February 23, 2006


With his usual smug look and attitude, head tilted with his similiar Scott Peterson smirk, Joran gives his detailed account of the night he was with Natalee. At many times he doesn't look at the camera or interviewer and talks while looking up. All in all, it was a bunch of more inconsistencies and lies.

Here are some immediate inconsistencies I noticed along with the fact that ABC's makeup artist refrained from overdoing the pimple paint!

Joran claims that her friends talked to him
, however in all the interviews none of the girls talked to him or noticed him. However, he did get into a fight with a boy from MB. Why wasn't that brought up?

Joran claims Natalee wanted to go to his house. Why would she want to go to his house if he already posed himself as a student from Holland on vacation? How would she know that Joran lived in Aruba? He denies having sex with her because he doesn't have a condom...however, he said he had sex with her while in and out of consciousness.

Joran kept bringing up Natalee's insistence of watching the sharks. This could be evidence of her being drugged.

During the interview Joran said that Natalee seemed "ok", but in another interview he says she was very drunk.

Joran said on ABC he thought she was nice, but in another interview with that was featured in Amigoe.com and NOVA that she was a really mean girl. He also said she was pushy and not the type of girl he would want to hang out with.

Why would Joran concoct a story with Satish and Deepak (over the next several days) if Joran supposedly just left her on the beach? Why would they need so much time to talk over ONE lie? (Which we find out isn't the first or last lie.)

Joran said that when he first met Beth she asked him where her daughter was...and that made made him want to lie? If he was SUPPOSEDLY at the casino, then where are the surveillance tapes from the casino to prove it? That is because he wasn't at the casino...he was with Deepak and Koen disposing of Natalee's body.

The most comical part are Joran's fake crocodile tears when he talked about missing his graduation and his important day was ruined because he was in jail. Joran later mentions he didn’t feel fear...

That is because sociopaths don’t have fear...they don't feel anything.

The most shocking and laughable accusation Joran comes up with is that an aruban cop beat him in an interrogation; however he hasn't mentioned it until now. He’s been out of jail since September. It took five months for him to tell that story? However, it took him moments to accuse Americans of roughing him up at the airport in New York.

Joran stated that when he got home he went to sleep. But he didn’t go to sleep. He went online, chatted with Deepak to tell him he was home (do guys usually tell their buddies they made it home ok?), and then shockingly, he watched internet porn.

The last statement that doesn't make sense to me is that if a person who claims to be totally innocent then why did he say "I might as well tell everyone I did it", if he really didn't do anything?


Anonymous said...

His lies told in ABC interview had nailed him as the killer and Joran had other people helped him to dispose the body. Joran got blood into his shoes when he chopped the body up and put into the crab case and then he also put his shoes into the crab case and sunk the case to the depth to get rid of the body. If people can locate the
crab cage, they will find his shoes and find the real killer Joran, 6'5, 210 lb hulk.

Zarina said...


nutcracka said...

nice job on your blog as always! You and i truly share the same "sarcasm" :-) especially about this lying pig and his father..

also, I enjoyed you ripping Dan a new one a few months back

check out my blog sometime..not as snazzy as yours, but still check it out!


Anonymous said...

So what is your thoughts on the Hitler sister remark?

He's not the only one who has stated this comment. Why wouldn't she want to go back home?

Everyone needs to reread the MB statements.

Why bring up about the boys fighting? Cabdriver's statement, blue eyed dutch boy. Then the phone calls to mom and... it was only an hour show. So who was she talking to on her cell phone when she was in and out of the casino. She didn't sit there the whole time.

Last question. Have we seen the video tape at the airport when the PI confronted Joran?

dennisintn said...

jvds did a real good job on himself. he should have listened to his parents and his lawyer. they know he isn't as good a liar as his arrogance and self confidence makes him think he is. the boy can hardly speak a paragraph with contradicting himself. each of his lies has been preceded by the pronouncement that this is finally the truth, and actually the truth will never be spoken by him. his moral emptiness reminds me of scott peterson's every statement, and dennis rader's speech during his presentencing proceedings. sociopathy in action.

Michelle said...

I'm looking forward to checking out your blog! Thanks for appreciating my wicked sarcasm. I think it's funny, but I guess it puts others off. OH WELL...Can't please 'em all! :)

Michelle said...


The Hitler remark was completely UNCALLED for and I am sure there are plenty of Jewish people who were appauled that ABC would allow him to say that. To me, that's allowing someone to say the "N" word on TV. Just plain rude and MEAN.

Also, Natalee didn't have a cell phone with her that night. It wasn't working and she left it in her hotel room. Where did you hear or see that?

crede to konerko said...

Wanna know why things don't seem consistant with you - because you believe every word out of Beth, Dave, Rita, Greta, and the bunches mouths. With their theories and "translated verbal documents", you get confused. Point is, much of what you believe is not real statements made at all. That is why they were not brought up probably - because they were not real to begin with.

Sunny said...

Oh please..they don't sound credible to Michelle or anyone else who has seen his repeated statements from Current Affair, Nova, Primetime, Deepak, Satish, Nadira, Dompig, all documented. We know when you don't like the message shoot the messenger! Please show us all your documents to back up the garbage about Dave and Beth.. Last night he made himself the victim of Natalee, Deepak, Satish, the press, the cops, Natalee's family.. Greta could hold her own anyday with anyone on a blog.. You go Michelle. keep on supporting Natalee's family.

BlackHawk said...

Once again we got to look into the eyes of van der sloot...he could not hold eye contact for very long as he had to continually look away or around...sloot if you read this put it down on your to do list...on your next interview when you have revised your story again....remember to keep eye contact when telling bold face lies...The only time we saw tears in your eyes was in regard to your graduation...imagine that YOUR graduation...what about Natalee's life...I know you don't care about her life because if you did none of this would have happened...I heard you make the statement that this will all go away....trust me it won't...You make the statement you lied out of fear but yet later say you have NO FEAR of anything because you did nothing wrong...odd to say the least...sloot,who are you? what are you? Do you even know..who or what you are..I know you realize the damage you have done to yourself because that is all that matters to you...everything is about YOU and only YOU...Sloot,your TRUTH is just a bunch of lies...Sloot,we here have watched you refine...revise..and spin out different versions of your lies to cover your butt as more of this possible crime surfaces...Lies won't work...like a house of cards it will fall..Well sloot read all the blogs and study all the news media very carefully and we will wait for your next TRUTH...as you concoct another tale trying to cover all the new holes in YOUR TRUTH......We here won't forget about Natalee...she is not alone now....We will continue to fight for justice in her name...Its a old saying that if good men and women do nothing then evil triumphs...that will not happen...we will not quit ever!
Keep up the pressure!!

dennisintn said...

maybe jvds' varying opinions on natalee's personality depend on his drug of choice for the day. they do have different effects on the brain, what's left of his now anyway. anyone that says he can drink as much as he does without being affected by it is just fooling himself or his brain is well on its way to being burned out completely.