December 17, 2007


Written by Fred Taub, Boycott

Aruban Prosecutor Prove Boycott Watch is Right

Summary: The boycott against Aruba must be working otherwise Aruba would not take these actions.

On Friday, December 7, 2007, the Associated Press reported that Aruba's chief prosecutor Hans Mos plans to drop the case of the disappearance of Natalee Holloway by the end of the year. What makes this interesting for Boycott Watch is that it corroborates our previous analysis that Aruba is taking action to minimize boycotts against them triggered by the Holloway case.

The recent arrests of the "Aruba Three", Joran Van der Sloot and brothers Deepak and Satish Kalpoe, came right after the end of the Winter vacation sales season, meaning Aruba's peak tourist season packages were bought and paid for before the announcements, as not to disrupt the bread and butter of the Aruban economy. At the same time, Boycott Watch's unscientific survey of airlines and hotels reveals plenty of open seats on airlines and plenty of hotel rooms, which may mean the boycott of Aruba is still strong.

Boycott Watch believes the timing of the recent re-arrests was choreographed by Aruba several reasons.

First, if the boycott had not had any effect on Aruba, there would be no need to Aruba to re-arrest the "Aruba Three" claiming new evidence, only to have the judge re-release them citing no new evidence. The prosecutors must have known there is no new evidence, as they present all evidence to the court.

Second, the only reason therefore to re-arrest the "Aruba Three" if there is no new evidence is for PR - either to show that Aruba is doing something, or to plan an exit from the case as evident by publicly setting a prosecutorial deadline.

This directly fits into Boycott Watch's theory that Aruba's actions are completely based on preventing another boycott or minimizing the existing one because Aruba simply can not afford it.

Corroborating this conclusion is a recent report from, (12/14/07) in which Amigoe states Aruba is expecting a massive increase in tourism revenue. However, the publication does not cite where the increase is coming from. Coincidentally, the timing of the report is close to the announcement of the planned closing of the Natalee Holloway case.

Boycott Watch spoke with a group of police officers and lawyers who came to the consensus that although Aruba has a different legal system than the US, there is still no statute of limitations on murder and a prosecutor should never give a suspect a get-out-of-jail timeline, which is the equivalent of telling a suspect how long they will have to hide evidence. This once again points to Boycott Watch's theory that what we are seeing is Aruba taking action to specifically minimize or even end the boycott against them, as opposed to taking actions to solve the case which would by default end the boycott.

It is therefore difficult not to conclude Aruba is closing the case to get Beth Holloway and the boycott out of the news to alleviate the pressure on Aruba's economy. This explains the Amigoe report that Aruba expects increased tourism revenue. Aruba apparently set a PR timeline; yet did not anticipate the reaction from American consumers as evident in the blogosphere. For example, "Boycott Aruba - Justice for Natalee" , reveals that consumer emotions are still running high. If anything, the recent re-arrests and re-releases have fired up the boycotters.

Boycott Watch believes that what we are seeing is another case of a PR firm being hired which knows nothing about consumer boycotts, thus resulting in bad advice. The fact remains that Aruba really needs to solve the case and not play PR games. The Holloway family and consumers simply want the truth, no matter how much the truth may hurt.

Aruba, its prosecutor and their PR firm simply underestimated the American public, to say the least.


Anonymous said...

In 1945 Netherlands signed a Nazi War Criminals Treaty with the United States, one of its attachments was translated as "A Cold Case for the Dutch will be A Hot Case for the United States." At that time many Dutch Nazi supporters were helping the Nazi war criminals freeing to countries in South America which included the present Aruba. Many elders in Aruba are the decendants of the Nazi criminals hiding there.

what ? said...

The Nazi are budding in Aruba, that's what Chavez wants.

Rudy Croes ass said...

The Dutch government strongly opposes the plot by Greta and Taco. Taco and Greta conspire with Rudy Croes to plot against Natalee's remains. Taco will file a lawsuit to stop RV Persistence from bring Natalee's remains home to USA. Rudy will request a search warrant from judge Smid to board the ship and impound Natalee's remains. This bad move will touch off the WW3 between Netherlands and United States. Things are bad enough about Aruba's rebellions against the rule of Queen Beatrix.

Rudy Croes ass said...

By the informer from Greta, RV Persistence has firearms onboard which violate the safety regulations of Aruba waters. The Dutch government warns Rudy Croes that RV Persistence has the right to arms to defend herself against the Aruban pirates in the international waters just like the DEA agents. Greta wants Persistence dead. Her anger and hatred runs deep due to her zealous passion and love of Joran.

Anonymous said...

Let's look back. Natalee's remains will be found without too much difficulty. There are some sure intelligence on the location of the crab cage. To overcome the Arubans' sabatage and stealing of Natalee's remains are going to be a challenge. You have many internal and external enemies. This is an honest observation.

willie said...