April 25, 2006


"I have no comments other than my son was tricked into this interview, he was frustrated and emotionally vulernable because the press bad talked his father and told him that the other body had also bad talked him. In this state of mind he also said things which he regrets and for which I have also publicly apologized to the other family."--Gerold Dompig

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., April 25 (UPI) -- The former leader of Aruba's investigation of Natalee Holloway says his son falsely accused a man who was released Monday.

Gerold Dompig said accusations of his son, Michael, against Geoffrey van Cromvoirt, 19, were part of a dispute among acquaintances that escalated out of control. "He's a kid; he got confused and frustrated and he said things he shouldn't have said," Dompig told the Birmingham (Ala.) News. "It went too far." Dompig said his son -- angered by media accusations -- responded with talk he had heard about van Cromvoirt.

"One started talking about the other and the other talked back and it becomes something worse than a soap (opera)," Dompig said. Dompig said he apologized to van Cromvoirt's family and requested reassignment earlier this month since talk about Holloway's nearly year-old disappearance adversely affected his family.

Holloway's mother said she believes the three original suspects are at fault in Holloway's disappearance.


Anonymous said...

Joe Tacopina has to reconcile and be backward compatible of his today's filing with his written
words in his last filing. He wrote the following: "14. In this case, merely nineteen(19) days have elapsed since the commencement of this action. Thus, a) there has been no delay; and b) there has been no prejudice to the Plaintiffs." People know Joe T is five days overdue, and his onsite association in Aruba with the ALE to obtain the sealed Dutch police investigation reports by the
Supeior Dutch Court judge Rick Smid is an exhibt of prejudice to the Plaintiffs.

blackhawk said...

Holy freeking Sh!t!!!
Shouldn't he be arrested for obstruction of a lawful investigation and mis-leading the police Dept....what in the hell is going on down there?? This is INSANE!!! Confused kid my Ass!!!
Do you supposed these people will sue dompig and if they don't "WHY"
This just keeps getting stranger and stranger... How much nastier can this case get...How can anyone believe anything that comes out of Aruba...The pressure is just crushing them alive...When you live with lies...you will surely die by them as well...

Anonymous said...

Someone send a shrink down there, maybe a whole boat load.

Anonymous said...

They all are standing in the way of the truth. Arrest all there lying asses.Gram23

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