December 16, 2007


Does this actually surprise anyone?

From Amigoe, December 14, 2007

CBA: Considerable decrease in cruise tourism

The Carnival Destiny came for the last time to Aruba in January. The cruise ship used to bring more than 1000 tourists to the island. But according to statistics, the arrival of other ships did not compensate the loss of these tourists.

ORANJESTAD – In the growth/drop percentages, a comparison is always made with the same period a year before. The average hotel occupancy shows a growth of 2.4 percent in October of this year and increased to 75.9 percent, announced the Central Bank of Aruba in her monthly report. The Cruise Tourism Authority (CTA) shows on the other hand a considerable decrease of the number of cruise ships and cruise passengers that visited Aruba in October of this year.

17 Cruise ships visited Aruba this year in October, which is 44.4 percent less. The number of passengers was 25.858, 45.2 percent less. Up till November in 2007, 316 cruise ships visited Aruba and the number of passengers was approximately 474.000, considering 1500 passengers per ship; a decrease of approximately 20 percent.

The money quantity decreased again with 20.3 percent in October to 2.531.4 million florins. The percentage of the decrease for just October was 0.8 percent. The bank claims on the private-sector increased with 12.9 millions. The business loans (12.5 millions) as well as mortgages (2.7 millions) increased in October, but the claims resulting from consumer credits decreased with 1.7 million florins (0.3 percent).


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