April 30, 2006


By Meri, Aruban Boycott Blogger

I read on another site (one that supports Joran van der Sloot and denounces Natalee's family), that it is Joran's life that has been ruined and that poor Joran is the one who is suffering as a result of Natalee's disappearance.

I tried to feel some empathy for poor Joran and his family but a few facts got in the way and I continue to believe that he knows exactly what happened to Natalee Holloway. I can't prove that but I can prove a few other things.

First, how can anyone feel sorry for a boy who lied? He lied to such a great extent that innocent people were arrested and held in jail for a crime that they didn't commit. He lied to the extent that the investigation into what happened to Natalee was stalled and possible evidence leading to where she may be was obliterated. He lied as to who picked him up after he finally told another story about leaving her on a beach...he accused first one Kalpoe brother of driving him home from that beach until it was proven that this story was implausible and then accused the other brother of picking him up. He lied while pointing the finger of suspicion at everyone but himself and continued to lie during various interviews that he gave to the American media.

Joran's own parents have admitted that he took money from them and lied about it. They sought "help" for this otherwise perfect son because of his pathological ability to lie and lie and lie.

Joran admitted that he had some sort of sexual contact with Natalee and thus far, no one else has been proven to have had any sexual contact with her while she was on Aruba. He admitted that he last saw her on a beach where he supposedly left her drunk, confused and disoriented and no one else has been proven to have seen her since then.

Joran has admitted to trolling for tourist girls in the past and to having some sort of sexual contact with some of them. He has admitted to underage drinking and gambling and that his own father permitted him to participate in poker tournaments that he was to young to participate in. He admitted (as did his mother) that on occasion, his father gambled alongside him even though that was illegal.

He admitted in the secretly recorded tapes inside the back of a police car that his father advised him and the Kalpoe Brothers that they should keep quiet and that without a body there was no case.

If Joran is innocent then why did he lie? I am not buying that "I was scared" routine that he and subsequently, his attorney claim was his excuse for allowing innocent people to sit in jail for a disappearance that they had nothing to do with. Scared of what? There's nothing to be scared of if you are innocent and there's no reason to fail to cooperate with police if you are innocent.

Maybe Joran was scared because he knew that other people were aware of his penchant for lying and that he couldn't be believed? Maybe he was scared because he knew that something bad had happened to Natalee and he was afraid that he would be blamed for it. Even if he had not harmed her...he might be blamed for being with her when this bad thing happened. Maybe he was scared because he and others arranged for Natalee to be removed and hidden?

This is the poor boy whose life is now in tatters and it's all the fault of Natalee and her mother. They are solely responsible for his misery. Natalee, "that girl" who killed herself and buried herself and her mother who has done everything in her power to make sure that her daughter is not forgotten. How could they be so cruel to poor Joran? What right did Natalee or her mother have to accuse Joran?

Well, maybe because he is a known liar and because as far as we know after almost a year, he was the last person to have seen her alive. Maybe the focus is on Joran because that's where it belongs; where it has ALWAYS belonged from the first day until now?

No matter how many arrests the Aruban police make NOTHING changes the fact that Joran was the last KNOWN person to see Natalee alive and that he has lied and lied and that he has done things in his past that are not so admirable and legal.

So, should we pity poor Joran the liar or should we save our empathy and emotions for the person who is NO MORE and the family that is GRIEVING? If he had not lied and covered-up maybe we could find some room in our hearts for Joran and feel his pain at the media scrutiny that he has been under. If he had not been responsible for the arrest of innocent people maybe we could pity poor Joran.

The facts are the facts and thus far they lead to Joran and until proven otherwise I feel no pity whatsoever for Joran van der Sloot. He asked for what he is getting and I sincerely hope that he continues to remain under the microscope of public attention and that he is constantly reminded that he lied and lied and covered-up.

No one forced Joran to lie and no one else is responsible for his despicable behavior so he does not deserve one ounce of pity. His so-called heartfelt mea culpa's are meaningless because they came to late. He lied and if nothing else, obstructed an investigation into the disappearance of a missing American girl.

Even if I could pity him for being a liar I could not pity him for obstructing justice and that's what he has done that is provable. If he had not lied in the very beginning this case might now be solved....but Joran made sure that it would not happen like that. Joran lied and deserves no pity.

We have no evidence of a crime, we have no evidence that Joran harmed Natalee but we DO have proof of Joran's lies and his obstruction. Joran has broken the law and that is FACT.


Anonymous said...

You bunch of assholes you know what ill just leave karma for your guys because if one of your children would do that to on arubian person you would try to hide it shame on you

Anonymous said...


These same people you speak of that are against Natalee and her family also think Scott Peterson is innocent. That should tell you something about their mentality.
Very sick people who care nothing about crime victims, only the killers.

Moses Nilliu said...

I fel bad for everyone involved in this case. If it does turn out that Joran's been falsely accused and defamed then it'll be a travesty for him and his family. You don't get your reputation back. BUT..a very large sum of money from the Holloway/Twitty's will help him move on. And, if and only if, he's not charged or is not found guilty, then he deserves that and much more.

Michelle said...

If it came out that he DIDN'T DO IT, then why all the lies? It doesn't make sense to the common person. I'd need real hard evidence for me to change my mind and think that he had nothing to do with this. If that were ever to happen, then I will personally apologize to Joran here on my blog. Sadly for Joran and his family, I'm sure that will happen when hell freezes over.

Sue said...

Makes you wonder if JQK could get Deepak and Satish here to testify just grant them ammunity

Anonymous said...

great idea, Sue. if only that were a possibility. the lies upon lies are what are so telling.