July 20, 2007


Thank you to Easy@ SM for the summary of today's Diario

"The article states that the Dutch chief of police said that the ALE will soon come out with a statement, which is a kind of prelude to the closing of the case. In other words, no more direct investigation will follow. It doesn't mean, however, that if and when new tips or revelations come in, that they will not work on them. But, the continuing investigation, as far as we have been able to deduct from his statement, will be over with once the ALE makes its statement, which he promised will happen in the coming days."

Thank you to
San @ SM for this information from this morning's FoxNews show:

Fox Host: This guy said it was unimpeachable sources in law enforcement.

(Geraldo said it's plausible. He is talking about when he went undercover at CnC's with Natalee's uncles.)

Geraldo: Unknown of or unknowable because there is no body. Says Joran is still the main guy. He is the drug taker and the party guy.

Fox Host: How does anyone know that she had cardiac arrest when you don't have a body. How do you know that?

Geraldo: He thinks it is surmise built on asumption built on the facts (WHAT FACTS? "Facts" based on LIES???) as we know them. You try to build your case, you eliminate the impossible and this is what remains. (What is impossible here is finding THE TRUTH!!!) He said he has absolutely no doubt that the O'Reilly's source is extremely credible. (Yeah right, Julia was probably doing 'you know what' under O'Reilly's table while servicing Gerald with her left hand...) He and Bill had extensive conversations about it yesterday.

Geraldo: Beth has a book coming out in October and she will be voicing her own opinion and he's not going to scoop her

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Boycott Aruba said...

Total BS

Today is Friday, will Aruba announce it today?

Will Dave Holloway say Boycott Aruba again?

The Murder Island will sink in the Ocean with all the bodies they have put out there.

Boycott Aruba

Justice For Natalee

donald said...

To date the story is still the same as it was on that morning in June of '05. The story was formulated by Jan van der Stratten and Paulus van der Sloot. It was embellished by such luminaries as Dompig who said she died of a drug overdose.

How credible is that?

Anonymous said...

Joran passed a drug test - ot at least he loudly proclaimed that he did during the Greta
interview. All this is is a continuation of two
central van der Sloot themes: (1) smear Natalee and
(2) deflect the focus onto Deepak. This new p.r.
blast out of Aruba does not keep the spotlight on Joran. At its essence, it deepens the smear on Natalee by suggesting a sex-for-drugs trade with Deepak. And, by further inference, it brings us back
to some variation of Joran's second story which
logically places Deepak instead of Joran on the beach
with Natalee. If you accept the cocaine theory and
Joran actually passed the drug test, Joran walks,
the Kalpoes are in serious difficulty and Natalee
becomes some kind of modern-day Len Bias.
Sorry, I don't think so.

Michelle Says So said...

IF Joran did cocaine with Natalee (this theory I believe is pure BS) all traces leave the system within a 48 hours. If he was tested, it certainly wasn't those first few days after Natalee went missing. So his claim is BS.

Boycott Aruba said...

If Aruba thinks this will shut us up, they NEED to think again. This will haunt them for years to come.

Aruba Blames The Victim

Aruba Lets The Murderers Go Free

Boycott Aruba

WE Demand Justice For Natalee

Anonymous said...

michelle, the drug test claim is total b.s. in an
American court, but how about in a system with
no jury where the trier of fact is bound by a lot
of insider rules that Joran's father knows by heart?
I continue to believe that the basis for all of the propaganda from Aruba is tied to the
particulars of the legal case that we have systematically been left in the dark about.
The question really is why Joran was so quick to bring
up the drug test in the Greta interview. What
appeared to be another disconnected piece of
blather certainly seems to fall in place for the
defense if they are planning to switch their story hard against Deepak. Also, if anything like the
cocaine nonsense were suspected at the beginning , funny how the 48 hours that the drugs would remain in Joran's system just happened tp coincide
with the 2-day "missing person" investigative
blackout imposed by the authorities. In other
words, ALE has basically estopped themselves
from bringing this smear up by their own initial

Anonymous said...

This overdosed cocaine story was to defame Natalee. The Dutch have paid FoxNews Show a large sum of ad dollars to unleash this smear unethical propaganda, and to try to prepare and influence the American public opinions about Natalee's body. Leaks of the tipbits about the TES sea search are that the first electronics oil rig workboat already had identified the location of the plastics blue barrel which may contain Natalee's body in it. And Aruba and Netherlands will explode with unsurmontable scandals, corruptions and coverups. The world are watching this Dutch Sodomytic Saga as it unfolds itself.

Anonymous said...

The Dutch secretly filed a protest with NATO Hague Convention to petition a halt to the TES sea search. Their claim is that the blue barrel lies inside their Aruban waters. However, the surface military ocean map indicates it is outside Aruban waters, and a mile into the international sea lanes. We will see if our government will stand up for Natalee this time.

Anonymous said...

The blue barrel sitting at the deep seabed sounds familiar to the KLPD Chief. That was one of the reasons why he impounded the blue tall container found at the Sloot's house during the latest search for the traces of Natalee. They believe the blue barrel and the blue tall container were part of a set of the water purifucation system components to be planned and installed at the household. The blue barrel is the missing piece.

Anonymous said...

If Aruba can obtain a court order from the international court of criminal justice, they can ask the Dutch Navy to stop the TES search vessels. Then the world will scream and outcry on this injustice done to Natalee.

Anonymous said...

Dutch police chief says ALE will be closing the case in "the coming days"

So.......either one of two things happened.

a. Paulus and his judiciary buddies were able to sufficiently rid the ALE case file of incriminating statements and evidence prior to the KLPD getting ahold of it

b. The Dutch investigation was simply a scam for PR reasons to (as Rudy Croes would put it) "Shut us up"

Boycott Holland?

I sure hope the reasons Robin (and supposedly Dave) rescinded their boycott efforts and endorsements was NOT based on what would now look to be empty promises from Aruba and/or the Dutch.


Anonymous said...

You have to start to believe Joran is the illegimate son of the Queen Bea. It is highly plausible just like the OD assumption put forward by Geraldo and Bill O'. This is the Dutch government coverup and corruption of the century. Netherlands is an absolute kingdom with the parliament as the facade. All the Dutch common people are serfs. They are under the flogging and death threats in the Dutch law legal sense. The Queen Bea let her serfs subjects indulging in alcohol, drugs and prostitutes, so she can govern. When her purported son Joran committed rape and murder on the night of May 30, the whole kingdom come coverup began. There is no turning back the clock. Netherlands will be eventually completely destroyed by this horrible scandal when the clock runs out.

Anonymous said...

People harshily critized Bill O'Riley being totally barbaric irresponsible and irreparable in his poorest judgement in smearing the good name of our American dream girl Natalee Holloway. Bill O'Riley is a really dirty old man, all my girl dorm classmates are saying that.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about Bill's scandal a couple years ago...all that nasty phone sex and sexual harassment that he SETTLED with an ex-employee? He sat there behind his desk on his show, practically screaming...just outright adamantly denying everything, calling her a liar, etc. Then the tape came out. (She recorded his dirty talk)

Then all of a sudden the lawsuit was secretly settled and Bill moved on with his book tour promoting his then new children's book. How nice...

Credibility does not exist in this case!!!