April 30, 2007



"I am still lying every day, I am a pathological liar, the whole
world revolves around me, and I like being compared to O.J."

(Source)--AMSTERDAM - Joran van der Sloot calls himself a pathological liar still believes in his own innocence. (An oxymoron???) "I made the biggest mistake of my life by leaving Natalee alone on the beach. She lied (sic) next to me, we felt each others body. At that moment I thought: 'We are not going to have real sex here, (But he later states he did? Which is it Joran?) I have trial exams tomorrow and just want to go home. Don't bother anymore, I thought. She can walk to the hotel with ease. That is her worry, I didn't even like her" (What a nice guy...and by the way, what guy NEEDS to LIKE a girl in order to have sex?)

On top of that Joran even admits he preferred to have sex with Natalee's friend Ruth...(However, in his interview with Greta last year he said that he was interested in Natalee's friend, Kathleen...another lie, perhaps?) He stubbornly denies to have anything to do with the mysterious disappearance of the American student. "I am still main suspect, lied about that night on the beach but didn't harm her."

The absence of the then 18 year old American student Natalee Holloway on Aruba, now almost 2 years ago touched him mentally in a big way. "I hate myself because I lied so much, about everything. The unpleasant thing is that I am still lying every day. That comes with ease, still" He does not try to hide it. "I thought the whole world always revolved around me. Because of that I was silent about the truth back then. That was stupid. (No Joran, YOU are stupid. Your excuse for lying makes NO SENSE...just because "the world revolves around you" [gag], you lie? How stupid do you think we are? As stupid as you?)

That night I had sex with her
and left her alone on the beach. I didn't even knew her name." "In fact I should be treated for the constant lying, but I am too stubborn for that. I am being compared w/ OJ in the US", he says proudly.

His parents wanted him to go to the child psychologist already before the vanishing. "I could not get on very well with my brother. I didn't mesh. But I didn't like that treatment at all." The second year student of Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen, stays self confident. He does not want to be depicted as a murderer. In his birth town Arnhem he follows IBMS International Business Management Studies. "I want to start my own business on Aruba in the future. That is my homeland." (Perhaps a call girl business? "Pimps-R-Us"?)

Today appears his autobiography about the mess (the mess Joran et al created...no pity party for you sucker!) that reached the American- and even world press. "I wrote it like a diary. Not to prove my innocence, but to come to terms with it myself." (Do you lie to your diary as well?)

On the 30th of May 2005 the blond tourist vanishes without a trace after being intensely intimate on the white beach with the tall Van der Sloot for part of the night and having consumed quite some alcohol. "She wanted more, but I did not have any condoms. Then she fell asleep." (Joran stated that he never had sex with her BECAUSE he didn't have condoms! Now he says he DID have sex and couldn't continue because he ran out? I think that's another example of his admission "I am still lying every day.")

Several hours before the amorous petting he enjoyed himself together with his friends, the brothers Deepak and Satish Kalpoe and female American students, including Natalee. That happened at the black jack table of the Excelsior Casino of the Holiday Inn hotel. Natalee keeps pushing that she wants to come with the boys. "I told her I had a trial exam the next day." (Even though he told her that he was a tourist...now he has an exam?)

Nevertheless he caves in under the pressure of the girl. (Oh yeah...a beautiful girl really has to pressure a horny, drunk 17 year old boy. Give me a break!) Around midnight he is picked up from home in the pimped Honda Civic of Deepak Kalpoe. "I want to see sharks", Natalee says. The duo is dropped of at fishing huts by the friends of Van der Sloot. (Which lie was that one?)

Joran reveals all sexual details. That he touched her breasts and reproductive organ, but didn't know her name. "We fiddled with each others bodys (sic). In total the meeting took three hours. But I'd rather have had sex with her girlfriend Ruth. She was more pretty. (First he says they didn't have sex, now they just "fiddled" for three hours; then in the same sentence he said he would rather have had sex with Ruth...or was it Kathleen?)

Van der Sloot, who is arrested soon after, lies everything together over the next days. With his friends, the brothers Kalpoe agree when it appears that the blond American has vanished from the earth. "Why did we decide to lie (about) what happened that night? "I could not do different. They would have considered me guilty directly." (One who expects guilt from others is usually guilty)

The suspect in the sensational disappearance case cheated on his new sweetheart as soon as he returned to Dutch soil. That relationship was over in a few days. "Fortunately I have a girlfriend who believes me unconditionally now. I will not deceive her. For that matter, she did not read my book yet." (Although he clearly stated above he is still lying every day...how could he not deceive someone with that admission?)

He became sick of the American media. "The saturation coverage of the Holloway-case resulted in high viewing figures for the big tv stations." Also the notion that Aruba, because of the vanishing and suggested coverup (they?) wanted to boycott the island economically. It doesn't bother him anymore now. (It doesn't bother him because the boycott does NOT affect HIM. Sociopaths only care about one person...THEMSELVES.)

For the time being he doesn't want to set foot on American soil. "I think that Natalees mom can't suppress her hate feelings. The family still depicts me as criminal, perilous and corrupt." (Not to mention that if he was seen or known to be in the U.S. he would probably be immediately lynched by some deranged vigilante. And honestly, I can't say I'd be sad about it, either.)

Translation by Dugo http://www.refugeesunleashed.net/viewtopic.php?t=9701


Anonymous said...

"I am still lying every day, I am a pathological liar, the whole
world revolves around me ..." and sizure around Netherlands. The Dutch are looking excuses to jail Joran in the Amsterdam high security jail to save the Dutch Kingdom from destruction by Joran's murder and lies.

Anonymous said...

We don't need you guys here in Aruba. What are you think that we kill people here every day like in you on yard and country. You guys give guns to young people to kill each other at school. Here on the Island we can send our children ad the corner to by ice cream buy him self, can you do that in you country? They kidnap, rape adn kill them and you don't find them for years you own people. In you own back yard!

Michelle said...

To the above--

You've MISSED THE POINT. Why does that not surprise me?

Anonymous said...

"We don't need you guys here in Aruba."

Aruba thrives on the tourist industry dumbass.

You'd be wise to either keep your mouth shut, or be a positive example for the Island.