June 22, 2007


By Don, Aruban Boycott Contributor

A poster from The Netherlands has offered some careful observations of the current status and state of mind of one Joran van der Sloot. In his words:

More and more people are getting to know about Natalee's justice and her story. The whole world are stopping Joran but Holland. Joran is unwelcome at anywhere in the world but Aruba. He is virtually living in a Dutch prison by large.

Joran's mental conditions are deteriorating fast. He cannot lie as good as he used to be. His most recent lies about his academic records are making the Dutch professors really mad. He has flunked all his Math courses, and he cannot graduate and get a degree.

We at “Boycott Aruba” are pleased to hear from responsible members of the Dutch community and we will publish any commentary that is presented with the care of this contributor. We are reminded that Peter de Vries called Joran’s book “mendacious” and we remember several members of Dutch Law School faculty characterized the Aruban investigation as amateurish and absurd.


Faith said...

Thank you Don and thank you Michelle for this site.

We have to keep the pressure on everyone and it's nice to have contributors like you and Michelle and "many others" who care and want Justice for Natalee.

We will get Justice for Natalee!!

We ARE Boycotting Aruba.

We DO tell everyone we come in contact with to not travel to Aruba. And, we will continue!

Anonymous said...

He has very serious insomia. His apartment has dim night all night. Joran abused Tynenal, took half of a pill along with a small cup of Fench creme green wine to knock himself out to get a little sleep before the afternoon classes. His eyes are bloodshot and smelly. It's hard to believe he is so wasted at such a young age. His goatee is very disgusting.

Anonymous said...

His friends didn't let Joran join their windsurfing competition tour in southern Spain. They are fearful of the Spanish matador police because of Joran's bad reputation. They did not want any troubles.

Anonymous said...

He can't play soccer anymore. His goin was injured during a fight at the strip pub. he not supposed to touch his good friend's sister.

Iowatreasures said...

Natalee is alive somewhere. Grind Crous down and see what he knows. He was very coy when he told Greta that "maybe I was trying to help somebody" when he lied to the police about Deepak's statement. She is alive somewhere and if we quit the path we are on, blaming and hating, and remind people to look for Natalee alive, probably in Venezuela or who knows where by now. If you really love Natalee, think Natalee, not Beth, boycotting Aruba and all the hatred. People aren't looking for her, from day l because she was claimed to be dead by Beth, et al, and their accusations.

Michelle Says So said...

Then please explain to me why Aruban officials and the FBI sat down with Beth and told her that Natalee was dead. It was later recanted with NO EXPLANATION. So, if a body was found, who was it? No one knows. Didn't they say it was a boy? How can you mistake a small dark skinned boy with a blonde girl? Come on!

There is always that possibility that she was taken, (i.e. Amy Bradley) but with all the lies, circumstances, etc., it doesn't add up. Why would Deepak say to Joran, "You are going to get 10 years...you can forget college."

I don't think you are looking at the big picture.

Anonymous said...

If you remember what Oduber said no one above the law. He knew Natalee was murdered by Joran. And the Queen gave him a call to cut it out. Since then everything is stonewalled and silenced. Very obviously the murder by Joran involves the very highest level in the Dutch Kingdom. Rumors abound in the whole world that Joran might be the illegal son of the queen.

Anonymous said...

The Queen is the gatekeeper of the Dutch Law as edicted in the Queen's royal website. She can approve and disapprove the nomination of the Prime Minster. The Queen also spawns Dutch judges. She is the only one power to be able to lift any Dutch subjects above the Dutch law for pardon or clemency. The queen has lifted Joran for being afraid that the legal system will eventually put her own illegimate son in jail. That is the only logical explaination composed by the new coming Joran moive made by the Dutch HMO. The Dutch media are very privy into the queen's secret sex encounters.

Anonymous said...

The Dutch people have very little to say on this. The news media are under severe censorship on this topic.