July 01, 2007


*Again, thanks "Karo" for the update and wonderful pictures. You have all made a difference!

Meetings for the travel convention were between 9:30 and noon. We set the banners up in new locations this morning. Many were able to see them as they drove to and from—or near—the Hilton. The travel agents themselves were coming and going on tours of the French Quarter and had to pass by the banners…

About 12:30 we moved our efforts to the French Quarter, where there were organized tours for the attendees. The Quarter also was crowded with tourists and locals, as is usual on the weekends.

Grass had talk
ed with a woman who runs the horse and carriage tours through the Quarter, and she was persuaded by him to allow us to place signs on the back of 3 carriages for one hour. That enabled many people to see the signs as they walked or rode through the Quarter. The carriages are quite visible. Jamie and I rode in one of these 3 carriages….and even were able to pass out a few brochures as the carriage stopped at several points along its route.

All in all, we considered the weekend efforts a success. Many have not forgotten Natalee. Many were reminded she still is missing. Many showed great interest in the case. And hopefully, many travel agents got the message that Natalee is still missing, so Aruba is NOT a safe place to travel. There even were some brochures brought into the Hilton. We believe the Aruban delegates were well aware we were there!



jen3560 said...

Kudos to you folks who are able to go to these travel shows to spread the word.

I said this after the first travel show that had Natalee supporters in attendance, and I'll say it again:

My hat's off to all you folks for doing this in such a non combative way that retains the dignity Natalee and her family deserve!

I don't quite understand why anything Robin Holloway has to say should change the opinions of anyone Boycotting Aruba.

We've all seen their dirty laundry aired over these past 2 years, and it just keeps getting worse.

The tragic crime against Natalee and her family notwithstanding, why anyone would choose to travel to Aruba given the facts we've learned about their lawless, corrupted, crime-ridden island is beyond me.

Educating our public about that rock, the crimes committed there, and their government's continued refusals to step up and do the right thing could possibly help save lives in the future.

So regardless of Robin Holloway’s individual opinion, I will still Boycott Aruba.

Thanks, and God bless those of you educating our public!


Richard said...

Putting that Natalee poster on the back of the horse-drawn cart is absolutely a stroke of genius. I imagine that got attention as few other things did ... and I am absolutely certain that it had more eye appeal, and more emotional impact, than any ad that the Aruba Tourism Authority could ever imagine.

You know, that photo deserves a T-shirt of its own. It is that powerful, I think. I'd like to mail a copy to Nelson Oduber and every person in the Aruban government.

We can be certain that Aruba would never have imagined the outpouring of determination and resolve that have been shown for Natalee.

We can also be certain that Aruba would not be capable of any such thing, or even capable of understanding any such thing. They might understand someone who went off to the bar and had a few beers, but not this.

And there is no way in Hell that they will ever be able to cope with it.

Anonymous said...

The boycott is too harsh on the Dutch. J2K will be commuted by our president. Deepak can come in and win Dr. Phil's case.

Anonymous said...

Nice job by everyone involved at the travel show.

Anonymous said...

My son was in high school with Natalee. I remember receiving the email that was sent to band parents immediately after her horrifying disappearance. The crime and its mishandling are absolutely disgraceful. I become incensed when I see advertisements promoting Aruban tourism. Americans, boycott this corrupt and dangerous island! Travelers, especially young people, protect yourselves and your companions! Please pray that that the predators responsible for Natalee's death will experience remorse and admit their wrongdoings so that the Twitty/Holloway family can receive justice. Never forget.