February 19, 2006


Did Joran get some collagen and lipstick for this interview?

Here is an unconfirmed translation of the video:

The video shows Paul and Anita after they got served. They first went for a stroll in Central Park. Then they were served. Their lawyer was not with them because he expected something like this could happen.

They tried to call Joran to warn him to wait at the airport because Anita and Paul were afraid for the wellbeing of their son because they didn't know to what lengths the family of Natalee would go towards Joran. Joran said he got served on the plane and after being held by customs for 3 hours they were finally let into the country where another group of very abusive and violent people associated with the Law-firm/process serving waited for them. One of the people sent to pick up Joran was pushed to the floor by these foulmouth/abusive proces-servers or by the people in their entourage..

Joran was warned but he thought it would not happen because he is innocent and has done only 2 things wrong. Leave Natelee on the beach and lie that first time to the police.

He stated he and his 2 friends thought up the Holliday Inn lie when they heard from his father there were people called Holloway standing outside the van der Sloot home. He and his friends then agreed to say they left her at the Holiday Inn because they thought she woulld resurface in a few days and because he didn't want family and friends to know that he left a girl alone at the beach.

He talked about the fact that Natalee asked him out, that she had been drinking prior to his arrival and that she was already drunk/on the road to being drunk and that she wanted to go with them and they did not ask her to go with them.

They then drove away from the club, stopping at some friends of Natalee who tried to get her to leave the car, they stopped to let her out if she wanted too but she didn't want to get out of the car. They drove around to the tourist sports Natalee wanted to visit, then Deepak and Satish went home.

He and Natalee were alone for some time untill he told her he needed to go home and go to school. She refused to leave the beach for the hotel so he called the Kalpoe residence and the older of the 2 brothers came and picked him up (by himself). He gave Joran a lift back home.

Joran as said has 2 regrets, leaving her at the beach and not telling the truth from the get-go.

He then talked about Natalee being a bit pushy and not really the kind of girl he would normally hang out with. He wasn't won over by her personality/did not really find her sympathetic or nice. He didn't say anything about having sex with Natalee.

He denies any and all involvement in Natalee's disappearance and that the family had decided to not keep quiet anymore and speak the truth according to them because all his friends/family and loved ones know he has never been violent towards a woman/girl and that he is innocent of what he is being accused off.

His father said that the entire story that is written in the civil suit is bogus and that it is real easy to dispell the accusations of the Twitty/Holloway camp. He did not give off the impression of being either scared or impressed by the text of the lawsuit because according to him the content of the lawsuit is untrue.


Anonymous said...

Because Paulus knows how solid and bullet proof that is of the "No Body, No Case" theory.

Anonymous said...

It's to bad he wasn't kidnapped in NYC...then maybe we could get the real truth out of him!!!!

Anonymous said...

In other words the ALE will never let anyone find the body, and the case is closed and sealed legally by the judge. Joran will be declared no longer the suspect by his lawyer. This is how the Dutch Aruban justice system works.

Anonymous said...

This guy would be every defense attorney's
nightmare for a client and a prosecutor's dream on the stand.

Anonymous said...

"This is how the Dutch Aruban justice system works."

True, but at least it works better than the American justice system.

Anonymous said...

Like it or not. The civil lawsuit filed against JVDS works much like a meatgrinder. It will take any lies and bulls into considerations and grind and tweed into stack of judgement patties. No bones about it, the truth will come out.
Depending how many lies you Joran have been spawning, it says one lie will judge you one million USD. The 1000 lies you have said will cost you Joran 1 billion USD in judgement. It is no joke. We have the bounty hunters to collect
the judgement on you. Everything you and your family own will be eventually taken away from you, and there is no boundaries among different countries in the world. The bounty hunters will get their reward money whenever they can
get something from you until you pay up the 1 billion USD judgement. However, it is not the money we need, we want the truth from you about where you have hidden Natalee last 9 months. We will see you in the NYC court soon.

Anonymous said...

anonymous says:
True, but at least it works better than the American justice system. -----------------------------------
hey Mr. Dutch Boy:
we all know about the Dutch system now:
It is summarized by the statement:

Anonymous said...

This is the FBI's profile on Joran that was in Vanity Fair.

Moreover, Dompig says, this summer F.B.I. profilers completed a detailed psychological evaluation. "He struck us, and the F.B.I., as a guy who can make you believe he's God's gift to mothers-in-law," Dompig says. "But if you look at his actions, he's anything but. The F.B.I. profiled him as a person who never has been corrected by his parents. He's the boss of what happens in that house. He's the boss in the family. He is allowed to do anything.… If a person like that is in a position where a person says, 'No,' well, that person may change completely. Maybe he blew a fuse when she wouldn't have sex with him, and something happened."

Richard said...

Just wondering ... the travails of poor little Joran are beyond parallel. Imagine, Customs actually made him wait. One wonders why the red carpet was not rolled out, replete with champagne and dancing girls (well, that might not be a good idea), to celebrate the significance of his visit.

But considering that Joran is 6'2" or so, one wonders just how these vicious process servers actually pushed him to the floor. One also wonders whether there are any witnesses (as there should be, given that the whole episode reportedly was videotaped). It would seem to me that the Dutch "journalists" had a professional duty to try to get a comment from Customs. I mean, this IS what journalism is supposed to be about ... or is it simply that anything Joran says is Gospel truth?

Actually, one wonders whether the concept of objective truth means anything now to any of the van der Sloot family. Or if it ever did.

suka levin said...

PRIMETIME Live Thursday night 10pm - 11pm, interview with the VDS family. It was advertised last night during desperate Housewives. Promoted as "fascinating and surprising". Allegedly there's going to be Beth bashing with documents to back up their claims. Slated to be one of the most watched episodes. EVERYONE will be watching.

Anonymous said...

The civil lawsuit carries lots of weights onto the shoulders of the VDS family and the Aruban government. However the latest indication in the Dutch news media shows the defendents just ignore it totally, and they treat that civil lawsuit as a bad joke concocted by the silly Holloway-Twitty families. ABC told them not to worry about it. The NYC judge will dismiss the lawsuit this week.

Anonymous said...

The Twitty Holloway didn't concoct no lawsuit.. Lawyers write lawsuits. Mr Kelly has been to Aruba twice talking to the prosecutor and the police so yes. I do believe they know more what the evidence is in this case than ABC.

Lake Erie Princess said...

i realize that there is a vast cultural difference between aruba and the USA, but.. none the less, some practices are standard and NOT acceptable ! Unless u r a gay or bisexual or a crossdresser ~ a male NEVER wears makeup.

Has all the partying and drugs made your brain cells deteriorate ?

Anonymous said...

If this segment is going to have Beth bashing as suka levin states above...well, lets just see how much of Julia Renfro's lies are behind it. Maybe it is time for Ms. Renfro to be a guest on Primetime... Come on, Julia, be a real woman...step up to the plate and quit hiding behind fake names on the internet!

Sue said...

Joran Van Der Sloot: The Psychology Of His Alibi

By Patrick Hurley
Feb. 20, 2006

In order to understand the excuse given by Joran Van der Sloot, admittedly the last person to see Natalee Holloway the night she disappeared, one must place themselves in his position that night and operate from there. Is this behavior of leaving a girl on a beach next to a hotel a reasonable and responsible act for a 17 year-old boy? Although not completely responsible, it is an understandable act, yes. There are hundreds of thousands of teenage boys who would have done the same thing. If a girl says, "I never intended for us to have SEX! You are a creep, just leave me alone. I will walk back to the hotel. I don't need your help in getting there. Just leave me ALONE!"

Had I been in his shoes and she had told me that, I would have walked away, too.

Or, if she had said, "Hey, that was fun. You were great. I hope your friends don't think I am a slut. Let's keep in touch when I go away to school. You never know there could be a next time! I am supposed to meet someone here, so I will be seeing you, Joran. Stay cool!"

Yep, I would have left under those circumstances, too.

When a teenage boy is "done" after sex with a girl, he is not exactly hoping she wants to sit around for an hour and savor the moment. He is looking for any exit door he can find, in most cases. The beach would have been a perfect dropping off place after an hour or two of messing around both in the car and on the sand. Time to go. Bye bye.

This is all assuming the girl is still ALIVE at that point.

This is where Joran's story of last seeing Natalee comes into question. If Joran is telling the truth he would only be in trouble now if no one ever saw Natalee Holloway again. If she had shown up in the lobby, giggled with several of her friends there or up in the room and THEN disappeared, he would have colloboration that what he said in last seeing Natalee was true.

He does not have a second witness. This is a critical problem for Joran. Therefore, he expects all of us to believe only his version of events that night.

I went on a date in college with a girl named Jane Thayer. She was a cheerleader and to my amazement, she agreed to go out with me. We wound up making out in a peach orchard and my car tires got stuck in the soft sand. As I remember, it was close to Christmas, so when I went to a house and called a tow truck he didn't charge me in the spirit of the season. Plus, I didn't have any money left from the date. I took her home really late and there was her father waiting up for us. Mr. Thayer was a huge man. I was scared to death. I explained that I tried to take a short cut home near a peach orchard and my tires got stuck and well, I was sorry for bringing his daughter home late. He just nodded at me and hugged his daughter. I don't know if he bought my story, but he was relieved I brought his girl home safely. What saved me was I returned his daughter safely to him.

Now, let's say that Jane had agreed to meet another guy that night and had DIRECTED me to the peach orchard where this rendezvous was supposed to take place. I drive there, she kisses me on the cheek, jumps out of the car and tells me to drive away because she will be safe and sound with her friend who is supposedly coming soon. I obey her instructions and go home. The next morning, the police are at my door with Mr. Thayer wondering where Jane is and asking me questions about what I know about her disappearance.

I tell them what happened and I pray for Jane to show up as soon as possible. She does not. I am the main suspect because we have a missing girl and I was the last person to officially be with her. I also have a very a lame excuse that I left her in a peach orchard because she told me to do so. Her father insists that Jane was not the kind of girl to meet anyone in a private place late at night and he starts telling everyone in the world that I killed her.

How would I clear myself? How would I make anyone believe MY story?

If I were INNOCENT, I would do several things:

1. I would ask the police to search my car with a toothcomb as soon as possible. I would NOT wash it and make it unavailable to them.

2. I would not make up a story telling the police that I saw a security guard who worked at my college pick her up and they should go question him hoping he would be arrested even though I knew him to be innocent.

3. I would take a lie detector test even though it is not admissible in court. It would show good faith on my part.

4. I would volunteer to take Mr. Thayer and the police out to the peach orchard that morning and show them the tire tracks in the sand and help them search for anything on the ground that might give clues to Jane's disappearance.

5. I would work with Mr. Thayer all I could, passing out fliers, letting them search my family's home, including my room, to do whatever I could to help find Jane Thayer.

6. I would give the authorities the details of our date that night including any phone calls Jane made to anyone. I would call all her friends and do what I could to find out who they thought Jane may have met that night.

7. I would not make my clothing disappear that night, including my shoes, so that the police could not run any tests on them.

That is the psychological makeup of an innocent person. You will notice that Scott Peterson and Robert Blake did NOT act that way when their loved one disappeared. Rather, they resented police questioning and intrusion and avoided any kind of responsibility in the aftermath of the crime or the disappearance. Guilty people do not act like innocent people, both in their minds or in their behavior. The latest example of this is Neil Entwistle who killed his wife and daughter and DISTANCED himself from the murder by running off to England.

Joran has been of no help in this investigation. He has stonewalled, he has lied, he has misled authorities from day one, he has accused Deepak of the murder, he has refused to voluntarily help in finding Natalee, he has been surly and rude to her family and he has gotten as far away from Aruba as soon as he had his chance.

His actions FOLLOWING her disappearance is what has made him the major suspect as much as his lame excuse did in the first place. He had a chance to show the world he was innocent even though his explanation of, "leaving her on the beach because she requested that," would not be believed by a first grader, especially since he also admitted she was falling down drunk. He failed to prove his alibi by not coming clean in any way, shape or form. That is not the psychological profile of an innocent man. It is not even close.

He also did one thing I would never have done in my scenario. I would have driven off and left Jane alone there, yes. But, then I would have stopped behind a tree and WAITED to see a car come up so I knew Jane was safe. Especially, if she was drunk out of her mind. I would never have left her alone out there without a backup. All Joran had to do was walk away from Natalee and then turn and wait to see exactly where she went. By his own admission, he did not do that. He claims now that he regrets not taking care of her and leaving her alone on the beach because that is something he should have done.

But, there is a very good reason he did not do that and most people outside of his overly trusting parents, his adoring friends and those who continue to blindly support him today fail to bring themselves to conclude from his pathetic alibi and his ensuing behavior. Had any of his supporters been in that exact situation they would have acted totally opposite from Joran's story and behavior because of the natural human response to be decent and responsible when a girl is drifting in and out of consciousness on an isolated beach in the wee hours of the morning. What kind of human being, knowing that someone who trusted him, is not able to take care of herself with no one else around to assist her, walks away from her as she lies there helpless?

The truth is he did not need to wait and see what happened to Natalee Holloway that night after he left her. He did not need to make certain she was safe and sound because she had been with him. He already knew she was not going to the Holiday Inn or anywhere else on her own strength. His story was a lie.

Because Natalee Holloway was already dead.

And Joran Van der Sloot was the last person with her when it happened.


About the author: Pat Hurley has won three Emmy awards for writing, hosting and producing television shows. He resides in Southern California.

Anonymous said...

Unless u r a gay or bisexual or a crossdresser ~ a male NEVER wears makeup.
checkout the photo of Joran on this thread and tell me he is NOT wearing lipstick.

BrownSugar said...

Maybe Joran wants to be like his dad. Did you know Paulus is living "on the downlow"? Paulus is a gay man living in a sexless marriage. He is the Rock Hudson of Aruba. It's all a farce.