April 24, 2006


Geoffrey's out of jail...Catherine Crier announced that A.B. (Joe Taco says it's E.B.) was taken into custody over the weekend and was detained for only 6 hours.

Jossy stated the person, A.B. that was detained had nothing to do with the Natalee Holloway case. Jossy believes that Joran, Satish and Deepak should remain as the three main suspects.

Jossy also states that the allegations from the cabdriver regarding Natalee stating that she met and was 'in love' with a blue-eyed Dutch boy are untrue.


blackhawk said...

I wonder how many bigtime lawyers here in the USA would love to represent the folks that get sued by Joe T. If he chooses to open that very nasty can of worms...Wow,I wonder if they would be allowed to do a complete and full background check on all the suspects and others involved in this case...I mean "PRO BONO" to..not like Joe T's pro bono where he gets money... They would get all the media attention needed to make it worth there while and help bring justice for a US Citizen who has disappeared in a foreign country....Wow even better yet we could have multiple lawsuits going and bring lots of pressure and it will cost them a ton of money to..Sweet...but damn i did hear Joe T. back off some on Beth though...Only if the case is not dismissed then he will file counter charges against a fellow US citizen to protect a Dutch National who is still the MAIN SUSPECT in her disappearance...My God is it really true then that ""MONEY"" is the root of all evil...God help us all!!

Michelle said...

Oooh! Haven't thought of that??? If I get sued who should I retain? Too bad Nancy Grace isn't a practicing civil attorney. I'd love to see her rip a new asshole in Taco Joe.

Anonymous said...

Joe T. kills Joran's chance of survival by being lazy and negligent on the welware of his client Joran. He knows Joran is an non-American suspect who doesn't have the constitional rights like all the Americans have. Joe T. has to do his own homework to convince the New York Supreme Court that it is lawful for Joran to have lied to the law enforcement in the eyes of the US Constitution, and he didn't. Also Joe T. himself is lying and spawning a conflict of interest of his own being PRO BONO and receiving money from foreign sources. There seems to be a brush of a clause inside the newly passed Patriot Acts where it says a lawyer cannot receive money from a foreigner who harms an American citizen or cause the said American citizen to disappear anywhere in the world. Joe T. has really dug his own grave and totally ruined his fortunes. Plus, even if Joe T. files his reply by tomorrow's extended deadline 4/25/06, the judge would have no choice but take 10 points off of the score of the grading of Joe T's presentation arguments in the eyes of the rules laid down by the New York Supreme Court. This court penalty is made to serve Joe T. as a reminder to him that no laziness will be tolerated on the defense of his client.