June 21, 2007


"Oh, you mean THAT weed? It's for my personal use!"

It was first said that this was not the same Lorenzo. In fact, Jossy Mansur says, "Yes it is. The reporter made a mistake. It is Van Rijn, the purported half-brother of Joran. He lives in a secluded area and was busy raising marihuana plants to sell. They found more than 100 plants in his home, as well as dried leaves, and a cache of weapons."



Anonymous said...

Since the ArubaBoycott is hurting Aruba so bad, Oduber will not approve the permit for Tim Miller to search the coastal waters in Aruba. The US Coast Guard can help if the search area is in international waters. There will be a big dispute over the jurisdiction of the sea lanes. NATO may get involved.

Anonymous said...

The climate change in Aruba is bad, no longer sunnny and dry. The heavy rainfall is drowning the downtown area and forcing the homeless people into the beach hotel area to sleep in the beach huts and log chairs. The sanitation is worst, and the Deluque plague is going to break out anytime.

Anonymous said...

Aruba was uncovered by the Dutch about Oduber's secret to submit to Chavez as the submarine base. Very shocking to the Netherlands Kingdom.

Anonymous said...

It's on tonight's news about the Aruba Russian submarines. The State Department is in full alert and warning the Netherlans government.

Anonymous said...

Man, the Arubans are dead ducks!

Anonymous said...

Here is a link to the story:


Do we get to laugh at the idea of MIP6 and Julia Renfro begging to be repatriated HERE?

And, my guess is the US GOVERNMENT will declare Aruba is a no visit place. Isn't that just too sad.

Richard said...

It's very interesting that the arrest of this reputed drug kingpin comes so soon after the airing of that 'psychic' TV show. It is most likely a pure coincidence; yet it could also be that someone in Aruba is now feeling the heat, for whatever reasons. Perhaps it is because the Texas Equusearch people are on the verge of launching their water search?

My understanding is that this elusive Lorenzo van Rijn, said to be the major Ecstasy dealer in Aruba, was arrested for having a large number of marijuana plants AND A CACHE OF WEAPONS. The latter are not unusual for big-time drug dealers, I understand. But given that Aruba is "one happy island" (well, so we were told), why are they needed?

Oh yes ... all those violent American tourists. You need to protect yourself, I guess.

I wonder if the Dutch team investigating the Natalee Holloway case will get a chance to put this guy before some experienced interrogators and have at him, or whether the regular Aruban police will handle things in their usual inept, plodding way. We can't assume that the matters indicated (drugs, weapons) will allow anyone to pursue a link to Natalee's case.

But for well over a year, I've been posting on various forums about the possibility that Natalee was trafficked. As I look at this handcuffed scumbag and his ugly face (I should talk!), I see no sign that he would have mercy on Natalee or any other girl within his power.

Van Rijn had a secluded house, which is said to be protected by barbed wire. The reasons for his arrest now are unknown to me, but rumors have persisted for a long time that he was a major drug figure on Aruba.

It is known that drug traffickers are often the big figures in human trafficking as well. It is known that trafficking is a multi-billion-dollar business in Latin America. It is known that anti-American sentiments are a matter of growing concern in the region, let alone fears that terrorism is getting a foothold. It is also known (at least, there is no hard evidence to the contrary) that no signs of Natalee, no crime scene, NOTHING has been found in Aruba.

In a few hours after her departure from Carlos 'n' Charlies, she vanished from sight.

We also know that the first posters Beth had made, and put out, did not say "Missing." They said "Kidnapped." We also know that Jan van der Straaten, who said he knew that Natalee was dead ("I've seen the evidence and you haven't"), some months after that statement asked neighboring nations to be on the lookout for Natalee. Quite an interesting action, since he knew -- maybe that should be "knew" -- she was dead.

Art Wood and Tim Miller evidently believe that they know that her body is in the sea. Apparently they are convinced that they know where, and soon will be going there to find out. If they are right, then obviously the idea of trafficking is wrong.

If they are not right, then what?

Remember Amy Bradley.

Remember that the Caribbean is a huge place, infested with drug gangs that have their own boats and often their own private armies.

Remember that just recently, an Internet-based ring of pedophiliacs was smashed after a ten-month investigation. Some 700 people have been arrested in 35 nations, as I recall, and some 31 children were "rescued." Does that mean they were held captive? I don't know.

But according to the AP article, these people viewed online what was described as horrific sexual abuse of mere children. Pre-teens, I suppose. And then swapped e-mail about what they had seen. My suggested penalty: put each person convicted in a room by himself or herself, allow the parents of, say, ten abused children to enter the room, lock the doors for two hours and then come back. And clean up whatever mess remains.

It seems that nothing is too debased today to be possible. All I say is ... let's keep our minds open. Remember Amy Bradley. The sex industry is huge, and I fear that many members of the criminal underworld would take great pleasure in snaring an American girl.

Let's hope for answers.