June 02, 2007


When it comes down to it, the law is the law. It has nothing to do with circumstances, events that occurred, what was said, what was done, and by whom...it comes down to the wonderful world of the United States civil procedure. In this case, we are dealing with jurisdictional issues.


I'm sick of the ignorance and misconceptions that Beth and Dave were suing for money. I mean, c'mon! Does anyone believe "Mr. Internet Cafe" has stashed millions? The purpose of the lawsuit is what comes down to what is called a DEPOSITION. They likely would have lied under oath anyway...as would most sociopaths.

This legal defeat DOES NOT mean that the Kalpoe brothers are INNOCENT OF ANYTHING. I don't care what anyone says, Deepak DID SAY to Jamie Skeeters on that tape recording that HE HAD SEX with Natalee.

SKEETERS: "I'm sure she had sex with all of you!"

DEEPAK: "She did."


DEEPAK: "Yeah she did."

SKEETERS: "Ok, Well I mean good. If she did fine..."

DEEPAK: "You'd be surprised how simple it was."

SKEETERS: "Really?"

Watch it for yourself HERE:

It is CLEARLY AUDIBLE. I don't understand why there was even an issue to begin with. All those who are skeptics of that tape are delusional and clearly obtuse. Clean out that white trash wax out of your ears.

Bottom Line:

Jurisdiction will have nothing to do with the fate of the Kalpoe brothers. The "justice" of the legal system will have nothing to do with what happens to the Kalpoes. Definitely karma. Maybe some vigilante? I can only imagine some crazed psycho who has been following this case from day one will pull a "Jack Ruby"? They will be targets for a long time. As will Joran.

This was NOT a defeat for team Holloway. This was a temporary setback with "what goes around comes around" fate for them all. Their lives have been destroyed beyond repair. They will forever be known as those responsible for Natalee's fate. Will we ever know what went down? Maybe, maybe not.

But what DID go down will go down with them as well.

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Anonymous said...

i hope that you are right that they are desroyed. But the Dutch are letting Joran have the time of his life being a big man on campus. He is a soccer star and a celebrity author since they are buying his books. His success is absolutely revolting. I hope that someone does the right thing to these guys because the Dutch probably will do nothing,