June 03, 2007


Texas Equasearch Going Back to Aruba

Tim Miller and the Texas Equasearch team are going back to Aruba for more intense water searches in late June. Let's hope the Caribbean weather forecast for this upcoming hurricane season is wrong or Tim Miller might have a very hard time accomplishing anything.

Aruba claims that they haven't been affected by a hurricane in over 100 years...but there is a little-known fact about Aruba: In 2004, Hurricane Ivan came close enough to Aruba to cause wind damage and high tides. "Ivan began to rapidly intensify again and became a Category 5 hurricane just north of the Windward Netherlands Antilles and Aruba on September 9 with winds reaching 160 mph (260 km/h)." (Source)

Another Legal Recourse?

We know now that the California judge dismissed the wrongful death suit against the Kalpoes...Beth and Dave's alternative recourse? The Holloway's can file a wrongful death suit in Aruba...but here's the Catch 22: They wouldn't be allowed to use ANY of the police documents or statements that the three boys made. And of course, you know the Arubans won't cooperate.


Watch Kimberly Guilfoyle discuss these points and more
with Linda Allison, Natalee's aunt and Jossy Mansur:

(thanks Carpe!)

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