February 24, 2006


This is an official address to the ABC network, in which Richard's opinion is shared by hundreds of thousands:

By Richard, Aruban Boycott Blogger

When ABC sells out, they do it big time. On Monday, Aruba decides on the van der Sloot suit for damages. How coincidental that they have been conducting a PR campaign courtesy of your network.

"Lies, lies, lies" was Dave Holloway's reaction to the latest self-contradictions from Joran van der Sloot. "Contemptible," said only once, will do for my reaction to your giving him a free pass. Never has Joran made a statement that he hasn't changed later.

Maybe some people might have taken the trouble to call him on some of these ... but that would be too much bother for a puff piece. And you certainly wouldn't give the grieving Holloway Twitty family the opportunity to react; after all, what interest do they have?

"Money can't buy me love," the Beatles sang. But the van der Sloots will be satisfied with what it can buy.

As they are with your help, I'm sure.

Michelle's note: Since Richard quoted The Beatles, I'll add this one for Paulus: "I get by with a little help from my friends...", and to Joran, "I get high with a little help with my friends."


Anonymous said...

ABC sucks Joran as hard as money comes into her pocket. ABC's rating is up and her stock price is up too. Thanks for last night's PrimeTime stunt interview. Next ABC, the corporate whore will pay for all Joran's expenses for flying in March for the NYC court appearances. Joran enjoys notorities and he considers himself a top celebrity and the
most famous "Ladies" man on earth. But we still dont know how many more lambskin condoms Joran will need from ABC.

Anonymous said...

I think Joran is telling the truth. And why is this a big deal? There are so many missing persons, but you don't see or hear a thing of them. Why is Natalee Holloway so special!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sue said...

Oh goodness wouldnt that be wonderful if ABC flew him in John Kelly would love that

Sue said...

I had to chuckle last night at John Kelly ON Larry King Live
Someone asked If he wanted to Serve the Kalpoe with a lawsuit he joked and said Well If they would like to come to the US for a interview I would be happy to accomidate them

BlackHawk said...

If you truly believe sloot...and wonder why this is such a big deal and what is so special about Natalee Holloway...I certainly can't and won't explain it to you...But I can explain my feeling on this...EVERY missing person is important,of that there is no question but sometimes a case or person becomes a Focal point...the circumstances surrounding the person/case resonate to the majority of people...normal people use or apply common sense to a problem or situation and in particular to a possible crime and when the majority of folks see that there is clearly a problem with the case and the main suspects are clearly lying we get upset....lies become like throwing gasoline on a fire and of course the fire burns faster and hotter...thats why defense attys tell their clients to shut up say nothing...as demostrated by scott petersen for example who would not shut up...he was convinced in his own mind that he could lie his way to freedom...he could not...It is a sickness of the soul...not even remotely human...and last but not the least of it is: If the case is not resolved and the guilty are not punished...will there be more victims...if we do nothing then we will be guilty as well...there is nothin more precious than your children and ALL children are a gift...We will keep fighting for natalee and all of the other loved ones who are missing!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I think Joran is telling the truth. And why is this a big deal? There are so many missing persons, but you don't see or hear a thing of them. Why is Natalee Holloway so special!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can believe in Joran's innocence and you can believe he is telling the truth...but you do not need to denigrate Natalee Holloway. She is the victim, more than likely murdered, and she can not speak for herself any longer. There are thousands of us that are speaking for her now and we do not believe in Joran's innocence nor do we believe a just investigation has incurred. We will continue to speak for her until justice is served. It is not that she is more special than other missing persons but she is the one we choose to speak for and this website is dedicated to her.

Until a proper investigation occurs, the suspect is charged and tried in a court of law and the slandering of Natalee and her Mother stops, we will continue to speak...louder and stronger with each day.

It is that simple.