July 19, 2007


Hey "Investigators" Try This Out for Size...


(I hope that translates! In both Dutch and Papiamento!)

I just don't buy it.

First she's dead. Then she's not. Maybe she drowned. Maybe she died from the date rape drug. She was sold into sex slavery. She ran away. She hit her head and died. For the last two years there have been endless theories on what happened to Natalee.


Now Bill O'Reilly stated on his show that investigators claim she died of massive cardiac arrest from cocaine? (1) How do they know she is dead? AND (2) How do they know what she ingested if there is no body?

Since the Dutch are the ones who are currently investigating Natalee's case, I am going to guess this spin came from their end. So if this source is from the Dutch investigators what are they going on? The credibility of the ALE reports? Joran et al. blatant lies? All the spin? Their own assumptions? I want more facts before I believe this crap.

I just don't buy it.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I just don't believe it.

Show me the proof, then we'll spar.

Listen and watch for yourself...



Anonymous said...

The brain memory circuit breakers have been tripped off on Bill O'Reilly and the Dutch by all the Joran lies. O'Reilly have no life in demonizing Natalee but himself. The darkness and cruel words coming out of Bill's mouch is damning. Is he speaking Dutch or not? O'Reilly is cummed into an old fox just like old hen Greta tolling in a devil nest of rotten lies.

Rammstein said...

well, I just listened to the O'Reilly section about Natalee's case. And either I must be hard or hearing or you must have accidentally gotten it wrong, but where exactly does O'Reilly claim that "dutch investigators" said that Natalee died from cardiac arrest after a drugs overdose?

Bill O' said:

According to top LE officials, Natalee ingested the cocaine with Joran van der Sloot and one of the Kalpoe brothers.

and he said:

but law enforcement officials believe that, exactly what I said that Natalee took a massive overdose of cocaine

Sorry, but these quotes do not say that it was the dutch investigators who claimed this at all.

Anonymous said...

A mouch is an old Dutch word for ass crack. What it is is a load of dung lies from BR and JR.

Michelle Says So said...

"LE" and "law enforcement"...

WHICH law enforcement (Aruba or Dutch) was never specified--but the Dutch are the ones who are currently investigating.

I just did the math.


PS--I mistakenly wrote O'Reilly said Dutch investigators. I put one wrong word in his mouth...but in my opinion it was implied. I will change that sentence.

Anonymous said...

No need to apologize to Bill O. He swings words and dirt for making a living. His Factor is and has to be in sync with Greta and Geraldo. Fox thinks Natalee is expendable. They all side with Joran and Aruba to sue Dr. Phil for damages. The lawsuit is fianced by the Queen's oil money.

Richard said...

I did not see the TV show, but apparently tonight talk-show host Bill O'Reilly said that Natalee Holloway died of a cocaine overdose, and that Joran van der Sloot and one or both of the Kalpoe brothers disposed of her body in the ocean.

This sounds like the usual let's-make-up-a-Natalee story to me. Here are some questions:

1. Was the "reliable source" who provided this information present at this drugfest?
Who else was there? Where did it happen on Aruba, and at what time?

2. Was the alleged cocaine overdose taken voluntarily, taken by mistake or forcibly administered (I believe that cocaine can be injected, but might be wrong)?

3. Is this related to the search on the van der Sloot computer for information on drugs and alcohol? Was someone trying to figure out how to finish Natalee off?

4. How does this source know that the drug was cocaine and not something else? Who supplied the alleged cocaine, and who else was using it at the time?

5. If her body was disposed of at sea, then it had to be done by boat. Aruba itself tells us that the tides wash anything thrown into the ocean back to shore. So whose boat was used, and by whom? Was a boat rented, borrowed, or stolen?

6. If the body was disposed of at sea, then obviously no autopsy was done. So there is no way to prove or disprove this.

7. If we are to understand that this was accidental death, why was it necessary for the body to be disposed of in the ocean at all? Why not simply call the police, or abandon it?

8. If we are to believe this, what happens to all the other lies we have been told? Is this just one more?

9. If someone has known about this alleged cocaine death since it happened, more than two years ago, why are they only coming forward now? Why haven't they gone to the police earlier, and sought the reward money?

Anonymous said...

You can tell some powers-to-be corrupt offcials bent Bill O'Riley's ear and make him shower the cocaine story and degrade about Natalee. Folks, it is the eve before the Dutch release J2K as suspects. Tomorrow may came the annnoucement, no surprise.

Anonymous said...

The cocaine and beach stories are desigend to emcapsulate Joran from the rape and murder charges. Since he deadlocked himself in this hellfire crime by lying that he was the only last person with Natalee. There were many other criminals accompnying him at the rape and murder of Natalee, possibly included Oduber himself. He did not have a good alibi. Nobody knew where Oduber was at that night

justice4nat said...

I agree with richard's comments, but I have to wonder if all these different stories coming out now are due to the upcoming Texas Equusearch trip to Aruba.

Just maybe the slimeballs on Aruba know there is something to be found, so they are putting all sorts of stories out there to "muddy the waters" so to speak because they expect TES to find something.

One other thing concerns me though....how do they know she died of cardiac arrest as they claim?

Anonymous said...

I also believe that this spin has come to light. Because Tim Miller is gonna find the body. Aruba figures that the body it will spill no secrets to how she died. So they are going with cocaine lie. Even though it was a date rape drug

Boycott Aruba said...

Sounds like Dompigs BS to me.

If this is true, is Joran and one of the k2's in jail now? NO? Why not?

Is it not a crime on hells island to dispose of a body?

Boycott Aruba

Justice For Natalee

Anonymous said...

Aruba is a very small island. Everybody knows everyone because of the inbreeding marriages. A death threat is staked out by the government to anyone who talks. He and his whole family will be drugged, canned and dumped to the ocean.

Michelle Says So said...

Sounds like Julia's BS too. Maybe they collaborated.

Anonymous said...

Since when does someone who's ingested cocaine do the "fall asleep" bit? Over and over, while in a car?

Wouldn't that person be bouncing around like a pogo stick? Not sleeping?

Nope. Not buyin it!

Michelle Says So said...

You are ABSOLUTELY right. I was thinking about that on my way to work. Cocaine is a stimulant. There is no way she would ever be "coming in and out of consciousness" if she had cocaine.

Here are some stats:

"When snorted, smoked, or used intravenously, cocaine leads to a rapid euphoric rush that lasts up to 1 hour."


"euphoric sense of happiness and increased energy."


"Although fairly uncommon, people do die from cocaine overdose."


" Adverse effects of GHB include vomiting, seizure-like activity, loss of consciousness, respiratory arrest, coma, and death."

"...A small increase in dose can increase the drug’s sedative effects to a lethal level. High doses of GHB may overwhelm the body’s ability to eliminate the drug; therefore, the effect."


donald said...

I think they are testing the waters to see if Natalee's story still has legs.

Michelle Says So said...

Flunitrazepam (formerly marketed under the trade name Rohypnol [a/k/a "date rape drug"]) is a drug which is very frequently involved in drug intoxication, including overdose.

Overdose of flunitrazepam may result in excessive sedation, impairment of balance and speech. This may progress in severe overdoses to respiratory depression or coma and possibly death. (note: respiratory depression does not cause heart attacks)

**"The risk of overdose is increased if flunitrazepam is taken in combination with alcohol"


grass said...

One must remember that she was drinking Bac 151 in her mix drinks during the day with her girl friends, then later that night, she was given straight shots of Bac 151, that alone is enough to make you drift in and out of sleep, a deep sleep in which it would be very hard to wake a person up. Some thinking you may be dead! Cocaine would have nothing to do with your abilty of being alert at that time, it would not do a thing to keep you awake. The power of Bac 151 alone is enough to put you in a very deep sleep, I know I have been there.

donald said...

I completely agree: if Natalee's death was 'accidental' (from an overdose), why the stories, the lies, the tons of declarations to the investigators? Paul van der Sloot, who knows the intricacies of our penal code, would have immediately instructed his son and his friends to go to the police and come clean with the theory that she died of an overdose.

They would have faced charges of concealment of an accidental death, which doesn't carry a long prison term, if any, and the use of illicit substances, which also doesn't carry a long or stiff prison sentence. I don't know why all these 'stories' are coming up at this time, we are sticking to our points of view at the DIARIO, until someone comes up with a believable, well-documented explanation for her disappearance . (Jossy Mansur)

Michelle Says So said...


I respect your opinion, but I have to disagree. Yes, 151 is potent, but cocaine is a powerful stimulant narcotic. A few snorts would have caused a counter-effect of the depressant alcohol carries.

I still think GHB/Rohypnol was the culprit.

Anonymous said...

I believe a drug overdose is a real possibility. When you consider that somebody at the VDS residence was searching the web on the topic of drug overdoses on the morning when Natalee Holloway went missing. However ... the reason that assistance was not requested and the body disposed was because of what was done to Natalee's person prior to her death.

Janet AKA Tamikosmom

Anonymous said...

Flashback to March, 2006 …
Gerold Dompig
March 22, 2006
Wherever she was, police now think that while Natalee was with Joran, she died suddenly from an overdose of intoxicants.
“We feel strongly that she probably went into shock or something happened to her system with all this alcohol maybe on top of that other drugs which either she took or they gave her and that she just collapsed,” says Dompig.
The crime, Dompig suspects, occurred when the body was illegally disposed of. The boys may have acted alone.
“We’re not talking about killers here,” he says.
Or, as Dompig reveals for the first time, they could have had accomplices. “New people are coming in the picture. It is possible that there was a second group involved, or more people than these three boys,” he says.
Janet AKA Tamikosmom

Boycott Aruba said...

I think Aruba is afraid of what ALL TES will find in the outer water of Aruba. How many bodies are out there? This could get interesting folks.

Lies On Murder Island may come to light.

Boycott Aruba

Justice For Natalee

Anonymous said...

With as confident as Tim Miller seems. That he knows where the body is. Aruba is doing spin control right now. They are worried he will find the body. This would also explain Dompig refusing to ask the FBI for the boat from FLorida State. During Tim's first search of the water.

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me why Robin is not defending
I read a post at T for N that I think originally came from BNH.

In it, Robin says she is maybe a naive stepmother and does not defend Natalee when
MIP says he thinks Natalee was at least partly to blame for her own demise. And Robin takes it all in and fails to defend her own stepdaughter, Dave's daughter, Natalee! What is going on? Does Dave know about this?

Robin is naive all right. But she is not a naive stepmother; she is naive to put her trust in the wrong people who are pretending to help her!
She and Dave will never be able to move on because they will never hear the real truth from these people.

Michelle, you can find the posts I am referring to at T for N. They are posts between MIP and Robin.
You have to see them to believe them!