October 30, 2008


What are you willing to bet that this
criminal organization's drugs trickled into Aruba?

WILLEMSTAD/BREDA – The investigating magistrate in Breda has detained three suspects which were arrested last week on grounds of their involvement with an international criminal organization.

Two Dutch main suspects which were arrested at the Good Fellas café on the Wilhelminaplein in Curaçao have been deported to the Netherlands. A third main suspect is awaiting his extradition in the south of Spain.

The investigation by the National Crime Squad is focussing on a criminal organization involved in the exploitation of drug labs, the import of chemicals for the production of synthetic drugs and money laundering. The National Crime Squad of the National Police Force (KLPD) is supported by the FIOD-ECD.

During the investigation there was a close collaboration on Curaçao between the Public Prosecutor's Office in Willemstad, the Investigative Collaboration Team (RST), and a collaboration between the police corps of the Netherlands Antilles, on Aruba, the KLPD and the Police Force Curaçao.



Anonymous said...

Every finger is pointing back to Aruba local government's corruption and coverup campaign spearheaded by Oduber. Aruba is a rouge Dutch crime state doing most harms to the Kingdom of Netherlands.

Anonymous said...

The Dutch Kingdom is divided, the Queen vs. the Parliament. Aruba is the Queen's runner dog. So Aruba is the gangs gone wild.

Anonymous said...

Aruba is doomed because it lost a sense of common purpose and common sense in their law enforcement.

Anonymous said...

Most hotel properties in Aruba are under negative equity of 50% or more due to empty rooms. Aruba is worthless when compared to Curacao in government issued bonds.

Anonymous said...

No doubt that it has trickled into Aruba. Probably welcomed in by Aruba.

Anonymous said...

Why aren't they acceptable anymore?