June 28, 2006


There haven't been many good days regarding the Holloway case. Most are filled with searching and hoping and sadness. Dead ends, lies and frustration are business as usual in this case. That's how I feel so can you imagine how Beth, Dave and Robin feel? Can you imagine how Natalee's siblings feel? I really can't, but I can tell you how I feel.

Today was a good day. I can't solve this case and I am NOT the leader of any group of supporters. I am only ONE person who works alongside many others who do far more than I do to help find the truth. I am left with only two options in my desire to support Natalee's family; to keep on blogging and to expose those who would do them harm.

Today I got to do the latter and it feels very good. I didn't do it myself. Someone sent the picture to me and that person got it from someone else. The picture of Kathy Drenga of Arubasilence which I did not mention in my first article. Since so many knew who I was referring to and since I have been inundated with information since that article was written I feel comfortable disclosing her name at this point.

There will be more forthcoming in the days to come but I NEVER publish anything without absolute documentation or a picture which speaks a thousand words. So, it will take me some time to put together what I have received and to talk about it in public.

You might wonder why I am doing this and before I can receive anymore scathing emails from Kathy or anyone else I will explain. As I mentioned, I have only two options and I am exercising my ability to fulfill the second one listed above. If I can do no more to help Natalee's family then to protect them from people who would take advantage of them then that is my obligation and my desire.

Once upon a time in my life I was in a family where the death of a child was made VERY public. I remember the good people and I remember the bad ones. If I can prevent ONE single bad one from harming another family then this is what I will do.

I would like nothing better than to come up with a magic elixir to solve the case of what happened to Natalee Holloway. I would love to bring relief to her family, but I cannot. I will blog about the case (and NO, I won't quit even though I have wanted to on a couple of occasions). I can't quit because I keep a copy of Dave's book on my on my bedside table and I look at it frequently. It keeps me from quitting. As long as they have no answers and no resolution than I have no resolution and I have to keep on writing.

I'm a terrible writer and all I have going for me is passion so people have to overlook the typos and the bad grammar and the literary errors and see through it all to the heart of the words. The words that are saying that I, along with people like Michelle, Susan, Linda, Richard, Rob, Patrick. L.A, Debbie and so many others care.

We can't give them back their daughter but we can give them are support and when I heard Beth say (on Nancy Grace), that she get's through the days because of those who support her I knew that I could never quit. The day that Natalee is put to rest, whether it be figuratively or literally will be the day that I quit.

In the meantime....to those who intend to make a name for themselves off the backs of the suffering...watch out. We are watching out for you.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all you do !! You are number 1 in my book and I am grateful for all you have done to try and help Beth & Jug, and Matt and Dave & Robin & of course Natalee. !! Keep up the GOOD work.
You do nto have to be a great writer to get your point across !! You do a fine job !

Anonymous said...

Re: In the meantime....to those who intend to make a name for themselves off the backs of the suffering...watch out. We are watching out for you.

Seems you left out one in your own list that has done nothing but try to make a name for himself...

Anonymous said...

Meri don't stop with the slow reveal here please. This information about her needs to come out finally. Check out Steve Croes' zorpia site to see more of how she posted with him and encouraged him to show everyone his stuff. how sick and that isn't undercover work anymore than laying yourself all over him is building trust. you have to worry about people who believe that is anything but what it appears to be.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Meri, keep it coming! EXPOSES KATHY FOR WHO SHE REALLY IS!

Anonymous said...

I'm so mad, I could _ _ _ _ people.
I really mean it.If only they lived in this country.I would be kreepin round there back door.Like O.J Simpson.