January 23, 2006


Doesn't look like Georgia's Chamber of Commerce doesn't care about Georgia's offical boycott of Aruba. When it comes to money, people will do anything, including sacrificing their beliefs in exchange for greed. Have a great time in Aruba, and watch your back.


2006--a result of the campaign, the Georgia Chamber now has members in 154 of the state's 159 counties, also a new record.

For 24 of the campaign's top producers and their guests, their next stop is Aruba in January, for the annual post-campaign planning and evaluation session. This five-day excursion to the popular Caribbean island is a mix of relaxing and brainstorming about the 2006 campaign and ways to make it even better.

2006-- Volunteers are currently vying for a wide range of prizes and incentives, including trips to New York City, the Bahamas and Aruba. Plus, they have chances to earn certificates good for $100 in BP/Amoco gasoline, a weekend stay at the Sea Palms Resort in Saint Simons, airplane tickets and a host of other prizes.

2005--Based on their production, nineteen volunteers have already won spots on the coveted Victory Trip to Aruba, which takes place in January 2005. The nineteen winners, along with their guests, will spend five days on this island paradise enjoying 86-degree temperatures while their friends and co-workers brave the cold winter back home in Georgia. But, the criteria for winning the trip is stiff and those that win it, truly earn it.

In addition to the Aruba trip, volunteers are still competing for a trip to New York City, provided by AirTran Airways and jointly sponsored by ALLTEL and a luxurious Caribbean Cruise.

2004--Volunteers around the state continued to recruit companies as the campaign enters the homestretch. Through week 18 of Team Georgia Chamber 2004, volunteers have recruited 523 new members and raised more than $1 million. On November 10, the Campaign Victory Celebration will mark the official end of this year’s membership and resources drive. Production will continue to come in after the Victory Celebration and volunteers can still earn a spot on the Victory Trip to Aruba, in January.

2003--Savannah Electric & Power Company is the third team to reach both its new member and dollar goals with 15 new members recruited and $30,740 produced. Second year Team Captain Swann Seiler led all producers for the week with $10,495 to put her team over the top and earn a spot on the Victory Trip to Aruba in January.

Georgia Chamber of Commerce Continues Support of Aruba

Palm Beach-- The George Chamber of Commerce has been enjoying the pleasures of Aruba over the past week, and on Saturday evening the group made a three-peat visit to Palm Beach seafood standout, Aqua Grill.

This is the fifth year in a row that the George business executives have chosen Aruba as the reward destination for the top producers in the annual membership drive for the state’s chamber of commerce, and the third year at what they call their “favorite restaurant on the island.”

George Chamber CEO and President George Israel was amazed by the success of the team of volunteers, chaired by President and CEO of AGL Resources Paul Rosput Reynolds, that chipped in to raise a record-breaking $1.64 million dollars and recruited more than 800 businesses in the statewide membership drive for 2005. The recruitment volunteers exceeded three of the campaign’s five category goals—new members, renewals, and sponsorships.

The Georgia Chamber’s continued support and confidence in the island’s tourism product was undeterred by Georgia Governor Purdue’s controversial call to officially boycott Aruba in response to the Natalee Holloway disappearance. Several Georgia Chamber members at the Aqua Grill dinner Saturday night stated that they intent to meet with Governor Purdue in the coming weeks to stress their continued support of the island that has welcomed them with gracious hospitality five years in a row.

Sounds like some people in Georgia have some sort of vested interest in Aruba. These people from the Georgia Chamber of Commerce are heartless PIGS.


Anonymous said...

At least one thing is clear: as we boycott supporters have stated all along, the boycott is not an embargo. It is a moral call, and those who disagree with it are free to do as they please.

Having said that, I hope fervently that Georgia's governor will publicly denounce this move. It sends the worst possible signal, and is a slap in the face to those of us who believe that Aruba's actions (and inactions) in the Natalee Holloway case deserve public scrutiny.

When the Chamber of Commerce slights a declaration by the governor of its own state, even though there is no legal obligation on it, the implications are unpleasant.

Even worse, I'm sure that the delegates will get carefully calculated five-star treatment and will come home oohing and aahing. Well, caveat emptor.

Enjoy your thirty pieces of silver, folks.

Anonymous said...

Shame on these people that make up the Georgia Chamber of Commerce. In their case it seems as if money talks & nothing else matters. Ray

Anonymous said...

Aruba stands for Aruba robbing america. It ain't no Las Vegas. Aruba doesn't have any family orinented entertainments. It's all drugs, prostitutes and casinos, worst of all, the sex slave trades. Georgia C & C is like the infamous Aruba C & C, is the evil and corruption at its kernel. Many scandals are hidden from public space. At it looks a bit overwhelming for the LE in US. Any C & C dealings with Aruba with no regards to the well-being of the American tourists is symbolic link to the enemies aboard, and would be under the NSA evedropping, no kidding.

Anonymous said...

Boycott is the only way to force Aruba to tell the truth about the whereabouts of Natalee. Aruba is the worst rumor mill spawning all these horrible lies and coruptions. Aruba weights tourists money much more than human lives. If we let it go away, more woman tourists will be raped and murdered since this high profile Natalee case has set the precedent. The Arubans and others will treat the American women like sex objects with the wrong perceptions from the Internet porn. We have to stop Aruba cold by boycott of all means to protect our own people. Last of all, the American women working the island will soon becoming the sex porn objects. The Arubans are crazy nuts.