June 01, 2007


Here's something to boast about: According to the CIA, The Netherland Antilles is a transshipment point for South American drugs bound for the US and Europe and one heck of a place for money laundering!

"Yes, members of the press, this is just a front to show that we really care about the safety of our tourists and citizens and we need to start at home. But we are going to fool you into making you think we are "cleaning house" when we will actually be giving an awards ceremony! The winning prize for the most crooked cop? A FREE ounce of pure cocaine!"

Justice-minister David Dick, acting chief of police Carlos Casseres, and Lt. Governor Lisa Richards-Dindial.

WILLEMSTAD – Justice-minister David Dick (PAR) announced yesterday that he will establish a so-called (I love it..."so called"? Brings everything into question right there...) quality team to monitor the integrity within the Police Corps Neth.Antilles. “The increase of crooked officers within the corps must be set right.” (So they are admitting there is an increase of evil pigs? How will this help their tourism? Something like that takes time to be implemented and there are always cracks and ways around red tape. No one will be safe!)

Direct reason for this quality team is the arrest of a 35-year old police officer that is suspected of being involved in an attack on toko La Fama in Marie Pampoen. He used a police car for this attack. (What kind of attack? Rape? Battery? Robbery? Coercion? Be specific!).
The arrested police officer has been working for almost 10 years with the police corps. He was part of the Zero Tolerance Team in the past few years. The investigation is still in full swing and more arrests can be expected. (More arrests? Can't wait for part II.)

A few journalists that called the incident (lets hear about this "incident"!) a gross scandal were very frustrated, because the corps leaders didn’t apologize to the public for the use of a police car for the attack. The leaders did use words like ‘nasty’ and ‘lamentable’, but they chose to emphasize that they are working on improvements within the corps. “The corps has more than 600 officers and not everybody is rotten. Mistakes are made within every organization. Amongst the people of the media you also have persons that beat up their wife or husband”, said Casseres. “If heads have to roll in order to cleanup the corps, so be it.” (Let's not hold our breaths...)

Dick and Dindial were present to give the management team moral support. Because this last incident has damaged the already damaged corps even more and the morality within the police corps has dropped even more.

What has motivated this police officer to do such thing is the question that goes around in the streets. The only way to win back the people’s trust is by delivering good work, said Dick. That’s the reason for a quality team, an internal supervision team. Rules have to be followed; the discipline within the corps has to return. Even though police officers cannot be prohibited to go out, it is still not allowed to go to a bar while carrying he official weapon, or to certain places like obscure bars or brothels. (Darn...they can't get their regular "whore fix" anymore...) There are some police officers that were put on non-active at this moment, but Casseres didn’t know exactly how many. (More than he can count on his fingers?)



Anonymous said...

Michelle- this story involves a couple of cops that used a police car to rob a supermarket of 100K Florins I believe ... It happened about a week ago and there was no indication the police car was stolen or hot-wired and seems to have been returned to the police station... left only a few people suspected of the crime at that point.


Michelle said...

Thanks for the update...you are always so knowledgable! ;)