June 30, 2007


**Thanks for the update "Karo", great work and great dedication to everyone there!

DAY 2:

...We had a banner behind a white gate, which is the entrance to the River Walk Market Place so that people crossing the tracks between 2 parts of the Hilton with rooms for guests, and people riding the Trolley could see it.

…A man from security for the River Walk Market Place approached us about 3:30 this afternoon and made us take down the 2 large banners we had on this gate. It is not considered public property. At least we got to keep it there for 2 days. Many people were stopping to read these banners. Two people today even were taking pictures of them. One was a young woman who asked many questions about the case and seemed very interested.

…We have planned where we will put the banners tomorrow, and they still will be very visible. Tomorrow is the last day of this convention…and gatherings also will be held in and near Jackson Square, on the edge of the French Quarter, so we will try to put a banner on the car in a way that it still can be driven safely, then drive down the street which borders Jackson Square.

A man from Haiti showed much interest in Natalee’s being found and the family getting answers. He is took a Natalee brochure.

But it overall was another good day…for again, people were coming up, expressing concern about Natalee and her family. We met a number of people from Birmingham. Some have relatives or family members who went to high school where Natalee did.

Some people came up just to ask us if there is any news about Natalee, because they haven’t heard any news for a while.
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