June 04, 2007


I find it very odd that this article was written in such a biased manner towards Aruba in such a blatant kiss-ass way. I also find it odd that just last week "Natalee's Freebirds" wrote an article about Julia Renfro and her involvement in the case.

Now all of a sudden there is an article about Natalee with the bulk of it interviewing Julia to make her look good? Is this writer paid by the ATA? Is she "in" with others who have financial interests in Aruba? Why else write such a slanted and error-ridden article? It seems like everyone is in bed with everyone. Could it be that this writer knows Steve Cohen? Hmmm...so many possibilities.

This woman lives in and writes for the L.A. times...Julia is also a former L.A. resident. Coincidence? (Correct me if I'm wrong.) It's a small world...you never know.

I am only including portions of this story because it is VERY long. Isn't that a big no-no in the media biz? It drones on and on and she writes it like some dramatic soap opera. So if you want to read the article in it's entirety click on the link at the end.

In Holloway case, Aruba also suffers (And the readers suffer...)

Two years after the U.S. woman disappeared, islanders say the accusatory free-for-all was an end of innocence for them.

By Carol J. Williams
June 4, 2007

ORANJESTAD, ARUBA — A siren blares and whistle-blowing waiters race in to the hectic beat of the "Mexican Hat Dance." It's time for the hourly tequila attack at Carlos 'n Charlie's. The target is an already inebriated blond with seven gal pals, a sunset-colored rum drink and a sunburned nose. The waiters crown her with a giant sombrero, toss a serape over her bare shoulders and pour a stream of golden liquid into a mouth turned up like a baby bird's.

Liquor-plying mission accomplished, a DJ swaps the peppy Mexican melody for a blaring rendition of dance group T-Spoon's "Sex on the Beach." Alcoholic excess and abandon are back in vogue at the cantina, where a pretty blond teenager from Alabama named Natalee Holloway was last seen by her high school classmates — drunk and supine on the bar as a boy slurped Jello shots from her navel.

See what I mean about the DRAMA? This isn't a creative writing project, lady.

...The sad trajectory of the case mirrors that of the increasingly bitter relations between Holloway's parents and the people of Aruba, arcing downward from the moment two years ago when islanders took the tragedy to heart and joined in the hunt by the thousands to today, when locals mutter about American media distortions and "missing white woman syndrome."

Holloway's parents — and the cable TV crime analysts who followed their plight for months — have cast affluent Aruba as a dangerous den of iniquity, its police force as inept bunglers and its government and people as co-conspirators in covering up what happened to the hearty-partying teen.

I've been under the assumption that the boycotters have been the ones relentlessly slandering Aruba. Dave and Beth haven't said JACK about Aruba in a very LONG time.

Although they have recovered from the initial economic fallout (They have? Where's the proof?), Arubans say the accusatory free-for-all was a blast-force end of innocence — danger could indeed lurk under wind-sculpted divi-divi trees or on sugar-white beaches. Yes, it was a blow to their livelihoods, as U.S. visits fell 7% last year.

I Can't 'Feel Your Pain'...

More painful, though, it was a wound to the heart for all who had joined the prayer vigils and searches, Arubans such as restaurant manager Edwin Trimon say."Last year was a tragedy for us. Many people's businesses were ruined. But what hurt the most was what they were saying about us on TV," said Trimon, a fixture in the Aruban tourism industry.

Who is to blame here? Aruba or the ALE or Joran or Deepak or Paulus or Satish or Dompig or Van Der Stratten or Dennis Jacobs? Those just SOME of those involved...I didn't know that Beth or Dave were there at the time Natalee was being victimized or helping cover up the truth?

The Tribute to Julia

Julia Renfro, a Los Angeles native who is editor in chief of Aruba Today, initially took the side of Holloway's parents when they sought publicity on the disappearance and lambasted Aruban police for following Dutch investigative procedures rather than those in the United States.

Warning: This part gets VERY cheesy and desperate.

Galvanized by compassion for a desperate mother, Renfro stopped the presses of her daily newspaper for the first time in its history to include a picture of Holloway to aid Arubans in the island-wide search. A mother of four, Renfro spent weeks shuttling the family from the scene of one rumored development to another but eventually became disenchanted with what she saw as Twitty's pandering to tabloid TV and "flat-out lies" she told on the air.

"I feel guilty saying any negative thing about a mother who has lost her daughter," Renfro said. "But her behavior was odd from the get-go."Renfro has concluded that the body would have turned up by now if Holloway died on the island.

...Holloway could have staggered into the sea and drowned after the local men left her, Renfro speculates. ...Renfro says she was perplexed when Twitty immediately concluded that her daughter had been kidnapped and made no effort to check hospitals or police about accident victims.

...Renfro parted ways with Twitty and ceased front-page coverage of the disappearance after what she considered a malicious act of distortion.

Read the further droning here...you may fall asleep.


Anonymous said...

Awesome, Michelle. If you really want to expose Cohen and JR for what they are and go a long way towards proving the initial premise of the Freebirds' piece, you guys should pull up a Wall Street Journal
article from about 18-20 months ago detailing
a U.K. anti-alcohol group's success in creating a
public frenzy over a supposed epidemic increase in alcohol consumption by young females. The campaign was eventually exposed as almost all propaganda. If you time the appearance of the article to the advent of the Arubans' "intoxicated
girl" smear campaign against Natalee, the tie-in
should be pretty clear. The elements of the two
campaigns appear quite similar - sort of reminds me of Joe Biden lifting passages from that British
politician's campaign speech the last time he ran for president. Never accuse an Aruban of original
thinking or hard work.

Anonymous said...

I guess my only question is - WHY is Julia Renfro's word still taken as gospel by the media?

Have they been made aware of exactly who Julia is? Her contrary statements on the International airwaves for the past two years vs her "Glenda" internet postings?

Do they know what a liar, manipulating, say anything to make Aruba look better, self serving hack she really is?

Do they know about her affiliation with IFA? Do they know about her affiliation with the Van Der Sloot family?

To quote a line from the Freebirds work on a corrupt Judge -


Anonymous said...

I applaud Carol Williams for writing this article. Finally an honest article about what might have happened to Natalee.

Can you please explain to me why see couldn't have had an accident? She was intoxicated and lots of people have stupid accidents every day because they are drunk. And that's what Natalee was after all. That's at least what her friends have said. Why are you so certain this is a crime?

Michelle said...

Honest article? How about you explain to ME what your definition of HONEST is?

It is obvious to me that you don't know anything about Natalee's case. If you did you would know that Joran stated "Something bad happened". Paulus stated, "No body, no case." Dompig stated, "Those 3 boys are guilty as hell."

Sounds like a crime to me.

Even if what happened to Natalee was an accident it is still a crime because those individuals know what happened and that in itself is OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE.

Richard said...

"Anonymous" asserts that this article is an honest look at what might have happened.

What "Anonymous" neglects to say is that Joran's own lawyer told prosecutor Karin Janssen that his client was heavily involved in Natalee's disappearance.

Would any sixth-grader believe that Natalee, IF she were abandoned on the beach while under the influence of too much alcohol (if they ever went near a beach), very probably a date-rape drug (which leaves one physically uncoordinated, I have read), and by Joran's own admission the victim of a sexual assault (if not more; remember, Deepak Kalpoe said that all three had sex with her) ... with all of this, that she would come to her senses on a beach in a foreign country and suddenly decide to go for a swim?

This typifies the imbecilic actions of Aruba from day one. Not only have they been trying to cover up the whole saga, their attempts to do so are both obvious and inept.

Aruba seems used to functioning out of the spotlight. Corruption and chicanery fare best where things are done sub rosa, and Aruba's sorry excuse for a government is used to that.

The legacy of Natalee Holloway's case is that Americans now have no excuse for not being aware of the darkness that lurks beneath ... and not too far beneath ... the facade of the "one happy island." The gilded hotels and casinos on Aruba's beaches mask the vast charnel house that it really is, and that travelers into the arid interior see in the packs of stray dogs and the ramshackle huts of the "chollers."

It's time for Aruba to face its destiny, unpleasant (for Aruba) though that may be.

Anonymous said...

I do not have a clue whether writer Carol Williams has ties with Aruba but ... she is definitely furthering the Aruban agenda that editor Julia Renfro adheres to ... an agenda that upholds the "powers that be" in Aruba who are denying Natalee Holloway justice ... an adgenda to create smokescreens to distance Joran and Paulus from implication in the events that encompass the morning when Natalee Holloway went missing ... an agenda to discredit Beth Twitty.
Janet AKA Tamikosmom
LA TIMES - June 4, 2007
“I feel guilty saying any negative thing about a mother who has lost her daughter,” Renfro said. “But her behavior was odd from the get-go.”

Renfro has concluded that the body would have turned up by now if Holloway died on the island. She — and many Arubans — doubts the three suspects, who were all good students without criminal records, could have pulled off a perfect crime, leaving no forensic evidence behind and never caving in to the intense pressure of interrogations.

“I’ve spoken with all of the suspects,” she said. “I don’t believe any of them did anything to her.”

Anonymous said...

I'd just like to add one more comment to the list Michelle gave of how we KNOW there was a crime.

That would be the statement from Jan Van Der Stratten in July 2005 when asked if there was any hope she would turn up alive.

He said NO!!

When asked why, he said because he knows the details of the case.

That came from the guy IN CHARGE OF THE CASE.

Now..........if you put all those things together - how can anyone NOT realize there was a crime committed?

That's not even touching on the various lies, lies, and more lies Joran, Paulus, and the Kalpoe brothers have told about ALL events surrounding that night.

And please save your "a liar does not a murderer make" baloney!

WHY lie, repeatedly, all of them, why create new LIES once the old ones are debunked........if you have nothing to hide?

Can you really, honestly, convince yourself that they lied out of fear for their parents like Joran said? Out of fear that their girlfriends would find out like Joran said?

You might want to take a look at the date of Joran's girlfriend's PV's to ALE.........there was no hiding these facts from her that early on.

And yet someone is STILL lying about the events that night - probably all of them. They STILL cannot tell the same story as to how Joran got home.

What are they afraid of now? What now is holding them back from telling the truth?

One other thing I'd like to mention - Julia Renfro knows darned good and well that NO person who woke up on THAT beach and decided to go into the water would have done ANYTHING other than wash back to shore.

Or would you like to believe HER over the Coast Guard excercises that were done wtih that very scenario in mind, proving that a body would was back to shore?


Michelle said...

Yeah! I second that emotion!

Anonymous said...

There was no innocent accident;
there was a crime!

There were no 911 calls for help.

Natalee's body was hidden.

Why? There was evidence of a CRIME on her body.

Anonymous said...

Why is Julia Renfro the spokesperson?

It's because she is so willing to lie and SPIN, SPIN, SPIN!

Anonymous said...

Cohen was hand picked and hired by Serge Mansur. Is this a relative of Jossy Mansur?

And she was highly intoxicated. No doubt about that. Ask her friends who to this day are still under 21 and drinking.

Michelle said...

Who cares if she was drinking. How old are you? Did you drink under 21, or are you a judgmental NUN?

Anonymous said...

Sure, Natalee was intoxicated. Just like tourist
women go missing for days at a time on Aruba and its no big deal and any normal teenager would lie his head off about the last known whereabouts of a
missing teenage girl whose mother is confronting him because it was inevitable that the girl would show up safe and sound within a few days. Where
would Arubans be without these comprehensive lies
that they attempt to use to frame the discussion of
the outrage that occurred on their island? For the
record, classmate Ed Kissel said that Natalee was dancing and did not appear intoxicated. Francis Ellen Byrd said she was fine. Deepak said that
she did not appear to be intoxicated and was
"dancing beautifully". The only way Natalee was
drunk is if she was some kind of physiological
marvel - sort of the opposite of Joran who could drink a case of beer and not feel anything - who
could still be intoxicated from dinner at 1 a.m. or
could still be intoxicated at 4 a.m. from a shot of 151 proof alcohol that Joran so gallantly supposedly provided her well over three hours
earlier. And, how is she supposed to have paid for
the drinks? She appeared to have left all of her money at the hotel room and may have only gotten into the car with Joran because the free
busses were not running because it was Sunday
night and she had been gulled into believing that Joran was a rich guy who wouldn't miss the cab fare. Again, this whole "intoxicated girl" smear
campaign was most likely lifted out of a newspaper article - typical Aruban laziness and deceit.

Michelle said...

Kudos! Someone with a BRAIN!

Anonymous said...

For the record, classmate Ed Kissel said that Natalee was dancing and did not appear intoxicated. Francis Ellen Byrd said she was fine. Deepak said that
she did not appear to be intoxicated and was
"dancing beautifully" ... anonymous

... and for the record Joran Van der Sloot told Greta that Natalee was not drunk. Remember ... Greta is the one who is "inclined" to believe Joran.
Joran Van der Sloot
VAN SUSTEREN: What was her condition?
VAN DER SLOOT: Yes, to me she seemed like she had — she had something to drink but she seemed fine. You know she knew — she knew what she was doing.
VAN SUSTEREN: Is there a way to describe her, I mean, and whether she seemed or appeared to be, you know, drinking? Did she seem to be drunk?
VAN DER SLOOT: Oh… she’d been drinking, but SHE WASN’T DRUNK. I mean, she knew what she was doing.

Observer said...

I believe there is a connection to Mr.Cohen(Lives in Seattle) as the Seattle Times ran the same article.


Michelle Says So said...

Good find!!! That is NO COINCIDENCE!

Bring it on!

Anonymous said...

Carol J. Williams probably got an expenses-paid vacation to Aruba as part of the deal. If you google her name, you will find that she does stories on the Carribean and on the Al-Quaeda detainees in Guantanamo.

Anonymous said...

Aruba no longer requires official spokespersons for the investigation to create smokescreens to distance the truth regarding the disappearance of an eighteen year old American citizen who went missing under suspicious circumstances on Aruban soil? An American writer by the name of Carol J. Williams will oblige ... using using an editor of an Aruban tourist publication ... an editor with connections to the Aruban Law Enforcement ... as its main source. Carol J. Williams biased article was an utter betrayal of her own!!
Janet AKA Tamikosmom

Observer said...

Old article on Steve Cohen..


observer said...

Wrong Steve Cohen..LOL!! Erase that please!!
Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Why do you keep consuming yourselves in hatered? A boycot will not bring her back nor it will bring justice! It will satify your thirst for revenge but will not bring her back! The only thing you will achieve is to give yourselves to eternal bereavement of your loveone. Turn the other cheek and forgive and keep on going with your life.

Anonymous said...

Our Arubanboycott is our humble before God seeking justice for Natalee. The boycott set us the courage to cross the darkness of the corruptions and coverups of the Dutch evil poeple haunting our Nation. We have chosen our humble cup of faith to drink and share the sufferings of the Naltalee's families. God will be the one to judge, and I can see many Dutch heads are start got rolling out of the Aruban beach and government buildings, as a figure of speech. The pressure is immense on the Dutch to give some answers on the whereabout of Natalee. The pressure comes on the bad reputation of Joran's lies which are damaging the whole Europe economy.

Anonymous said...

Very good. The Arubans will never close the case for fear of the Dutch letting go of all the files into the hands of FBI. Some big head politicians in 08 campaign are pushing this Natalee mystery into the political theater. It is just begin to heat up.