April 12, 2007


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Ten Dutch experts will arrive in Aruba today (April 12, 2007) to put the finishing touches on the Natalee Holloway case, before the Ministry of Justice of Aruba considers the case closed, or cold!

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Anonymous said...

I understand they will be only working with the drug cops, I guess that means Dennis Jacobs. That is a complete joke.

Anonymous said...


Why would closing a case take 10 "experts"?

Is the Hague closing THEIR case too?

Or are they simply going to e FINALLY do something once Aruba has officially closed their case?

10 Dutch "experts"..........did they bring their handcuffs??

Anonymous said...

Don't worry the NEW Head cop has everything under control

Anonymous said...

""finishing touches on the Natalee Holloway case""

yes, this will be the finishing touches alright. It will mark the end of Dutch involvement in this case. They only got involved, IMO, to give Aruba a breather while they could figure out a way to let this drag on until 1 Jun when it will be all over and Aruba will go on with businees as usual.

'Natalee who?'

Such a travesty of justice. Someone there in Aruba knows and it absolutely abominable to not provide justice for Natalee and her families.

Anonymous said...

so what are the 'experts' conclusion ?