July 27, 2007


**Choo! Choo! Here comes the train...in the tune of "Natalee's Freebirds!"


Within one week of Natalee Holloway's disappearance on Aruban soil under suspicious circumstance - there have been posts continually submitted to various internet message boards which depict an obvious agenda - an agenda to detract from the truth, and to obscure the real issue that a perceived corrupt investigation is distancing the main suspects from implication in the events encompassing the morning of May 30, 2005 while shifting the focus on the victim and her family. Recently, the same agenda has been mirrored in the Aruban, Dutch and American media.

The following sourced quotes will reveal the truth regarding the main suspects - Paulus, Joran, Deepak and Satish - through the words of those with a foundational inside knowledge of the Natalee Holloway investigation.


1. Gerold Dompig stated on American Television to Rita Cosby that based on Joran's lies he was convinced that Joran, Deepak and Satish were guilty of wrongdoing.

Gerold Dompig - 'Rita Cosby Live & Direct' - 11-08-05

DOMPIG: I still believe that these boys have been lying, they're still lying, and everybody knows that by now. So there's no doubt in my mind that they know something, they're guilty of something.


2. Gerold Dompig conceded to Rita Cosby on American Television that he had stated that it was his belief that Joran, Deepak and Satish were guilty - guilty as Hell. He also believed they were involved in her disappearance.

Gerold Dompig - 'Rita Cosby Live & Direct' - 11-02-05

COSBY: Do you believe, Chief—you said to me even before this interview that you believe the boys are guilty as hell. Do you believe they‘re involved in her disappearance?



3. Gerold Dompig stated on American Television to Rita Cosby that none of Joran's statements could be believed because his decarations kept changing in regards to the events of the morning of May 30, 2005 when Natalee Holloway went missing.

Gerold Dompig - 'Rita Cosby Live & Direct' - 10-17-05

DOMPIG: .... Joran went back and forth with his statements, and he withdrew two statements which he had already given to us. So basically, none of his statements were really trustworthy.


4. Gerold Dompig conveys to Dan Abrams on American Television that Joran cannot be believed as inconsistencies abound in his official declarations.

Gerold Dompig - THE ABRAMS REPORT - 10-12-05

DOMPIG: Well, it would take me, I think, a little over two days to go over all the inconsistencies. None of the stories match up, let me put it that way. So when it comes to believing this individual, we know in which category to place him.


5. The implications of Gerold Dompig's words to Dan Abrams on American Television are huge. He states that those within the investigation are of the opinion no other person than Joran, Deepak and Satish could be responsible for whatever happened to Natalee Holloway.

Gerold Dompig - THE ABRAMS REPORT - 10-12-05

DOMPIG: Exactly. And I go by the rule of thumb that, in the first 40 days -- as I said in a different program -- the first 40 days, law enforcement has probably also already spoken to the perpetrators. So we feel strongly that we have already spoken to them. And there's no one else outside this group that could be involved or responsible.


6. On American television Gerold Dompig tells Dan Abrams that every direction the Natalee Holloway investigation takes - the outcome implicates Joran, Deepak and Satish.

Gerold Dompig - THE ABRAMS REPORT - 10-12-05

DOMPIG: So sometimes people will ask us that, "Are you not tunnel-visioned? Maybe you should look at other possibilities." Of course. We did that. But we still feel that, every time you go on a path, a different path, that path leads back, comes back to these three boys.


7. In a released statement to the Associated Press - Gerold Dompig revealed that there was an admission by one of the suspects in regards to what happened to Natalee Holloway. Dompig stated that the suspect was leading authorities to the location where this happening occurred.

Gerold Dompig - Associated Press - 06-12-05

Deputy Police Commissioner, Gerold Dompig, told The Associated Press that one of three young men arrested in the case admitted "something bad Happened" to Holloway and was leading police to the scene. Prosecutors refused to comment on Dompig's statement, and Dompig himself refused to identify which of the three young men who took Holloway to the Northern beach the night she went missing made the statement.


8. In the 48 Hours' interview with correspondent Troy Roberts - Gerold Dompig revealed that the investigation team was of the opinion that Joran, Deepak and Satish were all lying in regards to the Marriot Beach account of what took place on the morning when Natalee Holloway went missing.

Gerold Dompig - 48 HOURS - 03-22-06

Dompig laid out the latest scenario of what happened after Natalee was last seen driving off with van der Sloot and the Kalpoe brothers shortly after 1 a.m. He says investigators think the group did not go to the beach but that they possibly brought Natalie back to the van der Sloots' home.


9. Dompig stated in interview with Bryan Burrough (Vanity Fair) that there is a possibility that something unfortunate may have happened when Joran lost his temper when Natalee resisted his advances.

Gerold Dompig - VANITY FAIR ARTICLE - 01-02-06

"The F.B.I. profiled him as a person who never has been corrected by his parents. He's the boss of what happens in that house. He's the boss in the family. He is allowed to do anything.… If a person like that is in a position where a person says, 'No,' well, that person may change completely. Maybe he blew a fuse when she wouldn't have sex with him, and something happened."


10. Gerold Dompig stated to correspondent Troy Roberts in the 48 HOURS interview that Paulus was not being forthcoming regarding his knowledge of the morning that Natalee Holloway went missing.

Gerold Dompig - 48 HOURS - 03-22-06

Dompig says he believes Paulus Van der Sloot does know more than he has been telling about the circumstances surrounding Holloway's disappearance


11. Gerold Dompig's words in the 48 HOURS interview with correspondent Troy Roberts imply that Paulus played an active role in concealing the remains of Natalee Holloway.

Gerold Dompig - 48 HOURS - 03-22-06

The Aruban authorities’ new theory is that someone, someone possibly very close to the young suspects, took the time to carefully hide the body, not once but maybe twice, literally re-burying her.


12. Gerold Dompig's official position within ALE implies that he must have derived his words to Rita Cosby from a foundation of knowledge - Dompig states that Joran's dispicable actions towards the person of Natalee Holloway consititues a felony under Dutch law.

Gerold Dompig - 'Rita Cosby Live & Direct' - 10-17-05

DOMPIG: They only went so far as to say that they fondled sexually. At least, Joran did that, and the others denied everything.

COSBY: Chief, you know, that Joran was claiming in some statement that she was gong in and out of consciousness. Have you seen that anywhere?

DOMPIG: Yes, that's definitely in the statements, and that‘s why we were kind of disappointed when the judge didn‘t accept that because that‘s basically a felony in Aruba.



1. Steve Cohen's function as spokesperson for the Aruban investigation into Natalee Holloway's disappearance was to proclaim the truth to the media - the truth that was derived from a foundation of knowledge.

Steve Cohen - The Strategic Communications Task Force - 12-7-05

Aruba Selects Spokesman For North America

A coalition of groups announced Friday the appointment of Steve Cohen to act as spokesperson to North American media, in regards to the Natalee Holloway disappearance case. AHATA and the ATA appointed Cohen to deal with all media relations concerning the case which still commands media coverage in the United States. Mr. Cohen has been part of the Strategic Communications Task Force since its creation in June. He has a full knowledge of the case and is an associate of the Strategic Message Design.


2. In his address the Caribbean Marketplace that was held in San Juan, Puerto Rico - Steve Cohen reveals that two of the main suspects in the Natalee Holloway investigation had sexual relations with the eighteen year old American citizen. This is the position that Natalee's mother - Beth Holloway - has stood by since the initial stages of the investigation.

Steve Cohen - Caribbean Voice - 01-18-06

Aruba stays afloat through Natalie Holloway's investigation

By Hazel Heyer

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico ... Aruba believes it is most important to get a hold of her mental state and most importantly, Natalee's physical state at the time of disappearance. "Two of the boys said they had consensual sex with her. Whether consensual or not, depends on her ability to be conscious and make a choice," said Cohen.


3. Steve Cohen concedes to Phil McGraw that Joran, Deepak and Satish are guilty of wrongdoing and possess an indepth knowledge of events from the early morning hours of May 30, 2005.

Steve Cohen - Dr. Phil Show - 01-29-06

Steve explains, "Forensic materials continue to be collected. I think we've got our hands on some forensic material now that may actually open up the doors to the final results of this case." Dr. Phil asks him, "From your opinion, based on what you know, do you believe that these boys are guilty of wrongdoing here?" Steve says that he does. "Do the prosecutors believe they are guilty of wrongdoing?" Steve says that they do. "Do you believe that [the boys] have available, intimate knowledge of what happened to her that night?" Again, Steve confirms that he does.


4. In December, 2006 - Steve Cohen informed Rita Cosby on American Television that it was the intention of Aruban officials to bring Joran, Deepak and Satish in for questioning regarding timelines and other descrepancies in their official declarations. However, the planned interrogations never took place. Joran's attorney reminded those in the investigation that the conditions of the September 2005 release - which had dictated that the suspects were to remain available for questioning - had been lifted by an Aruban court.

Steve Cohen - 'Rita Cosby Live & Direct' - 12-21-05

COHEN: I do want to make the distinction for you and your audience between questioning and rearrest. This is a questioning procedure that Chief Dompig is going to go through with them because as they‘ve analyzed the timeline, they‘ve found some other discrepancies and they want to review these discrepancies with the three suspects.

COSBY: Hey, Steve, what are those discrepancies exactly?

COHEN: Well, I think it‘s mostly timeline discrepancies, Rita. As you look at their testimony and their interrogations of where they were at different times between 1:30-something in the morning and between 3:30 in the morning, these are very important two or three-hour blocks that the investigators want to review in detail.


5. Steve Cohen shared with Phil McGraw that he felt defeated while he escorted Joran, Deepak and Satish from jail following the ruling of the Aruban court.

Steve Cohen - Dr. Phil Show - 01-29-06

"I was the guy who had to let them out," says Steve. "I opened the jail door for all three of them. It was nobody else. It was me. And my feeling was that we had lost ..."



1. In a telephone interview - Karin Janssen stated that Paulus obstructed the investigation but that his detainment resulted from the suspicion that he was involved in Natalee's disappearance.

Karin Janssen - Associated Press - 07-01-20

Janssen also alleged Paul van der Sloot, a 52-year-old judge in training in Aruba, obstructed authorities' investigation by asking one of his son's friends, who had been interrogated, what he told police. But Janssen said Paul van der Sloot was detained for being a suspect in the disappearance, not for obstructing the investigation.


2. The Prosecutor's office released a statement upon the rearrest of the Kalpoe brothers. The new "facts/circumstances/suspicions" that comprised that statement implied that dispicable acts were perpetuated by Deepak and Satish against the person of Natalee Holloway prior to her subsequent demise.

Also, Aruban Attorney and investigation spokesperson - Arlene Ellis-Schipper - publicly affirmed that the prosecutor must have "real, real evidence and new facts" to have arrested Deepak and Satish again.

Statement from Prosecutor's Office - CNN - 08-27-05

(CNN) -- After being detained and then released last month in Natalee Holloway's disappearance, two brothers were arrested again Friday in Aruba on suspicion they acted "together with other people" in raping and killing the Alabama teen, the prosecutor's office said. Without elaborating on the evidence, the office said in a statement that "new facts and circumstances" led them to re-arrest Satish Kalpoe, 18 and brother Deepak, 21. "They are suspected of the primary criminal act of together with other people committing premeditated murder, alternately together with other people murdering somebody, more alternately rob a person of her liberty with fatal consequences and even more alternately raping somebody," the statement said.


Arlene Ellis-Schipper -On the Record w/Greta - August 30, 2006

ELLIS-SCHIPPER: Well, I think it's a big moment, Greta. You know, the prosecution and the investigation is moving very carefully. They don't want to make more mistakes, and they are very careful. So they must have had some real, real evidence and new facts that they felt confident enough to haul them back in. ... the investigation is moving forward and there's hope that we might go towards a trial because, at first, I was doubting whether we were even facing a trial. It shows that the police have done some good work and apparently gathered evidence, new evidence enough for to bring them back in custody..


3. In a release to the Associated Press, Karin Janssen stated that various communication records were the foundation on which she was "centering" her case.

Karen Janssen - Associated Press - 07-02-05

Janssen said the prosecution was centering its case around e-mail and cell phone text messages written between the suspects the night Holloway disappeared. Janssen declined to offer further details about the messages, but said not having a body would make getting a murder conviction "more difficult but not impossible."


4. Under Aruban law there must be "serious" suspicion to warrant pre-trial detainment and suspect status. Inquiring minds would like to know what foundation the "serious" suspicions were drived from to warrant the pre-trial detainment of the suspects in the Natalee Holloway case.

Noraina Pietersz - Associated Press - 06-09-05

Under Aruban law, only serious suspicion from investigators — not solid evidence — is needed for a judge to rule that suspects can be held, Pietersz said.


Joran/Deepak/Satish/Steve/Croes/Paulus - FOX NEWS - 06/24/05

Joran van der Sloot (search) and his friends Deepak and Satish Kalpoe are being held under suspicion of murder and kidnapping as well as being an accessory to murder. A fourth man, party boat DJ Steve Croes, is being held under the same conditions. The fifth man, Paul van der Sloot (search) — the father of 17-year-old Joran — was being held on suspicion of complicity to pre-meditated murder, complicity to kidnapping and murder and kidnapping. Under the Aruban system, complicity is a lesser charge. None of the men have been charged with a crime, but all are in police custody. An Aruban government spokesman confirmed the allegations.



Roland Tromp - Paulus' interrogator - stated to the Associated press that those within the investigation believe Joran is the prime suspect in regards to what happened to Natalee Holloway. They also contend that Paulus assisted his son after something went tragically wrong that fateful morning.

Roy Tromp - CBS NEWS - 08-05-05

Tromp said investigators believe van der Sloot, who turns 18 on Saturday, is the prime suspect and that he had some assistance from his father, Paul, an apprentice judge on the island. "We believe something went wrong with the girl, and the first person you are going to call is your daddy," said Tromp. "In this case, daddy would know exactly what to do." Tromp, who declined to provide details about exactly what investigators believe happened to Holloway, said that Paul van der Sloot has also changed his account the night Holloway vanished.



An Aruban Ministry of Justice Spokesperson informed FOX NEWS that Natalee had been confirmed dead and the location of her body was known.

Aruban Ministry of Justice Spokesperson - FOX NEWS - 06-11-05

David Cruz, a spokesman for the Aruban Minister of Justice (search) told FOX News Natalee Holloway (search), who was on vacation with friends with a graduation trip when she disappeared, was confirmed dead and that authorities knew the location of her body.


Rick Leventhal - FOX NEWS - 06-15-05

The next day, another official spoke to one of our producers. Edward Croues, a spokesman for the minister of justice, told Craig Rivera he had "official information" that Natalee was "confirmed dead," and told Craig her father had asked police to take him to the body and to do it before the press found out where it was. We reconfirmed the information with Croues before going on-air with it.



When Karin Janssen appealed the compensation which was awarded to Paulus for wrongful detainment - the Superior Court's ruling sided with the proscutor. It ruled that - according to tapped information and Paulus' own declaration - Paulus' detention could be considered justified.

Superior Court - Diario - 02-14-2007

The whole case of the disappearance of Natalee Holloway gets a different twist now that the information has come out from no less than the Superior Court, and in which mention is made of the declarations of witnesses and a phone tap that show or give an indication that Paul van der Sloot had on two occasions personal contact with Natalee during the night that she disappeared. Mention is made that, according to one or more official reports of the phone tap and also the declaration of Paul van der Sloot himself, that Paul fetched Joran and Natalee at McDonald and took them to the Holiday Inn. Based on this information, the judicial authorities and the police had at that time a justified basis to arrest Paul van der Sloot based on different suspicions. (Translation Credit: Diario)



Diane Emerencia - Freddy Zedan-Arambatzis’ attorney - revealed that Joran, Deepak and Satish are under suspicion of involvement in a previous sexual assault which occurred prior to the disappearance of Natalee Hollowy.

Diana Emerencia - Associated Press - 08/31/05

Zedan-Arambatzis, 21, is also suspected of photographing the girl in "tempting poses" and showing the images to other people, Emerencia said. The Kalpoe brothers and van der Sloot are also suspected of involvement in the incidents, which allegedly occurred before Holloway disappeared, she said. Emerencia said Zedan-Arambatzis has denied having any physical contact with the girl or taking photos of her, but has admitted to being present when the photos were taken.



On June 10, 2005 one of the FBI agents who was on Aruba was informed that Natalee Holloway may no longer be alive and he passed that devasting news on to the family.

Doug Shipley - 'Scarborough Country' - 07-12-05

TWITTY: And that was the day that the FBI came in, Doug Shipley (ph) came in and said that the way the interrogations are unfolding, there‘s a strong possibility that Natalee may not be alive. That was huge. That was the day that—I think, Joe, everyone buried Natalee that day, on June 10.



What information was Spencer Bachus and the family privy to on June 5, 2005 that convinced them that the circumstances encompassing the disappearance of Natalee Holloway warranted FBI involvement?

Spencer Bachus - The Birmingham News - 06-05-05

U.S. Rep. Spencer Bachus, R-Vestavia Hills, said Saturday there were circumstances surrounding Holloway's disappearance that warranted the FBI being heavily involved. He declined to give details. "The circumstances were disturbing," said Bachus, who formally requested the FBI's involvement. "I can't get into it, but it's something the family is aware of. There was an immediate recognition that this was not simply a teen who wandered off."


In conclusion, the following statement from former Aruban police commissioner Stanley Zaandam lets us know there were questionable actions from within Aruban law enforcement that possibly began the wide spread collusion by Aruban officials to protect their own.

This collusion included public Aruban figures, such as those who recently gave interviews to an Aruban newspaper – once again denigrating the family of this victim, and utilizing a public platform in an attempt to shift the focus of blame in this case.

Ex-commissioner Stanley Zaandam
Bon Dia Aruba


Zaandam keeps on saying in his book, two days after 5/29, the body of Natalee H. may have already been found and Cvp [police commissioner] looked the other way to do a favour for Paul vd Sloot (ex of chief staff of Cabinet PG [prosecutor general] J. Zwinkels). To exculpate the son of Paul, the CvP and fiscal chief prosecutor Karen Jansen made the false arrest of two ex-security guards, Jones and John , called this a ‘tactical maneuver’ , and denied them their freedom for another 10 days.

Natalee and her family deserve justice, and we will not let up until they have it!


Anonymous said...

The Arubans like to fake, that's their own distinct culture. During Dia Di San Juan festival the Arubans dress in red and yellow colors to mimick the pre-Christian Arawak ritual of "dera gai" (dead rooster) burial. The rooster was not needed after the harvest and was killed to save the bird feed.
A government worker or ALE will fake the rooster with their eyes close on a parade float, playing a wiri to sound like a dying rooster cuckooing. The crowd will pelt the dead rooster with calabash fruits, and mixed with rotten eggs. The ALE officer will smell sweet and rotten like Oduber and Dompig.
The Dutch is sweet to our senators, but they appear rotten to our American people. The implications are the Dutch are guilty of obstruction of justice which they haven't figure it yet.

Anonymous said...

Karin Janssen believed Natalee Holloway was most likely dead and buried on the island. The former prosecutor in Aruba say prevailing currents would likely have washed her body ashore if she drowned or if it was thrown into the sea.

Anonymous said...

The Arubans are become worst fakers and lyars since Oduber took power. They embraced him just like Chavez. The impending danger is the colored Arubans will be sold into sex slavery into Holland like the dead roosters once the Joran coverup is over. It's up to the Arubans to stand up for themselves to pelt Oduber, and chase him out of their government hellhole and clean up their government coverups and corruptions and suppressions.

Anonymous said...

One Hapless Island that is for Aruba. Their smiles are ungracious, shallow and tasteless.
The year around shortage of American teenage girl tourists are very depressing. It's not fun any more at C&C. The Aruban youngsters are in despair and angers. They are looking for Deepak at the Internet Cafe to fetch out. The teens blame their families and fathers not supporting Natalee and let Joran to get away with the rape and murder after reading Joran's beach story book.

Anonymous said...

Natalee is a neutral peaceful girl, why would the Dutch and evil Arubans want to harm her, people just don't understand why the Dutch are so cruel?

Anonymous said...

So all this crap from Bill OReilly, Geraldo, and the Globe doesn't hold much water, does it?

Great compilation of what we've been hearing from Aruba for over 2 years now - that THESE ARE THE CRIMINALS!

Whoever tried to float that self inflicted overdose crap needs to be bitch slapped!


It won't fly - American's just aren't as stupid as Aruba would like us to be.


Anonymous said...

Rammistein tried to talk down the crime and punishment based on the merit of J2K's last two years of good behavior. He hopes the American people will accept his view. J2K have no prior and aft criminal records, so they are unlikely to be suspects. According to Ramm's translations of Joran's, he admmitted all of his content are lies, but he could not find any crime scenes. Ramm is a regular translator for BFN.

Anonymous said...

Rammistein is a well financed arbitrator. He owns his outplacement consultanting company. His company specilaises in the field of outplacing the troubles of his clients to other parties. In other words, blaming the victims. He hires a lot of part-time college students to do the translations for him. Ramm has been working very closely with Bill O and Debee to downplay the impact of Jroan's lies on the damage of the Aruban economy. It was estimated by the ad researchers that Aruba had spent over one million dollars in advertisings in BFN.

Anonymous said...

BFN was acquired by Aruba ATA with the help of Ramm's company. Debee was hired by Ramm to run the BFN website. At his point, BFN has bought Robin's loyalty and has assigned her a project of destroying the ArubanBoycott grassroot movement. BFN also targeted Dave's insurance business, and forced him into silence and seclusion. Ramm contacted Bill O's boss and had Bill run the "Self Inflicted Cocaine" story to defame Natalee. All paving roadmap for Judge Rik Smid to soon declare the J2K innocence and release from the suspects list

Michelle Says So said...

I had to post those...I needed a good laugh for my Monday morning. I'm sure others will have a chuckle.

Who thinks this stuff up?

Anonymous said...

Michelle...I know...that person is from Milwaukee

Anonymous said...

There is no jury in the Dutch judicial system. Thus the perjury is OK in the Dutch court. Any lies are not illegal if the judges think they are credible. Lies are not a crime, said FOB bloggers who embrace Joran. Joran is their necessary evil, and they worship him with lovelust. To them the Dutch is much better than US who outlaw the prostitutes, online gambling and illegal drugs.

Anonymous said...

Judge Rik Smid rules that America is utimately responsible for Natalee. Not Netherlands or Aruba. US Customs should not let the high school kids to enter Aruba for the purpose of drinking and gambling. Aruba has always been observed the US 21 age of drinking laws.

Anonymous said...

That means Aruba will accept the "official" partial US "boycott" with no protest, right?

Anonymous said...

So the boycott will be automatically and immediately in effect as Judge Smid is speaking.

Anonymous said...

Damn! Rik Smid is asking for it. Down with Aruba!

Anonymous said...

I think now is a good time for a letter-writing campaign to prominent Dutch officials.
I think it should be done promptly, before KLPD returns in Sept.

I think we should let Dutch officials know that we Natalee supporters
remain steadfast and still expect truth and justice. We could start out
by thanking officials for the intervention of KLPD–then go on to explain
that we fully expect them to run a competent investigation that breaks
through the corruption in Natalee’s case–that we expect KLPD to completely
see things through and deliver truth and justice. I am just brainstorming here–it needs to be worded better. The gist is–we supporters still stand by Natalee–thanks for KLPD–we expect them to deliver.

It would be better if everyone could write his/her own letter. However,
everyone might not have time for that. Perhaps one well-written letter could be
put together that others could print, sign, and send. I do think the letters need to be
sent promptly.

Any thoughts? And whom should we send to? I know there has been a lot of passing the buck. Am I correct in my thinking that the Dutch are responsible for the investigaton and Aruba for the prosecution? We could send the same letter to various officials.