April 30, 2007


What ever happened to "No Body, No Case", Paulus?

A highly placed government official told Amigoe last week that the team expects to find Holloway's remains soon in Aruba, But official channels do not confirm this. The tracks-investigation at the family home of Joran van der Sloot, who is still the main suspects in this case, will possibly take a few days.

Experts of among others the Dutch Forensic Institute are combing out the house and the grounds around it and dogs have been put in. The OM does not want to tell what the reason is for this investigation and what they are looking for.

The local authorities, the FBI, and officials of the Dutch Forensic Institute have already searched this house at numerous occasions before, and have confiscated several items and also 2 cars belonging to family Van der Sloot.

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Anonymous said...

When Beth ignored the news of the KLPD search of the Sloots main house, it's sort of putting a lot of pressure on the Dutch Forensic Institute to identify Natalee's remains. People will see what happen on May 30 deadline.