February 17, 2008


Like Father Like Son?

Investigator Art Wood on Kimberly Guilfoyle, Saturday, February 16, 2008:

Art Wood: "Paulus’ computer holds the key to this case. In the first week of June Michael Dompig, Chief Dompig's son told Dave Holloway that Paulus borrowed a friends boat on the day Natalee disappeared. …In Joran’s confession he says that Natalee was shaking and shivering before she died…then we find out that he called a friend to come and help him. Guess what Kimberly? I think that friend was his father Paulus van der Sloot.

Michael Dompig

If you listen to this quick exchange:

"He says, “I called him. What happened? I told him what happened. I said, Come here, come, come come. He arrived he said this is not possible, you must go home. I said no, I can’t let you take responsibility for this. He said you are going home, I arranged the rest. He went home then...does that sound like an exchange between father and son?"

"...PVDS didn’t drive the boat, all he did was call a friend and get rid of the body…and listen, here it is…its right here. …When the aruban police force seized his computer and examined the hard drive they found that on the day Natalee disappeared Paulus Van der Sloot visited some websites looking at the effects of alcohol and drugs on a body. That’s a bombshell!"

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