April 26, 2006


It's quiet in Aruba Today....

By Meri, Aruban Boycott Blogger

Maybe they've run out of Dompigs? Maybe there aren't any left to either put out theories, make up stories about so-called witnesses or give television interviews that they have to apologize for later?

Is Julia taking a day off? Is she tending to her business for a change instead of shilling for Aruba or quoting people who have consistently denied her claims?

What about the other police on Aruba...maybe they are attending classes on how to investigate a missing person's case? Missing In Aruba 101?

Where is Joe T. today...helping O.J. find the "real killers" while he helps Joran find the real perpetrators who got rid of Natalee Holloway? Maybe he is nursing a sore throat from all of the speed talking that he's been doing as of late. Maybe he's reading over the "reams" of evidence provided to him by the prosecutor...evidence like a shirt that was found on the beach and was somehow connected to Natalee Holloway when everyone knows that it wasn't.

Where have all the talking heads gone? This is a bad sign...it might mean that they have run out of people to arrest and that soon they will pay Paulus off for his inconvenience. Maybe Paulus can give the money to Joran so that he can play in more Poker Tournaments at the local casinos; meet more pretty tourist girls...go to the beach.....

Maybe without the Dompigs there are NO witnesses who saw anything untoward on Aruba that night in May? Maybe with all of these so-called credible witnesses out of the picture this leads us back to the beginning?

In the beginning there was Natalee, Joran, Deepak and Satish....

(Editor's Note: Let's not forget the original suspects...Aruba is diverting.
Their tactics won't work.)


Anonymous said...

Deepak said "JUST Do IT" so the original three suspects did it by rapedrugging Natalee into a zombie abducted her from C & C. On page 9 of Joe T. affidavit, Joe said the Aruban law applies to Joran, which is entirely false. Joran violated Judge Smid's original travel restrictions by going outside of the Kingdom of Netherlands territories and coming into United States for the ABC interview on his own will. Joran is above the law of Aruba and thus under the law of USA by accepting the ABC payment in US soil, and thereto establishing the nexus between Kingdom of Netherlands and United States via FORUM CONVENIENS. Hereto the civil case on fairness and balance defeats FORUM NON CONVENIENS.

Anonymous said...

is it possible that $250,000 is not enough? someone knows something, but no one knows anything!? money is about. maybe 250,000 is not enough on a "high-rolling" island such as aruba.

does anyone share this concern?

maybe people are afraid how deep the vandersloot's (and company's) pockets are.

Anonymous said...

Rule 17. Length of Papers. Unless otherwise permitted by the court: (i) briefs or memoranda of law shall be limited to 25 pages each; (ii) reply memoranda shall be no more than 15 pages and shall not contain any arguments that do not respond or relate to those made in the memoranda in chief; (iii) affidavits and affirmations shall be limited to 25 pages each. The New York Supreme Court allows only a total of 50 pages in each civil case filing. Joe T.'s 119 pages long of verbose in his filing is a direct violation of the rules set out by the court, implicating his contempt of the court. Filing submitted in violation of Rule 17 will hereto be thrown out of the court by presiding judge. Joe T. is in big trouble!

dennisintn said...

joe's filing was a public relations tour for the american public as much as a legal document. he's so full of himself and jvds bs that he's not thinking straight. on tv last night, he's even claiming to be great friends of jqk. i hope john didn't get physically ill when he heard that.
now everyone is supposed to be so cowed at his belligerence and fire that everyone runs for cover. well, here's a memo for you joe t. - according to the f.b.i. psychologist, and a.l.e. agrees, your client, joran vandersloot, is a pathological liar, a sociopath, and a sexual predator. he also has long-term anger management problems and runs his home without boundaries. and your legal assistant, or whatever she calls herself, that said that the twitty/holloway family is suing only for money obviously doesn't have anyone she cares enough for to have a clue about what natalee's family felt for her and what they're willing to endure and do to recover her body, put her to rest, and punish the perpetrators.