June 20, 2007


A member of the Aruban Boycott just spoke to Beth.


She has no idea what Dave and Robin are up to and could care less. This person asked her if she would issue a public statement to that effect and she said yes.


Anonymous said...

Your post is as irresponsible as Robin's on BFN. I think both you and Robin need to rethink what you are doing.

Michelle Says So said...

"irresponsible"...thanks Bill O'Reilly

Anonymous said...

Dave and Robin have just given up Natalee already. Dave has two new daughters by Robin to replace the emptiness left by Natalee.

Anonymous said...

Robin wants to get her husband and life back to normal. She doesn't really care about Natalee.

Anonymous said...

Dave has been corrupted by Robin, that is just what the BFN people and Dutch Ramm want at all time.

Auntiem said...

Bill O'Reilly?

Anonymous said...

Robin might have accepted an Aruban timeshare giveaway by the ATHA at the old Aruban Resort

Anonymous said...

Think about it, Dave would rather go with Robin. He doesn't want Robin to divorce him, take away his house and his two young little lovely daughters. If Robin wants to get rid of Natalee to please the Dutch, Dave has no other choice.

Anonymous said...

Robin also forgot she said Natalee found her a front seat ticket to let her to attend Natalee's high school graduation award. Robin said she was so moved and cried. Now where is Robin's tears. Robin's heart was stolen by the dogs.

Anonymous said...

Greta agreed with Robin to stop the ArubanBoycott. She planned to interview Robin, and set a new direction for Joran and Natalee both to resolve the conflict by the request of KLPD. Robin will speak for Natalee alone, not Dave. Robin is much more pragmatic as Fox.

Anonymous said...

Robin also talked about religion and forgiveness in her church. She got some crazy ideas of wanting Natalee and Joran made it up in souls and eternity. Nobody knows what Robin will do next, she is a runaway step mother!

Anonymous said...

This Robin is a piece of work huh? It seems like Dave has no backbone. I guess he's alot like Greta. Spineless. Good to see Beth won't let Aruba off the hook for murdering her daughter.

Richard said...

I don't care to denounce Dave and Robin, not knowing what pressures they are facing or what might lie behind their startling declaration.

For example, it's possible that Aruba made final approval of the Texas Equusearch water search contingent on their denouncing the boycott. No way to know yet.
I'm very skeptical that the water search will come up with anything ... but if Natalee is indeed in the water, I hope and pray that she is found.

Regardless, it's wonderful to hear that Beth remains steadfast to her original call: BOYCOTT THE NETHERLANDS ANTILLES.

It's a very timely message, given that the New Orleans protest is coming up in about a week. And EVERY ONE of the people who planned to attend, for whatever reason, still plans to take part.

No justice for Natalee ... no tourists for Aruba. It's as simple, and as compelling, as that.

Now, Beth, take the lead in public!

Anonymous said...

Debbie keeps saying that ArubanBoycott is illegal. It is always the family decision, putting Robin against Beth. The real question for Debbie is, who has the most responsibilty for seeking justice for Natalee, the biological mother or the step mother?

mimsmom18 said...

Hello, It is 2:07 am and I have just finished watching the special about Sweet Natalee on court tv. My heart just ached watching the reinactment that each of the psychics demonstrated. Needless to say, I wiped tears during the whole episode. I just wanted to say that there is a God in Heaven and HE WILL see that the ONES responsible for this will pay dearly. I honestly believe that Natalee will do her best in helping officials bring justice to these scum that have performed such a terrible act. (Even the big daddy scum of them all will pay) So, please Ms. Twitty, do not think for one minute that the American people have forgotten about your sweet daughter. Because I was proud to stand up and say no to my daughter's senior trip abroad this year. If me being the "bad guy" helped keep our kids safe, then so be it. So, stay strong, and strong in your faith. He will succeed.

All our Love,
Friends from Texas

Richard said...

Anyone who says a voluntary boycott of Aruba is ILLEGAL is lying, stupid, or possibly both. (I'm not making any accusation against any one person.)

We Americans owe Aruba NOTHING and have NO obligation to go to Aruba.

Some people boycott Wal-Mart.

Some people boycott Exxon.

And so forth, and so on. It's entirely legitimate to urge a boycott of any place on the flimsiest of reasons.

The reasons for boycotting Aruba are not flimsy at all. It is common sense to look at what has happened there over the last two years ... coupled with what we now know about other crimes that hitherto got no publicity ... and decide not to go.

We also have the right of free thought and free speech, which allow us to express ourselves.

I think the calls for a boycott of Wal-Mart are absurd; however, those who wish to make such a call have every right to do so. It's the basis of their call that can be challenged, not the right to make it.

In my view, a boycott of Aruba is not only warranted by compassion for Natalee's family, and the families of other victims there ... the exposure of the corruption on that island makes it practically the only common sense thing to do.

No justice for Natalee ... no tourists for Aruba.

Boycott Aruba. Save lives.

donald said...

There is no need to attack Robin to support Beth. We have chosen to support Natalee and Amy and all the others who were mistreated by the Dutch Antilles.
Now we await word from Johan Remkes on the results of the Dutch investigation. We continue to give responsible parties the benefit of the doubt until they prove themselves to be otherwise.
Beth will not be taking a open and public leadership position beyond what she does so ably.

Get used to it as this is not a sprint but a marathon.

Anonymous said...

I'm not attacking Robin to support Beth. What is being said about Robin is because of her cowardice statements she made about leaving the corrupt country of Aruba alone.

Anonymous said...

"anonymous" who posted at 11:53:00 says "Debbie" claims an Aruban Boycott is illegal. Just want to say, I've never seen or read anywhere that Debbie has said any such thing.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever know that Robin openly yelled at Dave in front of the house for not looking after her own little baby girl, and no more Natalee per se.

Anonymous said...

I am SO confused by the family's responses, interactions, etc. At this point my personal "allegiance" has to be toward Natalee, justice, truth and my own sense of right -vs- wrong.

I believe Robin (and/or Dave) caved to MIP6 with the FALSE hope/belief he would/could be of any help to them on Aruba. He is a mole for AHATA and whatever he has done "for" them has been little trade-off for the "inside" information he has been able to gain about what the family knew, planned or were doing.

Robin acted entirely surprised yesterday about an upcoming movie on Natalee's life. Yet, it was soon found and posted that Dave sold the rights to Natalee's "life story" back when he co-wrote his book. And, he will be paid royalties for that movie. Interestingly, the same man who bought those rights is also on the BOARD OF DIRECTORS of Dave's foundation.

So far, so one-sided. But, then the Court TV show of last night was done with Beth's full participation and knowledge without (according to Robin) Dave having known anything about it at all. I cannot imagine a Mother subjecting the Father of her missing child to out-of-the-blue watching a made-for-TV theatrical play-act of the daughter being scared, gasping, pushed into the sand, raped and murdered without the Mother giving that Father some kind of heads-up about how traumatizing it might be.

The FAMILY situation is simply horrible. I cannot wear their shoes or feel their pain. But, the sick interactions (and lack thereof) between them is confusing to anyone who simply wanted to support THEM. Maybe they have all had to fly to close to the sun.

My heart, my desire to help, is now fully directed at my own sense of RIGHT and JUST. Let me rush to add - ARUBA - should NEVER see another dime of AMERICAN tourist money. EVER.

donald said...

Anonymous said...

"I'm not attacking Robin to support Beth."

Good! I am glad to hear it. The more united we are the more powerful is our message. Our focus is on Remkes and his promises. The ball is in his court.

Anonymous said...

donald said... Now we await word from Johan Remkes on the results of the Dutch investigation.

Johan Remkes involvement in the Dutch investigation is just another conflict of interest when his relationship with Paulus Van der Sloot is taken into consideration. No different than all the conflicts of interest that existed in the Aruban investigation ... in the judiciary.
Janet AKA Tamikosmom
Jossy Mansur
October 4, 2005
GRACE: … Jossy, regarding the connection, what I perceived to be a close connection between the judge, Paulus Van Der Sloot and the retired chief of police who initially handled Natalee`s case, Van Der Stratten, were they friends?
MANSUR: Of course, they were friends. It stands to reason they were friends because Paul Van Der Sloot had many friends within the police department; he had many friends within the Department of Justice. And he had many friends with -- and he was friendly with all the judges in Aruba. He worked out of the same office as they did and did the same work.

Anonymous said...

The attention hasn't been on Robin for a long time. BFN stopped worshiping her when she went to gags site. MIP6 has been pushing Robin hard to make the post. Robin loves attention so she caved. MIP6 got lucky he thinks. However, he should know by now that duhRobin & duhDave has never had much of a voice because they are so duh!!

Mark talked very bad about them and they took him by the hand and let them lead then straight to hell.

Debbie is a nobody. That's been proved. All she wants is attention and says. I'm friends of theirs. like so what Debbie?

Beth is Natalee's Rock! She can count on her mother to never give up on finding her and getting Justice.

Thank you Beth for being the type mom you are. Just know we are all behind you and will fight with you until there is Justice for Natalee.

Boycott Supporter


Anonymous said...

With more new Natalee movies in planning, MIP6 coaxed Robin in selling Natalee's personal diary in her possesion. Natalee and Robin were very close and intimate as step mom and daughter relationship. Natalee shared a lot of Beth's her own mother's private matters with Robin, was just try to please her, and meant no harm to Beth.

donald said...

Janet said:
"Johan Remkes involvement in the Dutch investigation is just another conflict of interest when his relationship with Paulus Van der Sloot is taken into consideration."
You are absolutely correct and your skepticism is warranted. Remkes is the Minister of Internal Affairs which among other things includes the national police force and all covert operations. Next to Balkenende he is the highest ranking official in the Dutch government. He is the force to be reckoned with and he accepted that responsibility by naming the investigative panel.
Stay tuned, Janet, and hang on.

donald said...

I strongly suggest everyone get their best on-line translator and check out http://www.ministerremkes.nl/ on a daily basis.

Rammstein said...

well, if you are waiting for Remkes to do anything, then you have a long wait a coming.

Minister Remkes has been out of his job for some time now (for about 4 months now).

And I seriously doubt there was ever a conflict of interest of any kind there because ministers of Justice don't actually personally interview judges or approve them. So his name might be under the announcement of the new judges, but that is nothing more than rubber stamping a decision made by the Judiciary as to who they would like for that position.

Also it has been suggested that Remkes has power over the police. He does have the police force itself in his ministry, but the work of the police (and also the decisions about the police as to what it investigates and how it uses it's staff etc.) itself is the responsibility of the minister of Justice, not internal affairs.

Remkes used to be the custodian of the police, making sure the staff was hired, the police had guns, cars, buildings etc. Remkes never was the boss of police work.

This is what the minister of the interior does for the police force:

drawing up regulations governing financial management in the regional police forces, their terms of employment, their weaponry, and their uniforms. He appoints high-ranking police officers such as chiefs of police and fosters liaison among them at national level. And he allocates the police budget among the regions and monitors (with the Minister of Justice) their financial management.

The ministry of Justice however is the one who steers the police (among others through the Public Prosecutions office).

The Ministry has the legal mission to:

* provide workable legislation for citizens, government and the courts.
* prevent crime, in order to build a safer society.
* protect youth and children.
* enforcement the law, in order to build a safer society.
* provide independent, accessible and effective administration of justice and legal aid.
* provide support to the victims of crime.
* provide fair, consistent and effective enforcement of punishment and other sanctions.
* regulate immigration into the Netherlands.

It is also responsible for the coordination of anti-terrorism policy.

As you can read, enforcing the law is the responsibility of the ministry of Justice, providing the tools and finances to do so is the responsibility of the ministry of Internal affairs.

Auntiem said...

To Confused Anonymous, If you reread your post above, slowly, perhaps you will clear up your confusion. You stated so many ways that Robin and Dave have betrayed Natalee and sabotaged her case, joining forces with the very people guilty of conspiring and covering up for the those guilty of this heinous crime against Beth's innocent, unsuspecting daughter......ridiculing Beth for her determination in finding and bringing to justice the perpetrators......bashing Beth AND Natalee on Blog sites.....making the solution to this case almost impossible......and you don't understand why Beth did not "discuss" or perhaps you feel she should have sought "permission" from the Hollow ways before enlisting psychics to see if they could help in any way.

Surely, you're not serious. You imply that you perceive them as disfunctional.....Beth has shown the world over and over again, how she has single handedly and courageously taken on Aruba, ALE, Aruban threats, lies and disappointments, each time she gets herself back up, brushes herself off and sets off on another plan, undaunted!!!

Anonymous said...

Auntiem: No need to put words into my mouth. I did not say and do not feel Beth needed PERMISSION from Dave to make the Court TV presentation. I actually think so much MORE highly of Beth that I was "just" surprised she had not mentioned the show to Dave because I thought she IS a bigger, kinder person and wouldn't subject her daughter's father to such pain without at least warning him.

But, for all I know, and I have no way of confirming this, but since Robin DID lie about the movie rights and their SURPRISE of it, it is ALSO possible, Beth DID give them a heads-up and the claim now IS just another bid for yet more sick attention.

Brown Sugar said...

From what I know, Dave wrote his book before he even told Beth. So, tit for tat. They aren't married and they aren't working together as a family. Robin is that factor. She's jealous of Beth and wants her husband and family back.

Michelle Says So said...


The "Bill O'Reilly" comment "irresponsible" is something I find funny because he uses that word over and over and over. He needs a thesaurus.

Anonymous said...

Now that the movies industry takes over, there is no need for the FOX Channel anymore. More and more people are getting to know about Natalee's justice and her story. The whole world are stopping Joran but Holland. Joran is unwelcome at anywhere in the world but Aruba. He is virtually living in a Dutch prison by large. Joran's mental conditions are deteriorating fast. He cannot lie as good as he used to be. His most recent lies about his academic records are making the Dutch professors really mad. He has flunk all his Math cources, and he cannot graduate and get a degree. Too bad.

Auntiem said...

Oh, ok, gotcha, Michelle! Well, maybe Bill uses that word repeatedly cause he tries so hard to make the Judges and others in authority to "take responsibility" and set "Jessica's Law" into action in the states, esp. Vermont, where no penalties are being handed down to pedifiles who have been convicted of heinous crimes against not only children, but small children and repeatedly. Bill has small children of his own, married late in life (first marriage), he loves his children and all children and is devoted to protecting ALL our children from harm. He comes across as obnoxious at times, but he is truly a good man with a big heart.

Auntiem said...

to Confused Anonymous... Don't waste your sympathy for D&R, they don't seem to be suffering. I don't even believe Dave had any intentions of viewing the "Carla" presentation!!!!

Anonymous said...


"Confused here" (what a name to get settled with) but thank you. I am starting to open my eyes to a lot of those things that honestly just do not make sense. I can't account for or even specifically complain about Dave but will say at this point, Robin simply no longer makes sense. And I was one to hold on, hope for, try to find a silver lining longer than virutally anyone else. But, now, I just don't see how to excuse her anymore. But my heart still almost screams now more so WHY to use Deetch's words is Natalee being "dumped on the beach" by her own loved ones?

Auntiem said...

to becoming less Confused, Ah, Welcome to Deetch's World! aka The World of Truth!!!! This man saw the truth, along with some others, who KNEW who MIP6 et. al. were, from other blog spots, knew the evil doers' "true agenda", knew how, at other blogs these devils had posted despicable things about Natalee and Beth, AND knew worst of all, Robin and Dave knew all about these evil postings, and yet they befriended, defended and praised these posters on BFN.

Knowing all he knew, being devoted to helping Beth and finding Natalee, and above all being the truly honest man that he is, Deetch, defender of all that is right and true, could not and would not keep silent. He stuck his neck out very early on, and had to deal with criticism and much more on the Internet, ......some of us saw from the get go that he was right, as the we were well aware of the players and their agenda on BFN and the first post praising them did it for us. It has taken others longer, but, in time, it will become evident to all who really care about what happened to Natalee, which "family" members have been devastated and will never give up, and which members have an agenda beyond Redemption.

Anonymous said...

Evil doers? Oh, please ... lol

I am no fan of MIP6 but your comments are over the edge. Finding truth and justice for Natalee has nothing to do with MIP6, has even less to do with Michelle and Deetch. To the point, who cares about the reckless extremist among us? I certainly don't.