June 30, 2006


By Meri, Aruban Boycott Contributor

This blog (OWNED AND OPERATED by Michelle and NOT by me), is where I am allowed to speak out regarding the Holloway case. I DO NOT post on any message boards. The only time I responded to comments regarding blogs that I have written (and ONLY regarding what I wrote) was on Blogs For Natalee and in the Rebuttal forum at the UK where an influx of haters came to bash me, Natalee and the Holloway/Twitty families. I have NEVER gone into a chat room. I blog and that's what I do.

I am a member of a Team of terrific people who really care about Natalee and her family. That Team is coordinated by Susan Nagle and she has done a great job of communicating information and putting people together and has taken a LOT of flack for the huge amount of time and effort that she puts into her unpaid job.

I have NEVER worked undercover, as some claim to do. I have never seen the missing tape from Aruba and I know of ONLY one person who has..that person is NOT Kathy Drenga. I have never been to Aruba and I do not talk to "Suspects" because there is no way in hell that any of them will confide in anyone, especially a woman from the United States.

Joran sat in jail for months as did Deepak, Satish, Steve Croes and others and they DID NOT tell the truth so why would they speak to a stranger and incriminate themselves. Think about that and you will realize that NO ONE who believes in their own mind that they are James Bond will get any information relative to finding Natalee. NO ONE appointed Kathy or anyone else as their undercover mole and just because someone travels to Aruba and says that they are "undercover" doesn't NOT mean that this is true.

The people who are REALLY investigating this case for the family of Natalee are known to them and do NOT share their information publicly or on message boards or in chatrooms for all to see. They go directly to the family and that's how it should be. I have no idea why there are people who feel they have the right to run around proclaiming that they are "undercover spies" because to me, that sounds delusional and I KNOW it's not going to help anyone.

Would you as an individual go to an unsafe place with your young child and play spy? Would you fraternize with men who may be responsible for the disappearance of a young woman on your own and without protection? I know that I wouldn't and I know that anyone who tries would be beyond foolish. I also know that if something happened to you, the ALE would not and could not protect you.

What could a person gain from pretending to be a spy? They could gain attention and convince some people that they are more in the know and more important than others regarding the case, they could get some minor media attention and perhaps even be interviewed by their local news channel, but..... they will NEVER crack the case and may even get harmed in the process of this bogus spy mission that they are carrying out (in their own mind).

People who write directly to Natalee's family members to inform them of their own prowess and stealth work are doing harm to a family already in a state of grief. This is cruel and unfortunate but it is going on.

Let the professionals do the investigating and the rest of us can either blog, research or simply show our support for Natalee's family. We can support this boycott and pass around the word to others why we are calling for a boycott. That is our ONLY role in this sad case. Running around to various sites bragging of all that you do and telling people that you have information and access that you do not have is cruel.

Anyone can go to Aruba and get their picture taken with a "suspect" because some of them live there. Several people have attempted to communicate with Joran van der Sloot and even if he is the real Joran at the end of the chat he will NEVER divulge anything. Bragging that a person speaks to him is meaningless and does nothing to help anyone. I know of several people who have claimed to have spoken to Joran. They have done nothing to solve the case. Joran may be a lot of things that I don't especially consider positive character traits but he is VERY intelligent and knows when to keep his mouth shut. No false spy is going to get Joran to talk.

I have witnessed conversations with Joran (if it really was Joran which NO ONE can prove), and he says nothing of value and discloses nothing about Nata
lee that will help find her. Deepak and Satish will not talk either as instructed by their lawyers. Steve Croes is notorious for being a liar and he isn't going to tell the truth either...not to some woman who pretends to be on his side. Hugging Mr. Croes with your eyes half shut and with a look of rapture on your face isn't going to solve the Holloway case and only makes the person involved look foolish and out of her element.

This behavior is ridiculous and unhelpful and needs to be recognized for what it is...a sad person's desire for attention and praise from the gullible who believe that this nonsense really is helping.

If you want to help the family then support their efforts to find the truth....do so by blogging and keeping the world informed of what goes on in Aruba and The Netherlands. Do what Michelle is doing on this blog. Do what Susan is doing to help keep the Team of caring individuals together. Do NOT pretend to be something that you are not and to have evidence that you do not have.

I will leave this subject alone for now....I won't blog about the so-called spy anymore because it has no value to helping Natalee's family and may make them feel worse.

This is a grassroots movement to find justice for Natalee. It is NOT an opportunity for ANY individual to become famous or infamous. To the person who is spreading the information that she has special access I say this, STOP before you get hurt or hurt Natalee's family.


Anonymous said...

Who'd wanna hug him anyway? Ewww

Anonymous said...

True...True...True...Well said,Meri!

Anonymous said...

People should give credit to MICHELLE REALLY SAYS SO. Michelle is the first investigator to blog about the slipping of GHB into the tourists drink in Aruba. It is a well known tip in Aruba that some sex terrorists like Joran, Deepak, Satish and Paulus can pay a bartender to do that kind of slipping drink on female tourists service. Aruba has legalized the GHD rape drug slipping. This is the reason why it is so dangerous for American teenager female tourists visiting Aruba. Satish is a homegrown chemist, he is responsible to cook up with the GHB fatal dose. Joran and Paulus want Natalee badly. They want a sure hit. Everything is preplanned at the mainhouse materroom waterbed for the gangrape. Michelle reported this theory in one of her fine articles last June in her blogs. People always believe what Michelle says.