into the latest Aruba tradeshow in Boston. This is a real punishment to the Aruba tourism. People saw the Dateline last night, and reacted very angry about the Aruba's denial of Joran's confessions the week before. In people's mind, Aruba is an extremely dangerous place to spend their family vacation there.

Anonymous said...

It is the NAFTA that helps the hotel building boon in Aruba in the last decade. Not being grateful, Aruba starts biting the fingers off the American tourists. The American investers have decided to stop all their investments in Aruba at once. A change of the new American politics will bury Aruba in the Atlantic ocean with a crap trap.

Anonymous said...

Many people felt John Silvetti and Tim Miller are the hero in this deepwater search for Natalee. Persistence is awesome and loaded with the latest and greatest oceanic scientific electronics equipments. John's company has a great future with our new coming government. Change and search for truth and justice is the agenda.

Stuart said...

That whole meeting with Freddy and his parents and Joran and Jorans parents is so contrived. Joran just set up Freddy to "come clean" on the Holiday Inn story when the security videos showed that Joran was lying anyway. Why wasn't Joran angry with Freddy for telling "the truth"? Because this new story was as much bull as the previous story that had just been disproved by the security video. Freddy should be arrested for obstruction of justice.

Anonymous said...

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