April 11, 2007


I stumbled upon this blog and wanted to share this great commentary about the MEP party! Great work! Check out Mike Placid's blog, Connect the Dots!

By Mike Placid

(Source)--The MEP party is a party of delinquents and promotes delinquency (a Minister (Ramon Lee) who raped a woman, was accused by her to the Police, and was never even questioned! Another Minister (Rudy Croes) who brought in young girls from Santo Domingo and wanted to force them into prostitution with him and his friends; another Minister (Nilo Swaen) who was accused by his own department head of manipulating figures to make the government look good; another Minister (Rudy Croes again) whose departments sold permits to foreigners, and under whom driver's licenses were also being sold; another Minister (the Prime Minister Nelson Oduber) who is a habitual liar and will stop at nothing to carry out his Chavez-inclined plans for Aruba; members of Parliament of the MEP party who were caught by the police in drunken driving (Junior Arends) and hit and run (Robert Maduro); and so much more delinquency and violations of our laws it would take an encyclopedia to hold them!

Nilo Swaen

Ramone Lee

THESE ARE ALL PROVEN FACTS! Not lies or inventions made up to slander them. They are a group of the most corrupt public figures ever to participate in Aruban politics. Just go over the Holloway case, and now the Michael Saladin case, and you immediately know the anti-American sentiments of those now in power in Aruba.

To answer the stupid allegations in that MEP inspired and promoted piece of garbage:

1. I never funded any party in Aruba, much less the one Glenbert Croes started because Nelson Oduber, the actual Prime Minister, forbade him to participate in the party his father (Betico) founded. He was so disgusted with that prohibition that he decided, with a few friends his age, to start his own party called the OLA. This is another FACT! When you make this kind of allegation, you better have the necessary proofs (documents, transfer of money, etc.) to back up your allegation. In this case it is non-existent! Just another lie propagated by the corrupt officials who have now been discovered in the biggest of their foul deeds!

Do you remember the Holloway case and the flagrant cover-up that is going on? Well, this party will stop at nothing to slander and invent things that do not exist, or to harm Americans or American interests on the island).

2. The manifestations in front of the Government building in the past were about to get seriously out of hand by the violence inspired by the MEP party fanatics (car burning, invasion and destruction of government property, etc.) that I did meet with one labor leader to put sense into his head. That is another FACT impossible to deny!

3. I never met and have nothing to do with the Namdar group. Ask the FBI to interrogate Richad Lacle, who will soon be serving a prison sentence in Florida, to find out who is behind this group that offered a big bribe to Nelson Odbuer's party and was never denounced to the police or the prosecutors in Aruba.

My attention was brought to this case by the revelation of a letter containing a bribery of 1 million guilders to Nelson Oduber and his party. The man to whom the letter was addressed is
Michael Williams, ex-campaigner for the MEP party, and who is now in Holland in contact with the Dutch authorities. Williams stated unequivocally that he gave the original to Marisol Tromp (another MEP Minister), to Frerdis Refunjol, actual Governor in Aruba, and to Nelson Oduber (Prime Minister) and Edison Briezen (Minister of Tourism). None of these ever denounced the offered bribery to the authorities!

This case is far from having reached the end. It is now beginning on an international level. I wouldn't be surprised if in the U.S., Effy Namdar will be arrested and interrogated with regards to this offered bribe. It's his signature that appears in the bribery letter! U.S. Laws strictly forbid this kind of commercial outright purchase of local and foreign officials in Government, regardless of how easy it is to buy the officials now in power!

4. When the previous government (AVP) was way off track, it was I and the DIARIO who confronted it and brought its government down. Not the MEP party, because they didn't have the credibility to convince anyone that they could do better. They lied their way through the campaign and were able to win with the DIARIO's help. I do not cater to any party in government or to any government! That too is a proven FACT.

5. There is no set up in this case, only the TRUTH! And it came out with a signed letter by Effy Namdar with a one million guilder bribery offer to the MEP party for the purchase of 100 acres of prime land at the port. Can you imagine the corruption involved here? And whether Nel Oduber, the habitual liar and head of the most corrupt government ever in Aruba, likes it or not, the DIARIO will do whatever it takes to stop the sale of public property against the offered 1 million guilders in the form BRIBERY!"


Anonymous said...

Wow, Very interesting stuff.

Anonymous said...

wow like I REALLY want to go to Aruba now and vacation there with these creeps running the island.
.....NOT !

this info should be added to all Aruba travel brochures.

Anonymous said...

They are snags of evil, worms of the underworld making the Dutch look so bad. Odubar is Outlaw, Ramone is Rapist and Croes is Crook. All these creeps are Chavez based habitual liars manipulating the votes and books on that Aruba sink hole. Foul plays and Anti-American are their theme and interests. Their island police are just a joke, smoke and quick sands. The American tourists should not try to get to Aruba to get raped and murdered.

Anonymous said...

The King's LearJet flew over Aruba on his way to visit Argentina. He said the guilt was in my people. The King asked his personal judge secretary why the Curaco judges released the three murder suspects unconditionally. Her repy was they were friends of Paul van der Sloot. I knew him when I was a kid, said the King. The King had asked his mother queen to resign for the sake of the Kingdom. The Reformed Church had agreed to ex-communion the queen. The first step taken to dethrone the queen. The Dutch people want a new good King.

Anonymous said...

Is Nilo Swaen related to Paulus Van der Sloot's attorney Ari Swaen.

Deb357 said...

Good stuff Michelle, good stuff!

Maybe this should be sent to all the Travel Shows that will be held in America abroad for 2007-2008. Think it might get the message through a little more clearer?
Or passed out in a flier at the Travel Shows.

Michelle said...

I can't take the credit, but that post Easy wrote WAS some GOOD STUFF, huh?!?

Anonymous said...

This may be somewhat untelated, but has anybody seen a more ugly motherf**ket than Rudy Croes? He makes me want to puke

Brown Sugar said...

He looks like the evil version of the lucky charms guy...