May 01, 2007


Some awesome members of the Grassroots Boycott Aruba Movement attended the Miami Travel show...and did they SHOW! A little at a time, we are ALL making a difference! Thanks to all those did a FANTASTIC job and made a DIFFERENCE!

First Update:

Things seem to be going very well indeed. On Saturday the team managed to put a sign on the marquee of the Sheraton Hotel, and it wasn't taken down. Today they have a huge sign mounted between two trees, where everyone who drives by has to see it.

The feedback from people driving by is tremendous, with lots of gestures of support, hand waving, horns beeping, etc. It seems clear that people are thoroughly angry with Aruba. This definitely appears to be another successful protest.

No justice for Natalee ... no tourists for Aruba!

Final Update by "Grass":

Today 28 April 2007, I arrived at the convention center at 8:45am and left at 4:30pm. A very long day in the sun. The signs and banners were beautiful. The first thing you see when coming off the expressway is the banner on my van. There were banners everywhere. A huge banner huge outside of the convention center on the Sheraton marquee and all entrances had signs. There was a lot of traffic from a back up by valet parking, and hotel blamed us. They called the police and told us we were not allowed near entrance but signs could stay. If an accident happened we would be responsible, and if they had to come back we would be asked to leave.

Some people waved, some gave thumbs up. No one spoke English except for police and the hotel staff that blamed us. I had some horns toot, not sure if it was because of Natalee or my short shorts! LOL! So many said they would pray, and last night we were on the Spanish news channel, they were talking about the protest, I love it.

I myself want to give special thanx to lousw; my wife's best friend Ivonne who is from Cuba for transcribing Spanish. More special thanx to LindaK for the buttons; Jamie's sister Kathy; her husband and employee for the lovely signs and banner just for my van; their lovely daughter for the digital banners and digital signs; and Kathy's friend Debbie that came with her on Sunday; and of course Buttafly and her husband Willie, and thank you Miami--Grass


Anonymous said...

Nice job by all the people that gave there time and effort.

Anonymous said...

Great job keep it up the faith.
Bring Natallee home.

Boycott Aruba.