April 30, 2006


The Mountain Brook students have confirmed it was GVC that was bothering Natalee on that Friday night at Carlos N Charlies. As she was dancing with another classmate, GVC came up behind Natalee, started grinding, groping and sexually harassing her. Natalee immediately turned around and yelled at him to leave her alone so he left. GVC later returned with his suspect friend A.B., and again started to harass Natalee. At this time Natalee turned around and hit GVC in the chest. A scuffle between the Mountain Brook students and GVC and A.B. began.

WHO IS A.B.???


Anonymous said...

No doubt that Aruba is a killer island of sex predators: Joran, Deepak, Satish, Paulus, GVC and A. B. and many more. Aruba is up to no good, and it will perish. The civil lawsuit has to go forward and it is becoming very political. All the New York City politcians support the civil case for the good agenda -- antigovernment corruptions and safety of American tourists traveling aboard. They want to make Aruba an example out of it. The worst boycott yet has to come upon Aruba. Beth is gaining many support from many politicians from many states in this 2006 election year. Many political planners devise ways of using Aruba as a target to shoot at and bring their messages out to people for votes. The corruptions of Aruba government gains such a worldwide attention, and it's notorities fuel the angers of the voters voting for reforms in all their governments. It's going to be lots of hell stones falling from the sky to sink Aruba.

Anonymous said...

Has this even been confirmed to be true? A person saying they are from birmingham posted this about GVC, but who knows where she was really from or what site. I heard Beth say Natalee's friends didn't know this person. How could a German program help spark Natalee's friends into recognizing GVC. He wasn't on it and it was shown in Holland and Aruba. Joran was suppose to have gotten in a scuffle with a MB student after he was talking to Natalee on the night she disapppeared. Natalee didn't disappear on Friday night. She disappeared after leaving CnC with Joran and the K2. Noone has ever shown any proof that Natalee was ever seen again after that.