October 20, 2008


KRALENDIJK -- The remains of the four weeks ago disappeared Marlies van der Kouwe are found. She was buried in the mondi (woods) in the district Amboina. The Bonerian police and justice confirmed this news in a press conference this afternoon.

“The remains of Marlies van der Kouwe are found. From dental comparisons we are 99.9 percent sure that the remains belong to Marlies. DNA-test must give us the other 0.1 percent certitude”, says prosecutor David van Delft. But this doesn’t mean that the case is solved. With regard to the tactical detective investigation, there is still a lot to do. To this day, the main suspect Ryan Pieters keeps denying his involvement, which means that the authorities must come up with hard evidence, says the prosecutor. Important with the recovering of the body of the Dutch 24-year old pharmacist’s assistance were the declarations of people from the immediate surroundings of main suspect Ryan Pieters (24), who was arrested a few days after her disappearance.

The police have closed off the area where the body was found in Amboina, hermetically and members of the Volunteer Corps Bonaire are watching it. Thorough investigations are being performed by forensic investigators and detectives in this area. The body of Van der Kouwe was found with the assistance of German trackers.

Marlies van der Kouwe was on her way home four weeks ago after a night out. Witnesses saw her be pulled from her bike. She was since then never seen or heard from again.

Pieters, who had spent years in prison for rape and abduction, was seen with her and arrested. He didn’t want to cooperate with the police investigation and kept his mouth shut about this subject. (Sound familiar? Maybe he learned that tactic from Joran Van der Sloot?)

Three other persons were arrested last weekend, including the 30-year old brother of Ryan. One of them is meanwhile released.



Anonymous said...

The German have more say on the future of Netherlands. The German start looking for Natalee in Aruba.

Anonymous said...

The old Dutch know that they are the most unlikable people in Europe whose economy was totally destroyed by the lies from Joran. The Dutch young people asked the German young friends to serve as a third party to arrest Joran for his murder of Natalee Holloway. And to go to Aruba to find Natalee and bring her home back to America.

Anonymous said...

Why not ask Beth Twitty why she lied the arrival time, she first went to Aruba. Why did in her book she wrote she arrived at 11 o'clock at night, while the airport security system and immigracion has Beth timed arrival around 7'o'clock. Why la lie like that Beth. ANd there is more lies by Beth and jug Twitty. Why did he divorce Beth.. strange thing... etc. etc. if there is a movie that is going to be done, it would be also Good to ask DAn and Kelly what really happend in Aruba while Beth was there... Don't mak e a movie based only on Beth's story. Ask Dan anda Kelly what really happened. ASk Karam Misier, he can tell you everything... and beside that we hope the case is going to be solved next month, when the remains are going to be found as promised by Karam Misier..