April 27, 2006

FRANKFORT, Ky. -- Natalee Holloway's mother spoke at a victims' rights rally in Kentucky Wednesday.

Beth Holloway Twitty told parents in Frankfort to talk to their children about safety abroad and at home. Her 18-year-old daughter disappeared while on vacation in Aruba last year, and now, Twitty is building a victims' rights-oriented Web site that is expected to be up by summertime. Twitty told reporters it's been a long search trying to find her daughter and the people responsible for her disappearance. She spoke Wednesday to other crime victims about coping with the aftermath of a family tragedy.

Twitty also said she appreciates all the attention her daugher's disappearance has attracted, calling it a good thing for all missing-persons cases across the nation. "If it has created more in-depth interest in how ... news programs handle missing-persons cases in general, than what a sacrifice to make, so no, I don't look at it as taking attention away," Twitty said. "I look at it as Natalee has brought it to the forefront."

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